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A curious Nativity. VALATINE

Naibod, that for he that understands this art, studies learned Astrologer, was he who wrote it as a branch of natural philosophy, the Treatise called. Naibod to Alca- whose principles must agree one with bitius ;

and indeed it is learnedly another. There might be much faid done. But for his nativity, it is worth on this scheme; it is a very violent

poany man's notice who is inclined sition as ever was seen: both the to this study, because of the circum lights afflicted by both the malefics, ftances and strangeness of his death, and all angular. Erunt autem which was thus :---He living at Padua, violentes quando ambo malfici spent his time in ftudy, and having dominantur loco interfectoris, &c. Or eonsidered his own nativity, found when either Sol or Luna be afflict. some directions approaching, that gave

ed. Hence a violent death is to him ground to fear he should be killed be expected, but the manner of it you or wounded with a sword; to prevent have after in these words. – Mars auwhich, and to shun the fate he appre- tem cum Solem infauftum aut Lunam hended, he took in all sorts of provi- quadrato adspectu aut opposito adspicit fion from abroad to serve him for some in signis humanis significat neces in sea months to come ; fhut and barred all ditionibus civilibus, aut interficionem, his gates, doors, and windows, and re ab hoftibus. Cum vero Mercurius solved to continue there to avoid the M artem adspicet natus interficietur mischief. In the mean time, it hap- a piratis aut latronibus aut Grassatopened that some thieves went by, and ribus. That when ở beholds ī, seeing the house made so secure, did here, the native shall be murdered by suppole (no doubt) that there was fome pirates, thieves, or highwaymen. great wealth within, and in the night You need not puzzle yourselves to time broke into it (in hopes of the know how & beholds 5, for besides spoil) to see what they could find; and his application to his 8, he is in an when they had ransacked and taken exact mundane parallel applying, and what they pleased, did at last meet we believe he was killed at the age of with the master, whom they villainously forty-fix, or thereabouts. murdered. The time of his birth was have a mind to read the history of this taken out of his Comment on Ptolemy, man and his inurder, read the fifty(a work we have got, that was never third aphorism in the third tome of printed) and was Feb, 13, hor. 19° 1' Eichstadius's Ephemeris, and also the P. M. 1523, sub Polo 52o. But there eighth chapter of the seventh book of is another time given by Heminga, at Campanellà, and fo we leave it to 18 hrs. 32 min. the same day, p. 180, be considered by the learned, with but none of them tell us how old the following directions worked in he was at his death; therefore we must fu!). have such a position that is violent, and the O giver of life, though we confess Sol ad oh in the Zodiac. the Moon by her latitude is very near

Saturn's falls in Of II the o, and it can be no great error,

0. A. of Ol I is 30 50 take which you will, for Hileg. But we shall make use of the O as we think in this case. The ) is

390 50 not 4 degrees distant from the o, and

Sol's O. A. 349 6 they that please may use it, but that will not do with the reit of the rulesz


4! 44

If you

Add 360

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most proper


New PrediElion for February.



34 26

394 26


Sol ad o proprium is the Zodiac.

83 0. A. of 4. 44 Ii is

37 30 1 S. N. A, .. Add 360

.45 51

then say,

As S. D. A, O 778 30 is to 2
Sol's O. A.

6 15, the Sun's distance from the ascend-

ant, so is the S. N. A. 75, to ze Arch

45 11, the secondary dištance, which adSol ad sesquiquadratc ở in mundo. ded to 45% 51, gives 48$ 2, for the 0. A. 3 8 : 359


arch of direction. O. A. afcendant 351 24

Sol ad c in the Zodiac,
t's distance 7th,

O. A, 11938 I 39 44
O. A ascendant 351 24
Sol's O. A. 349

399 44
Sol's distance asc. 15

O's O. A. subtract 349
R. A. Ổ cum lat. 164 45
R. A. I. C. 81 24


8 27



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THIS new moon, as well as the and ) to proceeds with swift laft, confirms, in a remarkable manner, fury. The seeds have been springing the prognostics of the winter quarter. fince early in August last. The litIt shews that events undertaken are ad- tle iufluenza already visible, is only a vanced a step, after a short apparent very near fore-runner. The ascen. stop, and going on to completion very fion of 169 f the last moon, was deshortly. Persons by attending minute- cisive for bringing into action this ly to the incidents or conduct of their plague:- Medicine will aid its effect. lives, will best verify these predictions. There is nothing but submission and It is in minute lines the accuracy of flight for safety, Its sudden begin. Astrology is to be traced. This is an ing will surprize even those who exexcellent period for curious researches. pect it-they will put their foot on it The number of configurations with before they are aware. Persons and Leo ascending within these few years, places under the fiery signs' , and is astonishing. The winter ingress, w and II, and , must succumb to the present Moon, commence with a fate. In England, religious persons, and the Georgian ascending on the houses, and things, suffer from the cusp.-- Next spring he is on the cusp fame caule and concomitantly. of the tenth.

Yet there is a better fate in a corner A malignant disease from the A of for fome,





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the virtues in nature, and hidden se. APHOR, XII.

crets of the creature, and to produce IN the acts of the apostles, the spirit their power into action, out of darkfaith unto Peter after the vision, Go nels into light. Thy scope threefore down, and doubt not but I have sent ought to be, that thou have the naines them, when he was sent for by of the spirits, that is, their powers and Cornelius the çenturion. "After this offices, and how they are subjected and manner, in vocal words,are alldisciplines appointed by God to miniiter unto delivered, by the holy angels of God, as

thee : even as Raphael was sent to it appeareth out of the monuments of the Tobias, that he mould heal his faEgyptians. And these things afterwards ther, and deliver his son from danwere vitiated and corrupted with human gers, and bring him to a wife. So cpinjons; and by the instigation of evil Michael, the fortiudie of God governfpirits, who sow tares amongst the chil. eth the people of God; Gabriel the dren of disobedience, as it is manifeft out messenger of God, was sent to Daniel, of St. Paul, and Hermes Trismegistus. Mary, and Zachary the father of John There is no other manner of restoring Baptift. And he shall be given to thee these arts, than by the doctrine of the that desireth him, who will teach thee holy spişits of God; because true faith whatsoever thy soul shall desire, in the cometh by hearing. But because thou nature of things. His miniftry thou mayelt be certain of the truth, and


shalt use with trembling, and fear of elt not doubt whether the spirits that thy creator, redeemer, and fanctifier, speak with thee, do declare things true

that is to say, the Father, Son, and or false, let it only depend upon thy Holy Ghoit: and co not thou let slip faith in God; that thou mayest say any occasion of learning, and be vigie with Paul, “ I know on whom í lant thy calling, and thou shalt want, trust.' If no sparrow can fall to the nothing that is neceflary for thee, ground without the will of the father which is in heaven, how much more will not God suffer thee to be deceived, Thy foul liveth for everythrough Him Othou of little faith, if thou dependest that hath created thee : call therefore wholly upon God, and adherest only upon the Lord thy God, and him only to him?

shalt thou serve. This thou shalt do, APHOR.

if thou wilt perform that end for which The Lord liveth; and all things thou art ordained of God, and what which live, do live in him. And he thou oweft to God and to thy neigh, is“truly GOD, who hath given unto bour. God requireth of thee a mind, all things, that they are what they that thou Mouldest honour his Son, are, and by his word alone, through and keep the words of the Son in thy his Son, hath produced all things out

heart: if thou honour him, thou hast of nothing, which are in being. He done the will of thy father which is in calleth all the itars, and all the host of Heąven. To thy neighbour thou owest heaven by their names. He therefore offices of humanity, and that thou kuowith the crae Itrength and nature of draw all men that come to thee to hothings, the order and policy of every nour the Son. This is the law and creature visible and invisible, to whom the prophets. In temporal things, God hath revealed the names of his thou oughtest to call upon God as a

It remaineth alio, that he father, that he would give unto thee recciie put from God, to extract all neccffaries of this life : and thou






Ajirological Observations on the Fires of 1791. 175 oughtest to help thy neighbour with attain to no knowledge in them, unless the gifts which God be toweth upon thou teich it me: Grant me, therethee, whether they be spiritual or cor- fore, one of thy spirits, who may

teach poral.

me those things which thou wouldest Therefore thou shalt thus: have me to know and learn, to thy O Lord of Heaven and earth, praise and glory, and the profit of our Creator and Maker of all things visible neighbour. Give me also an apt and and invisible; S, though unworthy, by teachable heart, that I may easily unshy allistance call upon thee, through derstand those things which thou shalt thy only begotten Son Jesus Christ our teach me, and may hide them in my Lord, that thou wilt give unto me thy understanding, that I may bring them holy Spirit, to direct me in thy truth forth as out of thy inexhaustible treaunto all good. Amen.

sures, to all necessary uses. And give “ Because I earnestly desire perfectly me grace, that I may use such thy to know the Arts of this life, and such gifts humbly, with fear and trembling, things as are necessary for us, which through our Lord Jesus Chrift, with are so overwhelmed in darkness, and thy holy Spirit. Amen. polluted with infinite human opi

(To be continued.) nions, that I of my own power can




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THE following is an imperfect lift or nearly, in his exaltation, diffofing of the many capital fires, which have also at the above lunations of %, 48 happened in England, during the tran- domiciliar dispositrix and his cofignis fit of ḥ and go through or England's ficator of France, shews these mischiefs Ascendant, and the oppositions of 24 to be aggravated by the vicious oppohe has there received." It is notorious, fition of the late ruling powers of Eng. that there have been also formidable land to the mild, just, and generous and tempests and inundations, not only in omnipoteno regeneration of France England, but in countries and places while the Affinitor ḥ, Austria’s signisubject to the fame ascendant or others ficator in his fall, shews by his inti. Atrongly aspected by it. But I here macy with England as well with the peofhall speak to England priinarily. plo as with the governors, that the cp

All' mischiefs arising from pare pofition avowed by that contemptible capital, becanse that sign represents wretch Leopold II. has bad but the Head; and in addition to this it will too much and too fatal weight in Engbe found, that in the new Moon of land. Saturn signifies at once EngJanuary twelvemonth, there were five land's governor, peers, and private enePlanets conjoined in we (England's M. mies. C. or house of honour and grandeur) Mars having exaltation in ing has among which were and I in great fignification in both the soch and mutual reception with h, besides Ilth houses of England: and whoever being in the lign and almost the minute will look to the aspect, which he of his exaltation. In the lunation of cast to ħ and 24 during their oppoFebruary, vg ascended.

sition at the clole of 1790, and partiThe 8 of 24, who is the benevo- cularly to the night so dreadful in Delent fignificator of France, but render-cember, when in o to h and 26 ed malevolent by the diametrical aspects and ó of $ , and the ) in 8 to a of h, who held him through the year froin Cardinal signs, and their own er.


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