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miles south of A, and C 60 miles west of A: What is the distance between B and C?

Ans. 100 miles. 68. There are three fields, whereof the first contains 100 acres, 3 roods and 36 poles; the second contains 118 acres, 2 roods and 24 poles ; and the third contains 122 acres, 2 roods and 20 poles : Required the side of a square field that shall be equal to all the three in area? Ans. 234 poles ne arly.

69. How many strokes do the clocks of Venice, (which go on to be 24 o'clock) strike in the compass of a natural day?

Answer, 300. 70. A fir-plant, weight four ounces averdupois, increas. ed to triple weight each year : How much will it weigh at the beginning of the seventh year ?

Answer, 182 lb. 4 oz. 71. Suppose one cent had been put out at 6 per cent. per annum, compound interest, at the birth of Christ : What would it have amounted to in 1808 years. Ans. S57089907708238395242331438777979805455309864705

72. A stable, 19 feet 6 inches long, and 12 feet 6 inches broad, is to be floored with hard bricks, each 6 inches long, and 3 inches wide: how many bricks will it require ?

Ans. 1950. 73. One ev’ning I chanc'd with a Tinker to sit,

Whose tongue ran a great deal too fast for his wit;
He talk'd of his art with abundance of mettle ;
So I ask'd him to make me a flat-bottom'd kettle :
Let ihe top and the bottom diameters be,
In just such proportion as five is to three :
Twelve inches the depth I proposed, and no more ;
Ardto hold in ale gallons seven less than a score.
He promis'd to do it, and straight to work went ;
Buitendien he had done it he found it too scant.
He alter'd it then, but too big he had made :
For though it held right, the diameters fail'd it;
Thus making it often too big and too little,
The Tinker at last had quite spoilt his kettie :
But he swears he will bring his said promise to pass,
Or else that he'll spoil every ounce of his brass.
Now, to keep him from ruin, I pray find him out

The diameter's length, for he’lt ne'er do it I doubt.
Ans. The bottom diameter is 14,94017, and the top diame,
ete! 24.40028.

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A P P E N D I X.

Useful forms in transacting business.

RECEIPT AT THE BOTTOM OF A BILL. ECEIVED at the same time the contents infull of the above bill.

T. W.



well, the sum of fifty-six dollars and twenty-five cents, infull for a quarters rent due this day.

P. V. S. $56.25.


, , sum of seventy dollars, infull for one years interest of $1000, due me this day.

D. B. $70.

PROMISSORY NOTE ON DEMAND. $900. I Promise to pay C. W. Esq. or order, the sum of nine

hundred dollars, on demand, for value received. Albany, Sept. 28th 1808.

J. K.


Albany, October 13, 1808. SIT IXTY days after date, I promise to pay Mr. P.Q. or or.

der at the New-York State Bank, seven hundred and twenty-two dollars and thirty-five cents, for value received.

M. V.


Abbany, September 29, 1808. WENTY days after date, or sight, pay Messrs R. J. &

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ue received, and place it to account as per advice from. Messrs J. & T. H. P. ?

W. C. Merchants, Boston. $


FOREIGN BILL OF EXCHANGE. For 3456. 12s. sterling.

Albany, October 13, 1808. IXTY days after sight, pay this my first of excbange (sec

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Messrs D. W. & Co. or order, three hundred and forty-five pounds twelve shillings sterling for value received, and place tietoame to account as advised by.


Your most Humble servant.
Messrs Douglas & Shaw,




Knowalil men, by these presents, that I Gracia

of - the

and firmly bound to E B

of in' the "penal sum of three hun. dred dollars to be paid to the said E- B

his certain attorney, executors, or administrators ; for the payment. whereof, I bind myself, my heirs, executors and adminis. trators, firmly by these presents, signed with my hand, and sealed with my seal. Dated at


day of Anno Domini The pondition of this obligation is such, that if the obove bounden G-C- his heirs, &c. &c. (observe to in. sert the condition in this place) then this obligation to be void, otherwise to remain in full force and virtue. Signed, sealed and delivered,


in presence of



A BILL OF SALE, KNOW all men aby these presents that I, ETF for and in consideration

to me in hand paid by G H

of the receipt whereof by acknowledge, have bargained, sold and delivered,

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for my

and, by these presents, do bargain, selland River, unto
the said G-

H (Here specifice
Have and to hold the aforesaid barga d premises,
the said G-H- his executors, Iministrators an
assigns, forever. And I, the said E-
self, my executors and administrators, shalt und will warrant
and defend the same against all persuns, unto the said G-
H- -, his executors, administratous, and a signs, by these
presents. In witness whereof, I have tiereun my hand
and seal, this

1808. In presence of


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day of

KNOW all men by these

presents that de metion of E


for and in consideration the sum
of -received to my full satisfaction of G- -H
day of

in the year of our Lord, 1808, have demised and to farm let, and do, by these presents, demise and to farm let, unto the said G. H his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, one certain piece of land, lying and being situated in said bound. ed, &c. (Here describe the boundaries) with a dwelling-house thereon standing, for the term of one year from this date. TO Have and to HOLD to him the said G- H-his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns for said term, for him the said G

H- to use and occupy, as to
him shalf seem meet and proper. And the said E- F
doth further covenant with the said G- that he hath good
right to let and demise, the said letten and demised premises
in manner aforesaid, and that he the said E-during said
time will suffer the said G- -- quietly to have and to
HOLD, use, occupy and enjoy said demised premises, and
that said G. - shall have, hold, use, occupy, possess,
and enjoy the same, free and clear of all incumbrances, claims,
rights and titles whatsoever. In witness whereof, I the said

F have hereunto set my hand and seal the
day of

Signed, sealed and delivered,

in presence of


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day of

for, recover and receive, of and from all person and persons

whatsoever, all sum and sums of money, debts, dues, claims rand demands whatever, now due, owing or accruing to me, and to give good and sufficient discharges for the same, and to adjust, settle or compound all debts or demands due to me, and to accept such security or satisfaction for the same as he shall think fit. And I do hereby give and grant to my said attorney, my full and whole power in and concerning the premises, and ratify and confirm whatever he shall lawfully act or do therein. In witness whereof, I have hereunto sel my hand and seal, the

A. D. 1808. Signed, sealed and delivered, in presence of



of &c. do make and ordain this my last will and testament, in manner and form following, viz. I give and bequeath to my dear sis“ er S- 0- - the sum of forty dollars, to buy het mourning: I give and bequeath to my son L

the sum of six hundred dollars. I give and bequeath to my daughter M

0. the sum of five hun. *dred dollars : and to my daughter L O the like sum of five hundred dollars. All the rest and residue of my es. tate, goods and chattels, I give and bequeath to my dear beloved wife H- 0 whom I nominate, copatute and appoint sole executrix of this my last will and hestament, hereby revoking all other and former wills by me heretofore anade. In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal, the day of go in the year of our Lord

Signed, sealed, published and declared, by the said testator, K

as and for his last will and testament, in the pres. ence of us who have subscribed our names as witnesses thereto, in the presence of the said testator.

A- S.

K P Note.-The testator after taking off the seal must in pres other of the witnesses pronounce these words ; I publish and

be my last will and testament.
in presence oy


devised, three witnesses are absolute. L

W in it in the presence of the testator.


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of for and in consideration of

to m in hand paid by G

of the receipt whereof I hereby acknowledge, have bargained, sold and delivered,


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