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prompt our exertions in this holy colleges, thirty-four convents, six cause. It was the sanction given to monasteries, 776 missionary priests, Popery, and the attempt to re-es, besides many private chapels.-Catablish its power, which deprived the tholic Directory for 1846. . House of Stuart of the British sceptre. The Catholic Institute was estaIt was Protestantism which called blished A.D., 1838, its avowed object the House of Brunswick to the sove is the conversion of Great Britain to reignty of these realms. Protestant Popery : in order to render it more principles form the very basis upon effectual, it was re-organized in April, which the throne of the present 1845.- Catholic Directory for 1846. dynasty was established. Should p. 151. those principles be undermined, the While the Catholic states of Eustability of that throne would be en- rope have been compelled in selfdangered, and the right of succession defence to enforce the laws against would be destroyed.

the Jesuits, the statutes hitherto in It is not to meet the circumstances force against them in England are to of the present period alone that this be repealed. We may therefore expect Protestant Institute has been formed: that their increase will be tenfold. whilst the Church of Rome continues It has been deliberately announced, to propagate her errors and strives to that the Romish priests are to be enextend her usurped authority, so long dowed by the State so soon as the must strenuous and uncompromising public mind has been prepared for resistance be maintained. But the such an event. importance of immediate activity can- Within the last few years, the Tracnot be over estimated. Popery is tarian heresy has drawn into the now arrogant in its pretensions, Church of Rome upwards of one hunboastful in its anticipations, and cla- dred members of the Church of Engmorous in its demands ; those preten- land, many of whom are clergymen, sions are admitted those anticipa- and nearly all persons of considerable tions are fostered—those demands worldly intelligence; this fact disare yielded to by statesmen who are proves the assertion, that in this enintrusted with legislative authority in lightened day we have nothing to our Protestant constitution. Soon fear from Popery. must it prevail unless at once vigor- When, several years ago, the voice ously opposed. When, if not now, of warning was raised against the ten. should Christians awake to a sense of dency of Tractarianism, it was detheir danger and of their duty, and cided as a needless alarm, and the in dependence on the help of God, parties who gave the warning were and with earnest prayer for his bless- denounced as mountebanks. La ing upon their endeavours, unite and mentable facts have since proved who labour for the maintenance of those were right and who were wrong. principles in which are involved their M any of the clergy of the Church temporal and eternal interests, and of England speak of the Romish the honour and glory of Almighty Church and her priests in terms of God.

strong commendation. The result is July 8, 1847.

the deadening of all perception as to the essential difference between Pro

testant truth and Romish error.. FACTS FOR PROTESTANTS-IN.

Notwithstanding the above facts, · CREASE OF POPERY IN GREAT the most perfect apathy prevails on BRITAIN.

the subject amongst Protestants. The following facts are put forth for the consideration of Protestants, they prove the increase of Popery in Great


It has been long a matter of surprise Fifty years since there were only amongst many that Popery has gained thirty Popish chapels in Great Britain, so great an influence with the public There are now 602 public chapels, ten press. Some hesitate as to its being a fact, and it is difficult, not to say could be very well informed on the invidious, to point out who they are subject. But it matters not what

In a new Roman Catholic periodi- governed the Court of Rome in concal we have a little light thrown upon ferring the mitre of Cork on Dr. Dethis subject. It proceeds thus : lany, the decision is one to be received “FATHER MATHEW.

with satisfaction, especially by the “ The Roman correspondent of the

Irish Catholics. A purer priest or a Daily News' (Father Prout'), who

more amiable or charitable man, does affects exclusive' sources of intelli

not live than Father Mathew. The gence, pretends to give the following

secular clergy proved at once his fit

se as the reason why the venerated

ness for the dignity, and their own Father Mathew has not been ap

disinterestedness and purity of mopointed Bishop of Cork by the Pope,

tive, in the election, by going out of though returned dignissimus, or

their own order for a prelate to premost worthy,' by the assembled

side over them. Had the final apclergy:

pointment depended on their selec“? The mitre of Cork has not been

tion, Fathew Mathew would now be placed by the Propaganda on the

Bishop of Cork. But happily, the decibrow of Theobald Mathew, not be

sion in such cases always belongs to cause of any hostility felt here to his

the Court of Rome. We say happily, views on the use of alcohol-views

for even the circumstances in the preand exertions which Rome has long

sent case prove the public importancë. appreciated and been proud of; not

of this rule. Just at the moment from any doubt as to his eminent

that the clergy of Cork were calling qualifications of mind and heart; such

him to the Episcopal chair, the Engas would confer on, not receive honour

lish Whig Government contemplated from, mere Episcopal rank, but simply

bestowing a pension of 3001. a-year because he had not the vote of

on him, so that, had the vote of the Cashel's metropolitan, Dr. Slattery,

clergy been ratified by the Pope, Irewho happened to hold the proxies of

land would have been afflicted with a two absent bishops (Foran. of Water- sight from the idea of which she ford. and French, of Kilfenora), shrinks with aversion,-an Irish Cawhose presence at, and cognisance of,

ind ognisance of tholic prelate on the pension list! Of the Cork scrutiny, might have altered

her beloved Father Mathew, or the result. The Bishop of Kerry did

Kerro did Bishop Mathew, she would not for a not vote at all; and the oldest bishop

moment harbour the smallest susand most judicious in the province,

picion or distrust. She knows that Dr. Ryan, of Limerick, voted for

that pension, like every farthing he Father Mathew. Since the rescript

has ever received, will be given to of 1829 (a sort of Irish concordat),

the poor, hundreds of whom live upon Rome has never reversed the verdict

his charity; but she feels without of an Episcopal majority, however

hurt to her affection and veneration clear was the parochial preference in

for him, that God has well appointed, the first balloturn. As it happened for the sake of the weak, that he it is, perhaps, well that the illustrious shall not be Bishop of Cork.” friar does not 6666 Give up to Cork what was meant for mankind,"

STARVATION AND PRIESTS' since that diocese has had the luck

DUES. to obtain in its new dignitary, Dr. Delany, a profound theologian, a mild On Saturday a woman named Oranand kindly man, full of common sense ston died in the neighbourhood of as well as brimful of zeal, and, in a Tempo, it is believed of starvation. quiet way of his own, as shrewdly She had received relief, but not sufhumorous as the Dr. Delany, officient to support nature; as it was Swift.'

proved she had money at her dis.“ We doubt this information, not posal, which she had intrusted to the because it is in itself improbable, but keeping of another woman, which, because it is not likely that the writer however, both strongly denied to the

last. The truth was made manifest which they were so long deluded ; after her death that she died possessed and by the secret teaching of thy of 22s. 6d., which sum was expended, good Spirit, make them stedfast and according to her last will and testa- unmoveable, always abounding in the ment, in the following manner :- work of the Lord.

78. 6d. to the priest to say three Quicken, we beseech thee, every masses to liberate her soul from pur- effort of "THE PRIESTS' PROTECTION gatory, and the remainder for a coffin, SOCIETY” to promote the glory of pipes, and tobacco, and candles to God. Breathe into the councils of light her from this world to the next. its managers the spirit of wisdom and - Derry Standard.

of a sound mind; give them judgment and discretion, that they may,

by their humble endeavours, be made A PRAYER FOR THE PRIESTS'

instrumental in advancing that great PROTECTION SOCIETY FOR

and good work in which they are IRELAND.

engaged. SUGGESTED TO BE USED, IN WHOLE And, we beseech thee, O Lord, to

OR IN PART, WITH THE USUAL grant, that the loving spirit of thy

PRAYERS AT FAMILY WORSHIP. grace may be so infused into the O THOU Eternal Spirit! whose office hearts of all in this great nation, who it is to cleanse, fertilize, and refresh love the Lord Jesus, that they may thy Church, we humbly beseech thee love each other with pure hearts to pour down upon us those gracious fervently; and, uniting together in influences which thou hast promised one common bond of Christian felto thy believing people, and more lowship, may so strive together for especially, to thy servants whom thou the promulgation of their common hast called to the ministry of thy faith, that Ireland may not only beword. Give to them, we most hum- come an “island of saints," but the bly, beseech thee, a mouth and wisdom heritage of the Lord Almighty, and whereby they may be enabled to its inhabitants the praise and the deliver faithfully the message of sal- glory of the whole earth. vation to those who are ignorant and These varied blessings we humbly out of the way, and that they may entreat in the name, and for the sake become the instruments of turning of our only Mediator and Redeemer, many sinners from darkness to light. to whom with the Eternal Father, · We especially entreat thee, O and the ever-blessed Spirit, be all Heavenly Father, to look down in power and glory, world without end. mercy and compassion on this guilty Amen. and benighted land. Multiply the number of the disciples of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ; and grant. HERTFORDSHIRE REFORMATION that many of the priests, who are AND PROTESTANT ASSOCIATION. now blind leaders of the blind, may THE Biennial Meeting of this Assobe obedient to the faith ; that thy ciation was held at the Shire Hall, Holy Spirit may take possession of Hertford, on Thursday, July 15; the their hearts, and so enlighten their Right Hon. the Earl of VERULAM, minds that they may not only be in- President, took the chair. Present, duced to come out of the Spiritual Revs. F. Faithful, J. Cumming, D.D., Babylon, in which they are at present E. Bickersteth, C. Bury, J. A. Coghin such danger of perishing, but be- lan, T. R. Birks, R. W. Morice, come faithful ministers of the ever- Samuel Garratt, Alfred M. Preston, lasting Gospel. And grant, O Lord, C. Thornton, Esq., U. Heathcote, Esq., that following their example, many George Bosanquet, Esq., James Lord, of the people may be led to give up Esq., &c. their errors and superstitions, and The Meeting having been combecome humble and sincere followers menced by prayer, of the meek and lowly Jesus. Hal i . The Noble CHAIRMAN stated, he

Bless and preserve those who have had left London that morning to already renounced the fatal errors by preside at the Meeting, as he deemed

the subject one of great importance that Hall, had been the subject of at this crisis.

discussion in the House of Commons; The Rev. E. BICKERSTETH read and though what he had said had the Report.

been a good deal misrepresented, and The Rev. T. R. BIRKS then moved the performers in the House had inthe following Resolution : -" That troduced some minors into the melody the Report now read be adopted and which did not belong to it, yet he circulated among the subscribers, and had rather the instrument he had that the officers be re-appointed.”— touched should be played upon in Mr. B. took a rapid and comprehen- that House, even discordantly, than sive view of the past policy and the that its sound should not be heard present position of Popery in this there at all. Dr. Cumming dwelt country. He pointed out, that the upon the wickedness of the system power of apostate Rome was pre- of Popery; pointed out the way in figured in Scripture; that out of the which it presents a different aspect in four great monarchies, there was to different countries, appearing more arise from the fourth a little horn, or less liberal or intolerant. speaking great things, and ruling for Rev. JOHN ARMSTRONG COGHLAN awhile over the ten kingdoms. His seconded this Resolution. tory corroborated and illustrated what prophecy had foreshadowed ; and Romanism, instead of being des

MISCELLANEOUS. tined for eternal duration, was de CHRIST'S CROSS.-Christ's cross is nounced in Holy Scripture as the the sweetest burden that ever I bare; enemy of God, opposed to pure reli- it is such a burden as wings are to a gion, the counterfeit of Christianity, bird, or sails to a ship, to carry me and the blight of national prosperity. forward to my harbour.

JAMES LORD, Esq., seconded the Hold fast Christ, but take his cross Resolution. '. He pointed out the and himself cheerfully; Christ and progress which Popery had made, his cross are not separable in this life; owing, not to its goodness, but the however they part at heaven's door. too great apathy and indifference of To be crucified to the world is not Protestants, and contended that Po- so highly accounted of by us as it pery was opposed alike to what is pure should be; how heavenly a thing is and scriptural in religion, noble, and it to be deaf and dead to this world's elevated, and free in political institu, sweetest' music. tions. · Popery had never been the Make others to see Christ'in you, friend of England,--never could be, moving, doing, speaking, and thinkand therefore, without reference to ing: your actions will speak of him, party-for it was not a party ques- if he be in you..

." tion, he had felt it alike his privi- Go where you will, your soul will lege and his duty to oppose all con- find no rest but in Christ's bosom: cessions to the system of Romanism. inquire for him, come to him, and

Rev. Ed. BICKERSTETH moved the rest you on Christ the Son of God; second Resolution, which was seconded I sought him, and I found in him all by the Rev. C. BURY, who gave some I can wish or want. . very touching and striking details as Lose not sight of Christ in this to the intolerance of Popery in Spain; cloudy and dark day; learn not from where he had resided during a port the world to serve Christ, but ask tion of last year.

himself the way a the world is a false Rev. JOHN CUMMING, D.D., moved copy and a deceitful guide to follow. the next Resolution. - He observed. All come not home at night who that in this age of rapid communica suppose they havet set their faces tion, the smallness of the locality, or heaven-ward: it is a woeful thing to audience, should be no barrier to die, and miss heaven; how many a activity. Information given in one mere professor's candle is blown out place, had an almost unthought I of and never lighted again. Many, now effect in another. Thus some of the take Christ by guess; therefore, I say, remarks he had made when last-in be sure you take Christ himself ;-his sweet working in the soul will not lie, July 17, 1837; thirteenth began Noit will soon tell whether it be Christ vember 15, 1837, dissolved June 23, indeed whom you have met with. 1841 ; fourteenth began August 11,

The day of the Lord is at hand, 1841, dissolved July 23, 1847. During when all men shall appear as they the above period we have had fifteen are: there shall be no borrowed Premiers, viz.,-Mr. Addington, apcolours in that day; men borrow the pointed March 7, 1801; Mr. Pitt, lustre of Christianity, but how many May 12, 1804; Lord Grenville, Jancounterfeit masks will be burned in uary 8, 1806; Duke of Portland, the day of God.

March 30, 1807; Mr. Perceval, June I wish our thoughts were, more 23, 1810; Earl of Liverpool, June 8, frequently than they are, upon our 1812; Mr. Canning, April 11, 1827; country; heaven casteth a sweet per- Viscount Goderich, August 10, 1827; fume afar off to those who have Duke of Wellington, January 11, spiritual senses.

1828; Earl Grey, November 22, Go on in the strength of the Lord, 1830; Lord Melbourne, July 16, and put Christ's love to the trial, and 1834; Sir R. Peel, December 10, put upon it burdens, and then it will 1834; Lord Melbourne, April 18, appear love indeed ; we employ not 1835 ; Sir R. Peel, August 30, 1841; his love, and therefore we know it Lord John Russell, June 29, 1846.not.

Globe. More I can neither wish, nor pray, POPERY REFUTED BY COMMON nor desire for you, than Christ, singled SENSE.-Some of the Irish are so and chosen out from all things, even enlightened, by Sunday Schools and though wearing a crown of thorns. Bible Societies, that they can exerI am sure the saints are at best but cise their reason on the abominations strangers to the weight and worth of of Popery. One of them being the the incomparable excellence of Christ. other day asked by his priest, a curate, We know not half of what we love, why he did not come to confession, when we love Christ.

- Please, your reverence, do you ever I would not have believed that confess?" "Yes, I do, to the rector." there is so much in Jesus as there is. "And do you pay ?” “Yes.”—“And It is little to see him in a book ; but to whom does the rector confess?” to draw nigh to Christ is another - To the bishop.”_" And does he thing

pay him ? ” “ Yes.”—“And to whom That Christ and a sinner should be does the bishop confess ? ” “ To the one, and share heaven between them, vicar-general.”—“ And pays him?" is the wonder of salvation; what “ Yes." - And to whom does he more could love do?: .

confess ? ” “ To the Pope.“ And THE LAST FOURTEEN BRITISH pays ? " " Yes.”_" And to whom PARLIAMENTS. -First dissolved June does the Pope confess ?” “ To Jesus 29, 1802 ; second began November Christ.”. And does he pay any15, 1802, dissolved October 24, 1806; thing?" "No."-" Then please your third began December 15, 1806, dis- reverence," said the man," as I am solved April 29, 1807; fourth began very poor, I think I shall go to Christ June 22, 1807, dissolved September at once.” 29, 1812; fifth began November 22, in 1812, dissolved June 10, 1818; sixth began January 14, 1819, dissolved February 29, 1820; seventh began April 21, 1820. dissolved June 2, THE way to heaven is as a ladder1826 ; eighth began November 14, the way to hell is down hill; but it 1826, dissolved July 24, 1830 ; ninth is better to go up the ladder to life, began October 26, 1830, dissolved than down the hill to death. April 23, 1831 ; tenth began June Afflictions serve to harden, unless 14, 1831, dissolved December 3, 1832, they are sanctified by the Spirit of eleventh began January 19, 1833, God. dissolved December 30, 1834; twelfth began February 19, 1835, dissolved in v ar i ous

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