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I mark'd her smile, I knew her eye;

And when, with gesture of command,

She waved aloft the cap-crown'd wand, My slumbers fled mid shouts of “ Liberty !" Read ye the dream? and know ye not

How truly it unlock'd the world of fate! Went not the flame from this illustrious spot,

And spreads it not, and burns in every state ? And when their old and cumbrous walls,

Fill'd with this spirit, glow intense,

Vainly they rear'd their impotent defence
The fabric falls !
That fervent energy must spread,

Till despotism's towers be overthrown;
And in their stead,

Liberty stands alone !
Hasten the day, just Heaven !

Accomplish thy design;
And let the blessings thou 'hast freely given,

Freely on all men shine ;
Till equal rights be equally enjoy'd,
And human power for human good employ'd;
Till law, and not the sovereign, rule sustain,
And peace and virtue undisputed reign.


But who with filial Confidence inspird
Can lift to Heav'n un unpresumptuous eye,
And smiling say-"My Father made them all"

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