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Dane preacher of New-ftreet chapel


of both sexes, who walked two and two Mr. Thomas Peftill, jeweller, and de
before the coffin, which was imirediately puty of Coleman-ftreet ward.
preceded by a person carrying the charter 22. The most goble Francis Scott, duke
on a crimson velvet cushion. The pall was of Buccleugh, earl of Dalkeith, and baron
supported by Sir Joseph Hankey, knt. Pe- of Whitchefter and Elkdale in Scotland,
ter Burrel, Joseph Fawthorp, John Milner, earl of Doncaster, and baron Scott of Tindal
Paul Joddrell, Samuel Clarke, Stephen Beck in England, and knight of the order of
ingham, and Sampson Gideon, Esqrs, and the thistle. He is succeeded by his grand-
followed by a great number of gentlemen, son, Henry earl of Dalkeich, now duke
walking two and two, Taylor White, Esq; of Buccleugh. His late grace was grandion
treasurer of the hospital, attending as chief to James duke of Monmouth, eldett son of
mourner, As soon as the corple entered K. Charles II.
the chapel, (the galleries of which were 23. Rt. Hon. the lord Baltimore, lord
filled with gentlemen and ladies) some of proprietor of Maryland, and one of the
the gentlemen of the choir of St. Paul's, knights of the Mire for the county of Sur.
who attended, began to fing the burial rey. He is succeeded by his only fon
service, which was composed by Dr. Boyce, Frederick, aged 19, now lord Baltimore.
who played the same on à Imall organ 27. Välens Comyn, Esq; member of
fet on one side of the chapel ; and when parliament for Hindon, in Wiltshire.
the minister had read all the service but

Ecclefiaftical PREFIRMENTS.
the last collect, an anthem,' composed AVID Horne, morn
by Dr. Boyce, was fung by Mr. Beard,
Mr. Mence and Mr. Savage, and the Bloomsbury.- John Taylor, L. L. D. pre-
chorus parts by the other gentlemen of sented to the rectory of Lawford, in Eilex.
Westminster and St. Paul's.

-Mr. Arthur White, to the living of 30. Francis Whitehead, Esq; knight of Welham Bay, in Kent.--Mr. Thomas the thire for Hampshire.

Brydges, to the rectory of Rodney, alias 31. Rt. Hon, Robert Walpole, earl of Scoke Gifford, in Somersetshire. -Mr. Orford, viscount Walpole, auditor of the Hooper, chosen lecturer of the united paExchequer, lord lieutenant and custos ro. rishes of St. Bennet, Gracechurch-ftreet, tulorum of Devon hire, ranger and keeper and St. Leonard, Eastcheap.-Mr. James of Richmond park, and master of the har. Banks, presented to the living of East riers and fox hounds. He was the eldest Baddon, Norfolk.-Rev. Dr. Hales, made son of the late famous Sir Robert Walpole, clerk of the closet to the princess of Wales. eart of Orford, was created baron Wal. PROMOTIONS Civil and Military. pole in 1723, and succeeded his father in T. Hon. the earl of Lincoln, made au. dignity and estate, March 18, 1745-6. ditor of the Exchequer, in the room He has left issue one son, George lord visc, of the late earl of Orford.--Her royal highWalpole, now earl of Orford, born, April ness the princess Amelia, made ranger of 2, 1730.

Richmond park, in the room of the said April 3. Lady dowager Donerayle, reli&t Jate earl.-His grace the duke of Bedford, the late visc. Donerayle, in Ireland.

made lord lieutenant and custos rotulorum 5. George Proctor, of Berkshire, Efq; of the county of Devon.-Dr. Lee, made member for Downton in Wiltshire.

treasurer of the hourhold to her royDr. James Somercombe, an eminent al highness the princess of Wales.-- James physician at Exeter.

Cresset, Esq; made secretary to her royal 9. William Price, Esq; poffefred of a highness, in the room of Thomas Potrer, great estate in the tin-works in Cornwall. Esq; who resign'd. ---James Shaw, Esq;

10. The lady Mackenzie, lady of the made deputy ranger of Richmond park, lord Fortrole.

under her royal highness the princess Ame11. Richard Haddock, Esq; late compe lia.-Lord North and Guildford, made one troller of his majesty's navy.

of the lords of his majesty's bedchamber, Dr. Hughes, an eminent physician at in the room of the earl of Harcourt, who Oxford.

was made governor to the young prince of 12. Charles Lancelot Lake, Efq; one Wales.-Earl of Waldegrave, made war. of the governors of Harrow school, and dea of the Stannaries in Cornwall, in the possessed of a considerable eftate there. room of Thomas Pitt, Esq;-Thomas abouts, and in Buckinghamshire.

Bootie, Esq; made chancellor, Hon. Hen. 16. Mrs. Elizabeth Bull, of Red. Lion- ry Bathult Esq; attorney general, Paul JodAtreet, Clerkenwell, aged 88.

drell, Esq; solicitor general, and Charles 17. Rt. Hon. the earl of Shelburne, of Montagu, Esq; auditor general to the prince the kingdom of Ireland, in a very ad.

of Wales.-Charles earl of Egremont, vanced age, and immensely rich.

made lord lieut. and custos rotulorum of 18. Paul Humphrey, Esq; member of Northumberland. parliament for Gatton, in Surrey,

[Orber Promotions, Bankrupts, &c. in our sext]




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Price's PRICE's of STOCKS in APRIL, Bill of MOR'TALITY, &c.

c BANX INDIA South Sea South Sea, South Sea, 4 percent., 4 per Cent.,Bank An. 3 perCent., India Bonds, B.Cir.pry Wind af Wearber BILL of Mortality from STOCK. STOCK.STOCK. Annu, old

1746, 1747 1748-9. B. Annu.


s, d. Deal. London. March 26. to April 23.
1054 11 1. 1031, 101, 1021, 104, if 104 int (: 99 % 41. 128

N. N E. fair rain

Males 564)

Chrift. 187 21 105. 103 103 103 | 99 $ 99 41. Ils

1090 o с N. W. fair

Femal. 526 187 1

105 31

103 103 104 103 104 98 ୨୨) 41. 125 3 5 o S. W. fair rain

Males 898)

Buried 4 139

1818 1874188 105

98 99! 41. 125

3 5
CN. N. E. rain

Femal. 920)
112 105
1024 104 104 99

41. 135 13 5

N. E. rain fair Died under 2 years old 650
112 105 103 102
104 99 41. 128 3 5 0 N. by E.

cloudy Between 2 and 5-130
East, Sun,

N. N.E. fr.ll

and 10-

102 104 104 99

41. 125 3 50 by N.


10 and 20


41, 125 3 SN, N. E,


20 and 30- 138 10

187 112 105 103 102 103 103

41. 138
3 5 C
N. E. fair

30 and 40 183
187 112
TO2 103 103

41. 125 3 5 o N, N. E.

fair rain

40 and 50 197
188 112

103 | 103

41. 125 3.50
N. fair rain

188 112


41. 125 3 5 0
N. W. clo, rain

60 and 70


N. E. by N. fair rain

87 15) 139


103 TO2 104 99 41. 155 3 5

CN. E. bye. fair

8o and go

16 139

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103 } 99 41. 148 3 7 6 N. E, fresh


go andioo

3 171 139

188 II2 105 103 4 103

103 /
41. 155 3 7
6 N. E. by E. fair

113 105
JO2 103 104 104 99

41. 145
3 7 6 S. by W. fair clou,

Within the Walls 191137 ex d. 188 1131113) 105

103 103 104 104 1 99

41. 168 3 7 6 N, E. fair rain
103 1 1 103 1

Without the Walls 429
41. 178

6 E. by N.
3 7

rain 21 Sunday

E. by S. hail rain

In Mid. and Surrey' 821

City & Sub. W'A. 421
103 98 41. 175

3 7 6 S, S, W. rain fair
23] 137




41. 165 3 7 6 S. by E. clo, fair 241 137

104 exd.) 103 113 104 104 99 3 %

3 7 6 S. S. E,

Weekly April 2
rain fair

35 137

104 104
99 % 100 41. 368 3 7 6 S. E. fair


393 189

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104 104

41. !68 3 7 6 S. by E. fair .37

4. I;s 3 7 6 N, N. E. cloudy

28 Sunday

N. E. cloudy

591 137
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99 % 41. 168 3 7 N. by E. cloudy Wheaten Peck Loaf 15. 9d. 30


104 104 99 41. 163

3 7 6 N. E.

Pease 20s. 10 23s. per ac

Rye 155. to 175. per Q
Bear-Key. Bafingstoke. Reading. Farnham. Henley. Guildford. Warminster. Devizes. Gloucester, Northampt.
Wheat 246 to 275 qr

7115s load
71'1gs load" 711178 load 81 os load

71 19s load 325 to 38 qr 68 6d buih,

248 to 2l qu Barley 148 to 17 oos to oo qr 175 to 19 qr 175 to 19 qr

185 to 19 ar

195 to 19 28 ozd Oats 128 to 138 60 143 to 16 od

165 to 20 128 to 15 od 128 to 17

28 to is gel I3S to 15 Beans 18s to 228 6d 205 to 24 od

225 to 23 248 to 25 216 to 2+

298 to 31 225 to 28

25 gd to 35

188 to 21 LOTTERY TICKETS, 1751, 11l. 85. ill. 88, 60, al. 98. ill. gs. 63, albe 100. 6d, uil. 118. III. 203. 6d.


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245 to 28


FOREIGN AFFAIRS, 1751. 191 HE election of a king of the Romans' as a depriving them of their right to govern

is now the most important affair up- during an interregnum. And, lastly, he con on the carpet in Europe. This ele&ion is fiders the advantages the empire enjoys by tigorously pushed by the court at Hanover, the free election of an emperor, and con. and opposed as vigorously, tho' not directo cludes that no motives for an election can ly, by the court of Pruffia. Upon this now be suggested, but what will be equally head his Pruffian majesty has wrote a long strong during the life of every future em. letter to the elector of Mentz, the substance peror ; that no election can be free whild of which is as follows:

the emperor is alive, and the imperial au. “ His majesty joins with his electoral thority and influence in full vigour ; conre. highness in thinking, that it is a matter of quently, the election of an emperor would the utmost importance ; that it supposes a at last become an empty formality, and preffing necessity ; that the good of the Germany, under the name of an eledive empire ought to be the design of it ; and government, would become an hereditary that it ought to be managed with the great- empire." est circumspection, and in the manner molt His Prussian majesty has wrote letters to conformable to the laws and constitutions the same effect to some of the other elecof the empire. But he says, that before tors of the empire ; and tho' the French the electoral college could proceed to an court have declared, that they will no way election, there was a preliminary question intermeddle in this election of a king of to be determined, viz. Wbëtber ir be proper, the Romans, unles called upon as guaranto proceed to tbe election of a king of the Ro- ties of the treaty of Westphalia, yet one mans. As to which difficulties would arise, may easily see what is meant by this excepas well in regard to the persons who would tion ; and either prevailed on by that pretend a right to be admitted to the delia court, or by the reasons offered by the berations, as about the manner of those court of Berlin, the elector of Cologne has deliberations, and the motives requisite to already renounced his engagements with authorise the election, and establish the ne. the maritime powers, and declared by his ceflity of it. He then shews, that the gol. ministers at Ratisbon, that he acheres to den bull affords no authority for deciding the sentiments of the king of Prussia and this question ; but on the contrary seems elector Palatine, in regard to this election. to declare, that no such question can ever On the other hand, we are told from Dres. arise, because it regulates those elections den, that a treaty of subsidy is on the car. only that are to be made upon a vacancy pet between that court and the court of of the Imperial throne ; and during such a London; whereby his Britannick majesty is vacancy provides for the government of the to be furnished, in case of nced, with a empire, by citablishing perpetual vicars. body of Saxon troops, &c. The peace of Westphalia, he says, is the The last letters from Petersburgh advise, firft law of the empire that mentions such that three young ladies, daughters of a ge. an election as now intended, and says, de neral officer, had been brought thither from eleétione Romanorum regum ex communi faina Revel under a guard, they having declared um consensu agatur ei fleruatur, which in to a person in a high office there, that they his opinion seems to give an indisputable had matters of the greatest importance to right to all the rates of the empire to con- reveal ; and that having been examined in cur in the decision of the preliminary ques. the presence of her Russian majesty, an of. tion, and in judge of the case of necessity, ficer of rank had been put under arrest. as also of the motives that ought to war- From the same place we hear, that some rant this election ; and to deprive them of hordes of Tartars have lately made an ir. this right might make them implore the ruption into the Russian territories, and affiftance of chore foreign powers who have committed great depredations, but had reguarantied the peace of Westphalia. As tired upon the approach of the t:oops; and to the motives for such an election, he says, that a courier has been dispatched to Conthe Imperial capitulations mention only ftantinople to demand satisfaction for this three. 1. If any emperor should be long outrage. absent. 2. If grown incspable. 3.

On the 6th inft. N. S. Frederick, king of ny other case of necessity thould occur. Sweden, and landgrave of Heste-Carrel, The last of these can now, he says, be the died at Stockholm, soon after which the only motive ; and this necessity should be prince successor, Adolphus Frederick, was grounded on a situation of affairs out of proclaimed king, and has since wrote a let. the ordinary course of things ; which even ter with his own hand to the empress of the advocates for this election do not pre- Russia, assuring her of his intention to tend at present. Then he news the dan. preserve the present form of government in ger of chusing a minor, and retrling a guar. Sweden, (See p. 175, 176.) dianthip, which the vicars-would consider


If a.



DIVINITY and CONTROVERSY, 27. The remarkable. Trial of Thomas

EISM not confistent with the Relia Chandler, pr. is. Newbery. * , .

28. An Enquiry concerning Virtue and 2. Eternal Life, considered under the Happiness, pr. 3s. Whiston. Notion of an Edate. By John Greene, 29. EfTays on the Characteristicks of Lordi pr. 15. Buckland.

Shafisbury. By J. Browne, M. A. pr. 58. 3. A Rhapsody of free Thoughts, ex- Davis. hibiting in a 'new

Light various interesting Poetry and Entertainment. Subjects, pr. 1s. 6d. Dodney.

30. Swearing, a Satire. By J. Tappe. 4. Remarks on Dr. Shärp's two Differ- rell, pr. 6d. Withers. tations. By David Aboab, pr. is. Davis. 31. A solemn Dirge on the Death of the 5.

A critical Examination of the Affem- Prince of Wales, By Mr. Smart, pri 6d. Bly's Catechism, &c. By S. Parvisn, pre Newbery. 6d. Sheepy.

32. Of Benevolence : An Epistle to 6. A critical Differtation on the Book of

Eumenes, pr. 1S. Millar.
Job. By C. Peters, M. A. pr. 158. Birt. 33. A Monody on the Death of the

Prince of Wales. By W, Kenrick, pr, 6d.
7. À Treatise of the true Seat of the Stamper.
Glander's in Horses, Translated by H, 34. The Siege of Calais, pr. 38., Owen,
Bracken, M. D. pr. 20s. Olborne.

35. * The Complaint : Dr, Night
8. A short View of the Families of the Thoughts, pr. gs. Dodsley.
present English Nobility, &c. By Mr. Sal. 36. A Monody on the Death of the
mon, pr. 38. Owen.

Prince of Wales. pr, 18. Newbery. 9. A Diffuafive against 'receiving the 37. A Poem in blank Verse, on the Smal! Pox by Inoculation, pr. is. Ro- Death of the P. of Wales, pr. 6d. Brooke, binson.

38. Wisdom, pr. 6d. Owen, 10. The Out Lines of Thought, pr. 18. 39. Memoirs of a Man of Pleasure, pre Corhee.

68. Osborne. II. The right Method of maintaining 40. An Elegy on the Prince of Wales, Security in Perlon and Property, pr. 16. By: W. Dodd, B. A. pr. 6d. Dod. 6d. Whifton.

41. Britain in Tears, pr, is Corbett. 12. Private Virtue and publick Spirit 42. A Pastoral Elegy on a late moura. displayed, pr. 68. Roberts.

ful Occasion, pr. 6d. Griffiths, 13. A plain Account of the Old and 43. Science, pr. 6d. Owen. New Stile, pr. 18. 68. Millar.

44. Melpomene in Tears, pr.6d. Ovven. 14. England's Gazetteer ; Or, An ac. 45. The Cabinet for Wit, pr, is. More, curate Description of all the Cities, Towns, 46. A true Picture of human Life. In and Villages of this Kingdom. In 3 Vols. 2 Vols. pr. 6s. Millar. pr. gs. Knapton, Browne, &c.

47. A Monody on the Prince of Wales.
15. The Letters of Pliny the Younger. By Richard Rolt, pr. is. Newbery.
By Charles Earl of Orrery. 2 Vols. 4to, 48. Education : A Poem in the Manner
pr. 1l. ks. Vaillant.

of Spenser. By Gilbert West, Esq; pra
16. The Earl of Macclesfield's Speech, 15. 6d. Dodsley.
pr. 6d. Davis.

49. A constícutional Riddle, pr. 6d,
17. The Archite&tural Remembrancer.

By Robert Morris, pr, 1os. 6d. Owen. 50. On the Death of the P. of Wales.

18. Remarks on the Laws relating to By W. Havard, pr. 1s. Cooper.
the Poor, pr. 15. 6d. Dcdney.

51. Marcellus ; a Monody. Inscribed 19. Observations on the Mineral Waters to her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales, at Iington, pr. 6d. Robinson,

By Mr, Delap, M. A. pr. 6d. Dodsley, 20. Remarks on Mr. Pope's Epiltle of 52. The Bramin ; an Eclogue ; to Edo Tafte, pr. 1s. Griffiths.

mund Nugent, Esq; By the Rev. Mr. 21. An Account 'of the Life of Henry Dunkin, pr. 6d. Baldwin, jun. (See p. 180.) Prince of Wales. By Sir Charles Corn.

SERMONS. wallis, pr. 15. Freeman.

53. Forty Sermons. By the late W. 22. The Proceedings at the Aflizes at Berrimar, D. D. pr. 1os. Clarke. Kingston, pr. 6d. Hart.

54. A Sermon on the Death of the Prince 25. A true Account of the surprizing of Wales. By Andrew Henderson, pr. 6d. Centaur, pr. 60. Cooper.

55. A Sermon at the primary Vilitation
24. An Essay towards retrieving loft of the Lord Bishop of Sarum. By A. Lange
Liberty, pr. 6d. Author,

moine, pr. 6d. Nourse.
25. A Differtation on Mr. Hogarth's fix 56. The Vanity of human Confidence
Prints, pr. 16. Dickinson,

confidered. By W. May, pr. zd. Noons
26. An historical Account of Hugh Pe. 47. Twenty ax Sermons on various Sube
ters, pr. 18, Noon.

jects. By J. Allen, pr. 6s. Hardingo

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Or GENTLEMAN's Montbly Intelligencer.

For MAY,

To be Continued. (Price Six-Pence each Month.)
Containing, (Greater Variery, and more in Quantity, iban any Monthly Book of obe fum.Price.)
I. A Letter from L. Garcin, M. D. ro M. de XVI. Admirabie Structure of the human

Reaumur, upon the general Usefulnefs of Body.

XVII. Mr. Trenchard's Thoughts on Go-
II. Account of Dr. Mead's physical Admoni. vernment.
tions and Precepts.

XVIII. Liberty destroyed by Corruption. III. Character of Prince Frederick, late Prince XIX, Account of a First-rate Man of War. of Wales, when at Hanover.

XX. Alterations in the List of Parliament. IV. Questions and Answers, which concern XXI. An Old Maid's Apology, the Foundling Hospital.

XXII. POETRY : Occalional Verses on the
V. The JOURNAL of a Learned and Royal Family ; Valesus, an Eclogue ; 10

Political CLUB, &c. continued : Contain. the Princess Dowager of Wales; in Wolite
ing the SPEECHES of M. Agrippa; Junius Principem nuper defun&um ; on a young
Brutus, and L. Icilius, on the British Gentleman, who died in a Voyage at the
White Herring Fishery Bill.

West Indies ; the Wish, by a Gentleman
VI. A Description of Nottinghamshire.

in the East Indies ; to the Memory of VII. Rules for the Preservation of Health. Laurence Coiter, first Inventor of Printing; VIII. Of the green Mould on Fire wood.

a new Song, set to Mufick, &c.
IX. Minuteness of the Seeds of some Plants. XXIII. The MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER :
X. Letter to a' Friend, with the Duke de Acts pass’d; Sessions at the Old- Bailey ;
Sully's Memoirs.

miserable Scale of Slavery in Morocco, XI. A remarkable Aurora Australis.

&c. &c. &c.
XII. Wonderful Mechanism of Nature, XXIV, Promotions ; Marriages and Births ;
XIII. Observations on the Dragon Fly.

Deaths ; Bankrupts.
XIV. Extract from the Scribleriad.

XXV. Prices of Stocks for each Day.
XV. Proceedings at the Election of a Cham. XXVI. Monthly Bill of Mortality,

berlain, with Mr. Harrison's and Mr. XXVII. FOREIGN AFFAIRS.
Glover's Speeches to the Livery.

XXVIII. Account of the Calendar Bill.
With a new and correct Map of NOTTINGHAMSHIRE, and the Effigies of his
late Royal Highness the Prince of WALES, curiously engraved on Coprer.

LONDON: Printe for BALDWIN, jun. at the Rofe in Pater-Nofier-Row.
Of whom may be had, compleat Sets from the Beginning to this Time, nearly Bound, or Stitch'd,

or any single Month to compleat Sets.

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