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selves those precious words spoken concerning Israel of old, and say, " What nation is so great, or hath God so nigh unto them, as the Lord our God is in all things that we call upon him for ? ” But England is fast falling from her high estate. One after another of those laws which were the safeguards of our Protestant Constitution, have been removed from the Statute-book; and unless you, Protestant electors of Great Britain, come forward to prevent it, all will be swept away. And what will be the result ? Let us remember the judgments that have followed past concessions, and tremble! Chris. tian men have foretold (taking the Bible as their authority), that God would punish England for the memorable Act of 1829, by which she admitted Roman Catholics into her Houses of Parliament to legislate for the nation. And were these men true prophets ? Let the disturbances which broke out immediately afterwards throughout the kingdom, and that dreadful scourge of God—the cholera of 1830, which slew its thousands and its tens of thousands, answer the question.

The Parliament, in opposition to the Petitions of one million of British subjects in 1845, voted (as has been already stated) 30,0001. per annum to endow the Roman Catholic College of Maynooth in Ireland, thus extending to that seminary of sedition a degree of countenance and support which it bestows not upon our Protestant Universities. And what followed this measure ? God sent an insignificant insect to destroy the potato crop, and this great and mighty empire has been made to tremble; and instead of the proud boast, heard but too frequently, “I sit as a queen, and shall see no sorrow,”—lamentation and mourning and woe" have filled the land, and who can tell what the end of these things shall be ? : Surely, then, it is not without reason that we address you, that we implore all who have the fear of God before their eyes to seek to rescue their country ere it be too late,

Once again, we repeat, much depends upon the coming election : the acts of the new Parliament may save, or they may ruin, our country. See, then, that you send men of the right stamp to represent you,—men whose guide is God's Word, and whose Protestant principles are fixed and decided.

Free-born Britons ! Advocates of civil and religious liberty ! Will you tamely stand and look on while your Senate is making one concession after another to that system which is the open enemy of both, and the object of whose members is to hand over our country, bound hand and foot, into the power of a foreign potentate who would soon reduce it to the condition of Spain and Italy, those regions of bondage, misery, and crime.

Protestants ! will you prove unworthy of the name ? Will you cease to protest against Popery? Can you forget the blessings which in Protestant England are yours? Shall this proud title be no longer hers ?-this name, which distinguishes her as yet ainong the nations ? Have you so soon forgotten the speech of Lord Arundel in the House of Commons, in which he said, that “ Popery would continue antagonistic to Protestantism, until Protestantism should be extinct?". Can you hear this, and remember what Rome is doing to accomplish this object, and remain inactive? Are you so few, so feeble, that you can do nothing,--that you must submit to be despised and disreVOL. IX.-June, 1847..

New Series, No. 18.

garded ? Shake off this reproach, which is not, however, without an apparent foundation in the comparatively small number of your representatives in our Legislative Assembly. The infidel has no lack of advocates there,—the ultra-Liberal, who would endow every religion alike, equally indifferent to all, is represented by not a few. The Popish party is strong indeed, but how small is that of the Protestant! True, it is composed of able and faithful men,-men who are valiant for the truth, who deserve the gratitude of their country, but who receive instead the taunts and ridicule of the ungodly. They have been “faithful among the faithless," and their enemies, seeing the consistency and uprightness of their political conduct, have been, it would seem, compelled to take up the language of the accusers of Daniel, and say, “We shall not find any occasion against these men, except we find it against them touching the law of their God.” (Dan. vi. 5.) They have made a noble stand in defence of the good old principles of the Constitution, but they are overborné by numbers and cannot effect impossibilities. Will you leave them to maintain the fight unaided? Will you not send them such a reinforcement as will strengthen their hands and compel the Legislature to listen to them with respect ? - Christians! Men of faith and prayer! Men who value the truth of God above all earthly considerations ! Will you be idle at the present momentous crisis ? Will you calmly stand by and see the precious Word of God set at nought, its promises and its threatenings alike disregarded by men who, but for you perchance, might have never obtained the power which they so mischievously employ? Do you believe that the Church of Rome is that Babylon concerning which the command is given, “ Come out of her, my people, that ye bé not partakers of her plagues?" And will you behold your socalled representatives paying her homage, educating her priests to keep the wretched victims of their unhallowed policy within her pale, giving mutilated extracts from the Bible to the poor Irish children who look to them for instruction, in the vain hope of conciliating her, at the bidding of what they falsely call expediency? Have you forgotten the exhortation of him who hath bought you with his blood, to “ contend earnestly for the faith once delivered to the saints ?" Rome robs him of his glory, exalts the creature above the Creator, puts other mediators in the place of the one Mediator between God and man, Christ Jesus; attempts to add to his glorious and finished work the wood, hay, and stubble, of man's own works, his fastings and penances and almsdeeds. Can we, then, see our rulers fostering such a God-dishonouring, Antichristian system, and remain passive? Oh, let us not so dishonour Christ! Let us not bring down guilt upon our own souls. Christians! Protestants ! Englishmen! be not unfaithful to your country, your religion, and your God! Churchmen and Dissenters, forget your minor differences, and unite in defence of your common Christianity. Whig and Tory ! look upon political considerations, important though they be, as merely secondary at the present crisis. If you can procure men who, agreeing with you in politics, will promise to support the Protestant cause, well! But, if not, vote without hesitation for the man who, however opposed to your political creed, will take this pledge. So shall you do good service to the cause of truth, and bring down blessings upon your country.

THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND'S dispersed throughout the world, but

OPINION OF THE CHURCH OF also to be lord of all kingdoms of the ROME.

world; as is expressly set forth in the As a disposition exists on the part of Book of his own Canon Laws; most our leading statesmen in the present contrary to the doctrine and example day, to place Popery on the same of our Saviour Christ, whose vicar, footing with Protestantism; in other and of his holy Apostle, namely, words, to make no distinction between Peter, whose successor he pretendeth a false and idolatrous religion, and a to be: after this ambition entered, true and scriptural one, but to treat and his challenge once made by the both alike; it may be useful to con- Bishop of Rome, he became at once sider the light in which the Church the spoiler and destroyer of the of England views that apostate com Church, which is the kingdom of our munity, especially its priesthood, Saviour Christ, and of the Christian which, previous to the Reformation, empire, and all Christian kingdoms, lorded it over Christendom with such as an universal tyrant over all.” Hodespotic sway, and doubtless would mily XXXIII. part 5. In Homily do so again, should Protestants be so XXVIII. part 2, our Church gives a infatuated as to furnish it with the description of five Popes, whom she necessary means.

calls tyrants, and represents them as First, let us notice what our Church having “ the spirit of the devil,” and says respecting the Head of this Anti- not “God's Holy Spirit.” christian community :-“And con- In the XIVth Homily, part 3, we cerning the usurped power of the thus read :-"For the Scriptures Bishop of Rome, which he most have for a warning hereof foreshewed, wrongfully challengeth as the succes that the kingdom of Antichrist shall sor of Christ and Peter; we may be mighty in miracles and wonders, easily perceive how false, feigned, and to the strong illusion of all the reforged it is, not only in that it hath probates. But in this they pass the no sufficient ground in Holy Scrip- folly and wickedness of the Gentiles, ture, but also by the fruits and doc that they honour and worship the trine thereof..For our Saviour relics and bones of our saints; which Christ and St. Peter teach most ear. prove that they be mortal men and nestly and agreeably obedience to dead, and therefore no gods to be Kings, as to the chief and supreme worshipped; which the Gentiles would Rulers in this world, next under God: never confess of their gods for very but the Bishop of Rome teacheth, shame." This Homily proceeds to that they that are under him are free reprobate the practice of setting up from all burdens and charges of the images in churches, and observes :Commonwealth, and obedience to “ By occasion of these stumblingward their Prince, most clearly against blocks, not only the unlearned and Christ's doctrine and St. Peter's. He simple, but the learned and wise; not ought, therefore, rather to be called the people only, but the bishops ; ANTICHRIST, and the successor of not the sheep, but also the shepthe Scribes and Pharisees, than Christ's herds themselves who should have vicar, or St. Peter's successor; seeing, been guides in the right way, and that not only in this point, but also lights to shine in darkness-being in other weighty matters of Christian blinded by the bewitching of images, religion-in matters of remission and as blind guides of the blind, fell both forgiveness of sins, and of salvation into the pit of damnable idolatry; he teacheth so directly against both in the which all the world, as it were St. Peter, and against our Saviour drowned, continued until our age, by Christ.” Homily X. part 3. Again, the space of above eight hundred " And that the Bishop of Rome years, unspoken against in a manner.” being by the order of God's word In the first part of this Homily we none other than the Bishop of that are told—“It is not possible that we one, see and diocese, and never yet should be worshippers of images and well able to govern the same, did by the true servants of God also: as St. intolerable ambition challenge, not Paul teacheth in 2 Cor. vi., affirming only to be the head of all the Church expressly that there can be no more

consent or agreement between the Antichrist.” Homily XXVIII., part 2. temple of God which all true Chris- ...“ Wherefore let all good subtians be—and images, than between jects, knowing these the special inrighteousness and unrighteousness, struments and ministers of the devil, between light and darkness, between to the stirring up of all rebellions, the faithful and the unfaithful, be- avoid and flee them, and the pestilent tween Christ and the devil.” . suggestions of such foreign usurpers,

Let us attend to the following and their adherents, and embrace all wholesome advice given in the obedience to God, and their natural XXVIIIth and XXXIIIrd Homilies: princes and sovereigns, that they may

" But to conclude, and make an enjoy God's blessings, and their end, ye shall briefly take this short prince's favour, in all peace, quietness, lesson; wheresoever ye find the spirit security in this world, and finally atof arrogance and pride, the spirit of tain, through Christ our Saviour, life envy, hatred, contention, cruelty, everlasting in the world to come.” murder, extortion, &c., assure your- Homily XXXIII., part 5. selves that there is the spirit of the The foregoing passages from the devil, and not of God, albeit they Homilies clearly prove that the pretend outwardly to the world never Church of England does not regard so much holiness. . ... Therefore, the idolatrous priests of Rome with dearly beloved, according to the good the Pope at their head, as ministers counsel of St. John, believe not everyor ambassadors of Christ, but as emisspirit, but first try them whether they saries of Satan; their object being to be of God or no. Many shall come propagate an “ungodly and counterin my name, saith Christ, and shall feit religion(see Homily V., part 3) transform themselves into angels of throughout the world. Such being light, deceiving---if it be possible the case, can anything be worse, can the very elect. They shall come unto anything be more disingenuous, than you in sheep's clothing, being in- for persons who profess and call them. wardly cruel and ravening wolves. selves members of the Church of They shall have an outward show of England, to foster and encourage great holiness and innocency of life, such an Antichristian system as so that ye shall hardly or not at all Popery? They may attempt to exdiscern them. But the rule that ye cuse this course by denying its Antimust follow is this, to judge them by christian character, but honesty and their fruits. Which, if they be wicked consistency require that they should and naught, then it is impossible that at the same time, avow their disbelief the tree of whom they proceed should in the accredited formularies of their be good. Such were all the Popes own Church. Our leading statesmen and Prelates of Rome for the most would do well to remember that there part; as doth well appear in the story is one sin which is peculiarly offensive of their lives; and therefore they are to God, and that is hypocrisy. It worthily accounted among the num- would be far better to make no prober of false Prophets, and false Christs, fession of attachment to the Church which deceived the world a long of England, but renounce her comwhile. The Lord of heaven and munion altogether, than remain withearth defend us from their tyranny in her pale, and advocate the encouand pride: that they never enter into ragement and endowment of a religion his vineyard again to the disturbance which she repudiates as ungodly and of his silly poor flock; but that they counterfeit, as idolatrous and Antimay be utterly confounded and put to christian. There is an atrocity in flight in all parts of the world." And such conduct that deserves to be rehe, of his great mercy, so work in all probated in the severest terms. Polimen's hearts, by the mighty power of ticians may deem it expedient to the Holy Ghost, that the comfortable practise such dissimulation, but this gospel of his Son Christ may be shows that their standard of morals truly preached, truly received, and is wretchedly low and defective. It truly followed in all places; to the is a part of their tactics to play fast beating down of sin, death, the Pope, and loose with truth, and to sacrifice the devil, and all the kingdom of that truth on the altar of expediency,


whenever it clashes with their party much more difficulty in procuring any purposes or ambitious projects. These accurate list of the Peers who voted, men entertain very inadequate con- or were absent, on the third reading ceptions of the real character of the of the same Bill in the House of Lords, Romish priesthood: in order to form though if such list could be printed a just estimate of that character, we there would be found therein, I very cannot do better than study it, as it much fear, some well-known names is exhibited in the Confessional and associated with Bible and Missionary the Inquisition: the one being a dis- Societies, and thus the same persons gusting sink of impurity; the other a who give their money to send out diabolical engine of persecution. Im- Bibles and missionaries to Heathen purity and cruelty usually accompany and Roman Catholic lands be found each other; this is strikingly exempli- voting for a Bill to encourage the fied in the conduct of the Romish priest- education and training of Popish hood, as history abundantly testifies. priests and missionaries, who will be

We will close these remarks in the sent forth to take away those very words of an able writer on the side of Bibles which they themselves have truth and Protestantism. The author been instrumental in sending out, or of the “Protestant” says—“ Popery in other words giving money with is not Christianity, but the counter one hand to sow the good seed of the feit of it. It is Antichrist; that is, Word of God, and with the other against Christianity. The priests of lending their influence to enable that religion are not employed in others to sow the destructive weeds of preaching salvation by free grace, but vain tradition. Oh that such would by the merit of men's own doings: seriously consider the threatening dethey are not labouring to instruct the nounced against a well-meaning but people, but to keep them in ignorance; ignorantworshipperofold, “Shouldest and instead of being like the Apostles, thou help the ungodly, and love them dead to this world, and alive to that hate the Lord ? therefore is another, their greatest efforts are wrath upon thee from before the directed to the things of this world: Lord.” 2 Chron. xix. 2. I was forhow they may extort money from cibly impressed, a short time ago, their deluded adherents, and how they with the following passage in reading may promote the reign of ignorance a memoir of the late Archbishop and error. The propagation of this Magee :-" In 1825, an examination religion, therefore, and the multipli- of the Archbishop and of others, on cation of its priests, are evils to be the subject of the tenets of the Rodeprecated as much as the introduc- man Catholic religion, took place betion of the plague into the country. fore a Parliamentary committee. ParThey are the pests of human society, ticular interest was naturally felt reand wherever they shall obtain a foot specting his Grace's answers. Two ing, farewell to every social and or three peers, who were strongly domestic comfort.” “The Protestant," opposed to him in politics, cross-exaVol. I., p. 77. Tenth Edition.* mined him sharply; but no man was

more perfectly qualified to come off PARLIAMENTARY DIVISIONS.

successfully on such an occasion, To the Editor of the Protestant Magazine.

With one short reply he silenced the SIR.-I am rejoiced to find any of most talented of those peers—(the your readers consider the lists I sent late) Lord Holland. His Lordship you relative to the Maynooth Bill asked the Archbishop, 'Does your likely to be serviceable to the Pro Grace really think that there is any testant cause the thought that such person capable of holding such a may prove to be the case is most monstrous opinion, as that the Roman agreeable, but I believe there would be Catholic religion is idolatrous ?' The

Archbishop calmly fixed his eyes on * Bishop Burgess speaks in terms of Lord Holland's countenance, and rehigh commendation of "The Protestant,"

plied, "My Lord, some have sworn to and says—"The Author writes with ample knowledge of his subject, with

it. The force of the application was great acuteness of reasoning, and with so striking that a very strong impresthe force and perspicuity of Wm. Law.” sion was immediately produced on all

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