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Letter CXXX. To R. Mayor, Esq.: Whitehall, 4 May, 1654 77

Dare not undertake the Purchase recommended.

"CXXXI. To Lord Fleetwood: Whitehall, 10 May,

1654 79

To dismiss Cpl. Alured.

"CXXXII. To Col. Alured : Whitehall, 16 May, 1654 80

Official Order to the Colonel.

"CXXXIII. To Sir T. Ryraer: Whitehall, 5 July,

1654 82

A City Preacher.

Speech II. Meeting of the First Protectorate Parliament, 4

Sept., 1654 88

Goodwin's Sermon, On the Deliverance out of Egypt,
and Pilgrimage towards Canaan through the Wilder-
ness. Our difficulties: Antichrist; Levellers, Fifth-Mo-
narchists, Jesuits. Our attainments: Some Reform of
Law; Reform of Church; Peace, with almost all Nations.
Finance; necessity of Concord.

Speech III. To the same Parliament, 12 Sept., 1654 . . 109

Cannot have the Foundations of Government submitted

to debate in this Assembly. A free Parliament they; but
he also, in virtue of whom they sit, must be an unques-
tioned Protector. His history since he entered on these
Public Struggles: Dismissal of the Long Parliament; Ab-
dication of the Little Parliament; Protectorship, on what
founded, by whom acknowledged. To proceed no farther,
till they acknowledge it.

Letter CXXXIV. To R. Bennet, Esq.: Whitehall, 12 Jan.,

1654-5 132

Virginia and Maryland.
"CXXXV. To Captain Crook: Whitehall, 20 Jan.,

1654-5 135

To watch Adjutant-Gen. Allen.

Speech IV. Dissolution of the First Protectorate Parliament,

22 Jan., 1654-5 . . . . . .138

Regrets that they have not communicated with him: he

was not unconcerned with them; has been struggling and

endeavoring for them, keeping Peace round them;—does
not know, on their part, whether they have been alive or
dead. Of trees that foster only things poisonous under
their shadow. Of disturbances, once well asleep, awaken-
ed into new perilous activity during these debates. Ne-
cessary that they be dissolved.




Chrokological ... .... 161

Letter CXXXVI. To Ger.. Blake: Whitehall, 13 June,

1655 171

The Dey of Tunis. Instructions.

"CXXXVII. To Lord Fleetwood: Whitehall, 22

June, 1655 176

By the Rev. Mr. Brewster. Henry Cromwell gone to
Ireland. Private feelings.

"CXXXVIII. To Gen, Blake: Whitehall, 30 July,

1655 . .173

Instructions not yet to divide the Fleet. Person for Lisbon.

Compliment 1V9

Letter CXXXIX. To Gen.Blake: Whitehall, 13 Sept., 1655 181

Plate Fleet.

"CXL. To Maryland Commissioners: Whitehall, 26

Sept., 1655 . 112

Virginia and Maryland.

Jamaica 187

Letter CXLI. To Gen. Goodson: Whitehall, Oct., 1655 . 192

Of Jamaica:—This and the two following.

"CXLII. To D. Serle, Esq.: Whitehall, Oct., 1655 194

"CXLIII. To Gen. Fortescue : Whitehall, Nov., 1655 195

- CXLIV. To Henry Cromwell: Whitehall, 21 Nov.,

1655 199

The Disaffected in Ireland.

"CXLV. To Generals Blake and Montague: White.

hall, 28 April, 1656 S04

By Capt. Lloyd. Suggestions : Cadiz, Puntal, Gibraltar.

« CXLVI. To the same: Whitehall, 6 May, 1656 . is«6

Claims on Portugal.


Speech VIII. To a Committee of the same Parliament, 3

April, 1657 27S

Answers with praise as to the Petition and Advice gene-
rally, but as to the Title of King, with distinct though not
emphatic No.

"IX. Conference with the Committee of Ninety-nine

in regard to the Title oTKing, 11 April, 1657 . 288

Difficulty as to how they shall proceed in this matter of

"X. Second Conference with the same, 13 April, 1657 293

Endeavors to rebut their arguments, used in the former

Conference, in favor of the Title. Not of necessity; at

best only of expediency or advantage. John Hampden and

the Ironsides. Leaves the matter undecided: Conference

to be renewed.

:i XI. Third Conference with the Committee of Nine-

ty-nine, 20 April, 1657 307

Replies to their argument drawn from Law; contends

that whatever Title they, the Parliament, establish, be it

that of Protector, or another, will be Law. For the rest,

the matter not an essential; unimportant in comparison with

others in this New Instrument of Government,—to which

others, let us rather address ourselves. Conference to be

renewed on the morrow.

"XII. Fourth Conference with the same, 21 April,

1657. . ." 311.

Animadverts on various Articles of the Petition and Ad-
vice, or New Instrument, which seem to require reconsi-
deration ; leaves that of the Kingship unmeddled with.

"XIII. To the Second Protectorate Parliament in a

body, 8 May, 1657 . . • . . .343

Briefly refuses the Title of King.

« XIV. To the same, 9 June, 1657, on the Presenta-

tion of some Bills for assent .... 347

- Thanks for their Supplies of Money, as the custom is.

Letter CLII. To Gen. Blake: Whitehall, 10 June, 1657". 349

Jewel for the victory at Santa Cruz.

« CLIII. To Gen. Montague: Whitehall, 11 Aug.,

1657 352

Order to sail.

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Letter CLIV. ToJ.Dunch, Esq.: Hampton Court, 27 Aug.,

1657 352

To call at Hampton Court.
"CLV. To Gen. Montague: Hampton Court, 30 Aug.,

1657 353

In sanction of his treatment of the Dutch Ships.
"CLVI. To Sir W. Lockhart: Whitehall, 31 Aug.,

1657 356

Mardike and Dunkirk. Peremptory : To bring Mazarin
to the point.

"CLVII. To the same: same date .... 357

Same subject.

S?eech XV. To the Two Houses of Parliament; Opening

of the Second Session of the Second Protectorate

Parliament, 20 Jan., 1657-8 .... 365

Reasons for thankfulness in such a Meeting: Religious
Liberty, the great object of our struggles, gained, and in
the way of being made secure: Peace hitherto; a Godly
Ministry. Understand the works of God, what God has
done for you ;—and persevere and prosper.
"XVI. To the same, the Commons having raised de-
bates as to the Title of the other House, 25 Jan.,

1657-8 373

Perils of the Nation; perils of the Protestant Interest in
Europe at large; pressing need there is of unanimity. Ex-
hortation and Remonstrance: Do not sacrifice great vital
interests for titles and niceties.

"XVH. Dissolution of the Second Protectorate Par-

liament, 4 Feb., 1657-8 390

What he might have expected in this Meeting of Par-

liament; what he has found in it; Angry debating; and

the Nation on the verge of conflagration thereby. Dis-

solves the Parliament.

Death Of The Protector' 400

Supplement . . . . . . . . .413

liiDEX . 589

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