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21. What is the length of a road, which, being 33 feet broad, contains an English acre ?

Ans. 1320 feet. 22. If a cow yield 20 quarts of milk in a day for 240 days, and 25 quarts make 1 lb. butter, how many lbs. butter will be obtained in the season, and what does the value come to at 7d. per Ib ?

Ans. 192 lb. value 61. 23. I gave 63 gallons brandy at 76. 4d. in barter for 56 gallons rum. What does the rum stand me per gallon ?

Ans. 8s. 3d. 24. A grocer buys sugar at 31. 156. per cwt. At what rate per cwt. must he sell it, in order to gain 5 per cent. and at what rate per lb. in order to gain 10 per cent ?

Ans. 31. 188. 9d. and 8d. 31. qrs. 25. Sixteen gallons rum at 7s. 64. are mixed with 4 gallons water : what is the value of the mixture ? Ans.

26. Eighteen gallons rum at 8s. are mixed with 14 gallons at és : what is the value of the mixture ? Ans. 73. 11d.

27. The river Po is 1000 feet broad, and 10 feet deep, and it runs at the rate of 4 miles in an hour. In what time will it discharge ubic mile of water (reckoning 5000 feet to the mile) into the sea?

Ans. 26 days 1 hour. 28. If the country which supplies the river Po with water be 380 miles long, and 120 broad, and the whole land upon the surface of the earth be 62,700,000 square miles, and if the quantity of water discharged by the rivers into the sea be every where proportional to the extent of land by which the rivers are supplied ; how many times greater than the Po will the whole amount of the rivers be ? Ans. 1375 times.

29. Upon the same supposition, what quantity of water altogether will be discharged by all the rivers into the sea in a year ?

Ans. 19272 cubrcal miles. 30. If the proportion of sea on the surface of the earth to that of land be as 10% to 5, and the mean depth of the sea be a quarter of a mile ; how many years would it take, if the ocean were empty, to fill it by the rivers running at the present rate ?

Ans. 1708 years. 31. If 14 men in days build 16 rod of wall, How many men must added be, to do't in 2 that's all.

Ans. 91. 32. A Father, ignorant in numbers, ordered 5001. to be divided amongst his 5 sons, thus, give A. says he, j, B. , C. }, D. à, and E. } ; part this equitably among them, according to the father's intention ?

1. s. d. f. rom. 152 10 1 1 105 A's

114 7 6 3 423 B's Ans. 91.10 3 62 7's Share

76 5 0 2 282

65 721 45 > * 13 durs


33. If 12 oxen will eat acres of grass in four weeks, and 21 oxen will eat 10 actus in 9 weeks, how many oxen will eat 24 acres in 18 weeks, the grass being allowed to grow uniformly?

Ans. 36. 34. There is annually consumed in London 98000 black cattle, 600,000 sheep, 180,000 hogs, 16,000,000 lb. butter, and 20,000,000 ib. cheese, and 5,000,000 gallons milk. Required what extent of ground is required to supply it in these articles, supposing 2 acres for rearing, and the produce of of half an acre for fattening each of the cattle ; an acre for rearing and fattening 4 sheep ; a quarter of grain for fattening each of the hogs, the ground producing at an average, 3quarters ; three-fourths of an acre for each milch.cow; and that each yields 5 lb. butter, 7 lb. cheese, or 18 gallons milk for 25 weeks?

Ans. 636475 acres. 35. The Chinese wall is 1200 miles long, 18 feet broad, taking one place with another, and of the same height. How many men would it require to build it in 5 years, supposing each to build 2 fathoms in a week ?

Ans. 18635. 36. What difference is there between the interest of 5001. at 5 per cent for 12 years, and the discount of the same sum, at the same rate and for the same time?

Ans. 1121. 108. advantage to the interest. 37. A May-pole 50 feet 11 inches long, at a certain time of the day, will cast a shadow 98 feet 6 inches long': I would hereby find the breadth of a river, that running 20 feet 6 inches from the foot of a steeple, 300 feet 8 inches high, the extremity of the shadow of the steeple reaches 30 feet 9 inches beyond the stream ? Ans. 530 ft. 5 in. nearly:

38. If 12 Boarders drink in 7 days half a barrel of beer, how long would the same last if 2 Boarders more came a

Ans. 6 days. 39. A. B. and C. make a joint stock : A. puts in 781. B. 1171. and C. 2341. they gain 2651: What is each man's share !

1. 3. d. f.

A. 48 3 7 2 234
Ans. gain of 3 B. 72 5 5 1 351

C. 144 10 10 3 273 40. A. B. and C. make a joint stock: A. puts in 4601. B. $101. and C. 4801.; they gain 3401. What is each partner's share ?

1. d. f.

A. 107 17 2 3 85
Ans. gain of
B. 219 11 8 2

110 c. 112 11 0 1 95 41. A person was 17 years of age 29 years since, and sup.. pose he will be drowned 23 years hence : Pray in what year of his aEach ta this happen? Ans. In hiri 69th year.

mong them ?


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42. A certain Island contains 52 counties, every county 42 parishes, every parish 246 houses, and every house. 10 persons: I demand the number of parishes, houses, and persons in the island ?

Ans. 2184 par. 537264 houses, and 5372640 persons. 43. What number taken from the square of 54, will leave 19 times 46 ?

Ans. 2042. 44. The remainder of a division sum is 649, thc quotient 113, the divisor is the sum of both and 24 more : What is the dividend ?

Ans. 89467. 45. The famous Tun of Heidelburgh, that being hereto. fore annually replenished with rhenish, had in it some wine that was many ages old, before the French demolished it in the late war ; it was 31 feet in length, and 21 in diameter, and pretty nearly cylindrical : Pray how many tuns of wine did it contain ?

Ans. 318 tuns, 183.8 gallons. 46. Our Satellite, the Moon, is a globe in diameter 2170 miles : I require to know how many quarters of wheat she would contain, if hollow, 2150 solid inches being the bush. el; and how much yard-wide stuff would make her a waistcoat, was she to be cloathed?

57910611528102128540.06 quarters of wheat.

45824284391424 square yards of stuff. 47. A gentleman hath an annuity of 8961. 179. Od. per anmum : I desire to know how much he may spend daily, that at the year's end he may lay up 200 guineas, and give to the poor quarterly 10 moidores? Ans. 11. 14s. 8d. 176 rem.

48. Three Merchants are in company, their stock is 4001. the money of A. continued in 5 months, that of B, 6 months, and C's 9 months, and they gain 3751. which they divide equally. I demand the stock each of them put in ?

Ans. A. 167131. B. 139931. and C. 93.1.žl. 49. If 7 Persons drink 56 gallons of Beer in 12 days, how many gallons will be drank out at that rate in 8 days by 14 persons ?

Ans. 48 gallons. 50. If Å and of the hull of a ship be immersed in the sea, and only 4 feet of it above the surface of the water: What is the depth of the vessel ?

ans. 48. ft. 51. A. put into company 5601. for 8 months, B. 2791. for 10 months, and C. 7351. for 6 months : they gained 10001. What share of the gain must each have ?

1 s. d. f.
SA. 383 11 23 203
Ans. B. 238 17 4 3 80
(C. 377 11 4 1 880



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Ans. 274

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52. A. owes B. 20001. of which 6901. are to be paid in 15 months, 3501. in 18 months, 7101. in 21 months, and the remainder in 24 months : I demand how much ready money he must pay, rebating 8 per cent per annum ?

Ans. 17781. 1s. 11,5031, 53. The triple, the half, and the fourth of a certain num. ber, are equal to 104 : What is the number?

54. A banker at his death, being desirous to reward 10 of clerks, gave orders in his will, that 5500 guineas should be divided among them, in such a manner, that the first 5 should have each an equal share of the whole legacy ; that the next 3 should have shared among them one-half of what was bequeathed to the first 5; and that the two last should have divided between them one-third of that sum : What was the share of each?

SEach of the first five to have - 600

. Each of two last to have - • 500 55. A. B. and C. make a joint stock of 32561. whereof A. puts in 10261. B. 9851. and C. the rest ; by misfortune they Jose 20001. What part of that must each bear?

I. d.
FA. 630 4 5

Ans. B. 605 0 87 1240

C. 864 14 10 1088
56. Four partners, A. B. C. and D. built a ship which
Host 17301. and the freight for ber first voyage amounted to
3701. of which A's share was 741. B's 1111. C's 1481. and D's
371. What was each partner's stock ?

A's stock was 346


692 (D's

173 57. A. B. C. and D. in partnership, had a joint stock of 6001. and gained a certain sum ; of which A. B. C. took up 601.; B. C. and D. 901. ; A. C. and D. 801.; A. B. and D. 701. What was the stock and gain of each partner,

stock. gain.

A's 60 10

B's 120 20

C's, 180 . 30

D's 240 40 58. A Grocer mixeth 36 pounds of tobacco, worth 1s. 6d. a pound, with 12 pounds of another sort at 28. a pound, and 1

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pounds of a third sort at 1s. 10d. the pound. How may he sell the mixture per pound?

Ans. 18. 8d. 59. A Grocer would mix three sorts of tobacco together, viz. one sort of 18d. per lb. another sort of 22d. per lb. and a third sort of 2s. per lb. How much of each sort must he take that the whole mixture may be sold for 20d. the pound?

Ans. 6 lb. at 18d. 2 lb. at 22d. 2 lb. at 2s. 60. A Vintner bought a pipe of wine at 78. 6d. per gallon, with which he mixed a certain quantity of water, and sold the mixture at 10s. per gallon, his gain upon the whole was 1912 12s. 6d. How many gallons of water did he put in ?

Ans. 7 gallons 3 quarts water. 61. A boy skaited against the wind 8 miles in an hour and 20 minutes, returning with an uniform stroke, having the advantage of an equal wind, he skaited back the same distance in 32 minutes : Required the force of the wind.

Ans. 396 feet, per minute. 62. If a Bath Stone 20 inches long, 15 broad, and 8 inches thick, weighs 220 lbs. how many cubic feet thereof will freight a ship of 290 tons burthen ? Ans. 4104 feet.

63. A general increases his army one fourth by recruiting, then loses to by death, and I of the remainder in battle ; after which there are 1170 men remaining: How many were there at first?

Ans. 1248. 64. A captain being asked how many soldiers he had in his company, replied, one half of them are in camp, one third in the trenches, one eight in the hospital, and four in prison : Of how many men did his company consist ? Ans. 96.

65. A person who had a lease of a house for 99 years, being asked when it would expire,.replied, that two-thirds of the time he had possessed it were exactly equal to four-fifths of the time unexpired : How many years of the lease were still remaining?

Ans. 54. 66. There are two troopers, 25 soldiers, and 18 seamen, who have got a booty of 8677. now, according to agreement, one trooper must have as much as two soldiers, and three soldiers as much as 5 seamen : I demand each man's share ?

Ans. A trooper 301. a soldier 15l. a seaman 91. 67. A mule and an ass were carrying burdens in company, amounting to some hundred weight. The ass complained of his, and said to the mulu, I need only one hundred weight of your load, to make mine twice as heavy as yours. The mule answered, yes, but if you gave me a hundred weight of yours, I should be loaded three times as much as you would be: How many hundred weight did each carry ?


$ 2.6 cwt. the Mule's load.

72.2 cwt. the Ass's load. 83. Three towns, A, B, C, are so situate, that B lies 80


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