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March 2.

ENGLISH SHIPS of WAR taker, o Yesterday being St. David's day, the burnt and deitroyed by themelves, or fame was ob'erved at Court, and the by the Enemy, fince the American Re. Knighi's Companions of the Garter, bellion. Bath, and Thiftle, appeared in the re

Guns. spective collirs of their viders.

Auguha 64 Burnt in America The Prince of Wales wore a leek, and Somerset 6 Lot in ditto received the compliments of the Nobility on


64 Taken by the French

Exveniment its being St. David 's day. The collection for the Welch Charity a


44 Token by Paul Jones

Repuile 32 Foundered at ica mounted 10 4171. 48. 21. March 4.


32 Fiora

327 Burnt by us at Rbode. Comparative LISTS of the Losses fula

Lark tained, and ADVANTAGES gained at

Orpheus Sea fince the Commencement of the


32 Taken by the French War.

Arethusa 32 Foundered off Utant * FRENCH. and † SPANISH SHIPS Montreal 32 Taken by the French of WAR taken, burnt, and destroyed by

Blown up in an En. Quebec

32 } the ENGLISH,

gazement Guns.



Loit in America + Phenix 80

Cerberus 28 Burnt by us † Princefl'a


28 Taken by the French 70 +Diligent

28 Duito 70 Taken by Ad. Rodney

Liverpool + Monarca


28 Loit in America 70 + Guipukoino 64


28 Foundered + San Julian


28 Taken by the French 70] Defroyed by ditto San Eugenio

Grampus* 26 ) Foundered at New70 5 Blown up in the en


265 foundland + San Domingo 70

Ariel gagement, and every

24 Taken by the French man perished

Countess of Scarbo. Taken by Paul Jones

Veftal Foundered going from +Pedrosa


Brest to Cadiz


20$ • Prothee 64 Taken by Digby


20 Taken by the French St. Jos. del Car.


Burnt at Jamaica Jos, a 64 gun

Taken by the Salisbury hip, mounting

948 only

• The Grampus was a worn out 70 • La Fortune

Taken by Ad. Rowley gun M'p, turned into a itore-ship.

7 commanding a detached *La Blanche La Ellis Squadron of Ad. Hyde

The above lifts, which will be found to Parker's feet * BonHom. Rich. 40 Sunk by the Serapis

be pretty accurate, contain only the Post * Lyon 40 Taken by the Maidstone Mips of 20 guns and upwards (in which

the American thips taken or destroyed are * La Prudente


noticed not); the number of which, as La Danae

34 Taken by Sir J. Wallace well as of the lefler ones belonging to La Valeur

France and Spain, it would be endless to * Le Recluíc 24 S Burnt by ditto

enumerate. It is sufficient to observe, that *Pallas *Licorne 3; } Taken by Keppel's fleet of the number abovenientioned we have

captured and added to our fleet, • Alcmene 30 Taken by Proserpine

Ships of the line of

52 guns and San Carlos 32 upwards

7 +San Raphael

Taken by Ad. Rodney Frigates of 20 guns and upwards 18 +Santa Teresa +Sao Bruno

-25 Santa Ammonica28 Taken by the Pearl

And the enemy have added to their + Santa Margarita 28 Taken by C. Johnstone

fleet *Oifrau 26 Taken by the Apollo

Ships of 50 guns and upwards Svitine 26 Taken by Sir E. Virnon Frigates of 20 guns and upwards 9 1374

The rest are destroyed; and it is worthy Note. Many of the above frigates were of remark, chat the greateít number of those built for thips of much greater force, and which have been loft to the English founseveral of them are capable of being con dered, or were deltroyed by themselves, to verted into go or 60 gun men of war. prevent their falling into the hands of the






} Takeo uby Ruby and




enemy; whilst, on the contrary, almost Admiralty-Office, March 11, 1780. the whole of the enemy's lors have been pre Extract of a Letter from Vice. Admiral served, and now add Arength to the Britida Sir Peter Parker, Commander in navy.

Chief of his Majesty's Ships at JaMarch 6.

maica, to Mr. Stephens, dated at COPIES of LETTERS between Lord Port: Royal, January 1780.

HILLSBOROUGH, and the Earl of THE 2 gth of November a considerable PEMBROKE.

body of Spaniards invested St. Fernando

de Omoa, and on the 28th, thc Garrison St. James's, Feb. 14, 1780. and the crew of the Porcupine were so reMy Lord,

duced by a pestilential disorder which raged I AM much concerned that it falls to amongst them, that it became necessary to my lot to obey the King's commands, by evacuate the fort, after having spiked the acquainting your Lordship that his Ma- guns, and embarked the ammunition and jesty has no farther occasion for your service fores. in the offices of Lord-lieutenant, and Cultos The 8th instant the Salisbury, comRotulorum of the county of Wilts; and manded by Capt. Inglis, brought in here your Lordship will, I hope, believe me, a Spanish private ship of war, of go guns, when I assure you I should be glad of a named the St. Carlos, commanded by Don more agreeable opportunity of expressing Juan Antonio Zavelletta, from Cadiz, the respect, with which I have the honour bound to Omoa, laden with brass cannon, to be,

Ihot, Musquets, and other military stores My Lord, your Lordship's

for the fort. Enclosed is his letter giving Moft obedient, humble servant. an account of the action.

HILLSBOROUGH. The 27th of November last, the PeneTo the Earl of Pembroke, &c. &c. lope sent in a Spanidh guarda coita, of 10

guns. and 75 men, named the Hemola Privy-Gardeo, Monday Night.

Mariana. My Lord, Feb. 14, 1780. Capt Luttrel has taken poffeßion of the I HAD the honour to receive your island of Ratran for his Majesty. Lordship's letter to-day, in which your Salisbury, off Port-Royal, January 8, 1780. Lord hip lignifies bis Majesty's commands

SIR, to you to let me know he had no farther ON the 12th of lalt month, at dayoccasion for my service in the offices of break, being then off Porto de Sall in the Lord lieutenant, and Cuftos Rotulorum of bay of Honduras, we saw two fail to the the county of Wilis. I am much obliged eastward, the one a large thip, the other a to you for the concern you are, so good as floop, to which we give chace, it being to express upon the occasion. Your Lord- then light breezes. After different maship will, I Aatter myself, excuse me, if, noeuvres, and the strange ship making conscious as I am of my never-failing duty, private signals through the day, at fix in attachment and affection to his Majesty, í The evening we got pretty near, when the am under the necessity of impuring this hoisted Spanish enlign and pendant. At mark of the King's displeasure to bis Mi- half past fix we fired some hot, which nifters, on account of a vote I gave as a were immediatly returned, and continued Free Man, upon a public question: closing, with a conftant file on board on I have the honour to be, my Lord, both Gides, till past eight o'clock, when Your Lord'hip's most obedient, her main-mart went over board, and the And most humble servant, surrendered. Her mizen-maft also went

PEMBROKE. during the night. To the Earl of Hillsborough, &c. &c. She proved to be the St. Carlos, of so March 11.

guns, 38 twelve.pounders, 36 of which At a Court held at Bridewell Hospital are brass, 12 lix-pounders, and 397 men ; yesterday, a complaint made against eight a private hip of war, commanded by Don of the boys, for assaulting and abofing Mr. Juan Antonio Zavelletta, from Cadiz, Richard Finch, of Kent.street, South- bound to Port Omoa, having on board 12 wark, and others in the ttreets, on Monday twenty - four-pounders brals cannon, a evening the 31it of January lait, was taken quantity of Moi and Mells, 5000 stand of into confideration, when the Governors arms, &c. , were pleased to dete mine, that four of the The loop made off in the night. offenders Mould be stripped, whipped, and The Salisbury suffered much in her fails turned out of the Hospital, which order and rigging, which we immediately set awas inmediately carried into execution. bout repairing; as also in putting the


prize into as good a ftate of failing and de- ftroyed, as are also the first and second fence as circumitances would admit of, foors, at the former of which it flopped, uider the command of Lieutenant Haynes, the rooms on the ground floor being moft first Lieutenant of the Salisbury.

of the luckily arched with brick. The Since that time we have been beating up rooms in front, which have been destroyed, for Jamı ca, which we have attained with were all of them allorted to the use of the some trouble ; and have the pleasure to in. principal Officers of his Grace's household; form you, that throughout this service has such as the Secretary, Mafter of Horse, been carried on with a proper and spirited &c. How it happened is not known, but exertion of both Officers and thip's com his Grace was in bed when the alarm was pany. I am, Sir, your most obedient given, and present during the whole time of humble servant,

its raging. Among the apartments conCHARLES INGLIS. sumed are those belonging to Dr. Percy, Sir Peter Parker, Knt. Vice

Dean of Carline; and, it is feared, the
Admiral of the Blue, &c.

greater part of that invaluable library,
Adiniralıy. Office, March 18, 1780. which he has been many years forming, is
Extract of a Letter from the Right Hon. consumed.
Lord Longford, Captain of bis Ma-

March 21.
jesty's Ship the Alexander, to Mr. The royal a slent was given by commif.
Siephens, dared Spitheat, March 16, fion to 44 public and private bills.

I he Honfes have adjourned till Tues.
ON the 12th inftant, being to the west day, the 4th of April.
ward of Scilly, we gave chace to a large Saturday evening a poor woman, almost
frigate in the S. E. quarter ; after eighteen naked, with a child in her arms in i be fame
huurs chace got wiihin half gun-hor of condition, was detected healing a Min of
her ; at day-light in the morning of the beef from Mr. Clarke, butcher in White-
13 h the hoitted French colours, and we chapel: on being discovered, the dropped
fired chace guns at each other for about on her knees, declaring neithas herselt or
two hours. When we bad got nearly a infant had eat that day : Mr. Clarke wert
long tide her, my fore-top.maft, without with her to her lodgings, where being well
being struck, or any part of the rigging convinced of her distress, he forgave a
cut, and without wind, went over the lide; breach which her poverty only appeared to
I found it quite rotten. The Courageux have o cañoned, and gave her not only the
continued the chace, and about noon, af- piece of meat, but another also, a loaf, and
ter firing a great number of hot, came up half a crown in money, and ordered her to
with and took her. She proved the Mon. call every Saturday for a similar allowance,
fseur privateer, of Granville, of torty gains, with a caution never to be guilty of the
twelve and fix pounders, and three hund:ed like practice.
and fixty-two men, commanded by Jean On Saturday next will be issued ont at
de Bochet. She had been eighe days from the Pay Office Whitehall, 30 days fublift-
L'Orient, and taken nothing. She is a ance for his Majesty's forces, from the 26th
very fine frigate, almost new, 134 feet on instant to the 24th of April following, both
the gun deck, and I hope will be found days inclusive.
fis for his Majesty's service.

The same day will be issued out at the
March 20.

faid Office 61 days stoppages from the 24th
Saturday morning, about five o'clook, a of February to the above period.
dreadtul fire broke out at the house of his
Grace the Duke of Northumberland, at Extract of a Letter from Portsmouth,
Charing-crofs. It began at the end of the

dated March 22. tecond llory, fronting the street, in a room "We have received an account here of where the servanıs kepe their liveries, and the lols of the Leviathan arıned thip (late other clothes ; two servants lay in th- next ihe Northumberland, of 74 guns) which pooin, and were roused by the fie, which funk on her return to England. She had broke in upon them, but they luckily made on board the greatest part of the treasure their escape, though with the loss of all and merchandise taken at Omoa, to the ashey had. From five o'clock in the morn. mount, as is said, of near 400,00ol. and ing, when it was first perceived, the file was one of the convoy to the homeward raged furiously till eight, when the fames bound West Indiamen. The people were were preity well got under, but by this all laved, and lome of the indigo taken rime had burnt from the East end to the Well, these being no party wall in the "We have also an account of the loss of whole iange of building. The roof is de the Lord Howe, one of the conroy, laden

March 24


March 25:

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with 600 hogsheads of sugar, which went Col. Fulleston said, ' As your Lordshipis on Shore on the back of the Ife of Wight, wounded, and has fired in the air, it is imlaft Monday, but the crew are saved, and possible for me to go on.' Lord Balcarras it is hoped great part of the cargo will be and Lord Frederick Cavendith immediatcrecovered.

ly declared that the parties had ended the

affair by behaving as men of the stricteit Authentic Narrative of what passed in honour.

Hyde Park, when Lord SHELBURNE On hearing of the above affair, the fol.
and Mr. FULLERTON met and fought lowing message was fent from the city:
on Wednesday morning.

Guildhall, London, March 22.
Lord Shelburne, with Lord Frederick • The Committee of Common Council
Cavendish for his second, and Mr. Fuller- for corresponding with the Committees ap-
ton, with Lord Balcarras, for his second, pointed, or to be appointed, by the several
met at half palt five, in Hyde Park, March counties, cities, and boroughs in this king-
22, 1780. Lord Balcarras, and Lord Fre. dom, anxious for the preservation of the
derick Cavendish proposed both parties valuable life of fo true a friend of the peo-
should obey the seconds. Lord Shelburne ple, and defender of the liberties of Englith-
and Col. Fullerton walked together, while men, as the Earl of Shelburne, respectfully
Lord Balcarras and Lord Frederick Caven- enquire after his Lordship's safety, highly
dila, adjusted all ceremonials, and fixed on endangered in consequence of bis uprigtit
piftols as the proper weapons. When they and spirited conduct in Parliament.
came to the ground, Lord Shelburne told

By order of the Committee, them, that his pistols were already loaded, Earl of Shelburne. WILLIAM Rix." and offered to draw them, which was re The circumstance which gave rise to the jected by Lord Balcarras and Col. Fuller. above duel, was occafioned by some exprefton; upon which Lord Balcarras loaded rions from Lord Shelburne in the House of Col. Fulleston's piftols. The feconds havn Lords, reflecting on Col. Fullerton's coning agreed that twelve paces was a proper duet in offerirg to raise a regiment for the dittance, the parties took their ground; service of Government. Col. Fullerton defired Lord Shelburne to Admiralty-oflice, March 25, 1780. fire, which his Lordfhip declined, and Captain Byron, of his Majesty's ship the Colonel Fullerton was ordered by the fe- Proserpine, arrived the zit inft. in the conds to fire. He fired, and missed. Lord evening, with dispatches from Rear-admiShelburne returned it, and missed. Mr. ral Hyde Parker, with whom he parted Fullerton then fired his second pistol, and the z4ih of last month, off Antigua. bit Lord Shelburne in the right groin, The Admiral mentions the fale arrival of which bis Lord Rrip signified ; upon which Sir Hyde Parker, in the Phoenix, at Barbaevery body ran up; the seconds interposed. does, with General Vaughan and the Loid Frederick Cavendish offered to take troops, and the trade under his convoy ; the pistol from Lord Shelburne ; but his and that it was his intention to accompany Lordship refused to deliver it up, saying, Sir Hyde, with the troops and trade bound • I have not fired that pistol.' Mr. Fuller. to Jamaica, as far on their way as Antigua, ton returned immediately to his ground, The Admiral adds, that Mons. Le which he had left with a view of assisting Motte Piquet, having flipped out of Fort his Lordship, and repeatedly desired his Royal Bay in Martinico, with seven sail of Lordlip to fire at him. Lord Shelburne the line and one frigate, he divided his Said, 'Sure, Sir, you don't think I would squadron, putting nine tips under the fire my pistol at you,' and fired it in the command of Commodore Collingwood, air. The parties and their seconds got to- and referving an equal number to himself, gether. Lord Balcarras asked Lord Shel. and immediately put to sea in pursuit of the burne, if he had any difficulty in declaring enemy : the Commodore's divifion got he meant nothing personal to Col. Ful fight of them on the 8th of February, and lerton. His Lordo ip replied, “ You know immediately gave chace, but had the mortiit has taken another course ; this is no time fication to see them escape, under favour of for explanation.' His Lordskip then said a breeze along lhore, into the road of to Col. Fullerton, · Although I am woun Balle Terre in Guadaloupe, wiere they ded, I am able to go on, if you feel any re Theltered themselves under cover of the Sentment.' Col. Fullerton said, he hoped fort. The Commodore continued to cruize he was incapable of harbouring such a sen- between that island and Martinico, with a timent. Lord Frederick Cavendita de view of intercepting Mons. Le Motte Piclared, iphat from the character he had quet, if he should attemp: to return to heard of Col. Fullerton, he believed fo. Fort Royal.




Dr. Sampson Coleby, at Kentish Town. AS SON to the Lady of Sir Guy Carle. Frederick Cotton, Efq; a Commiffary ton, in South-ftreet.

for the army in Germany during the late A Son to the Lady of the Hon. Charles war, Finch, in Argyle Atreet.

PREFERMENTS. MARRIAGES. REV. Mr. Griffiths, of Pembroke-col- RE: Mr. Domett, to the vicarage of

Bovey Tracey, in Devon dhire. lege, Oxford, to Miss Browning, of Rev. Mr. Evans, 10 the rectory of Worcester.

Beckington, in Somersethire. Gideon Johnson, Efq; Captain of the Rev. Mr. Symes, to the rectory of Adamant man of war, to Miló Colquit, of Mushbury, with the vicarage of AxminLiverpool.

Iter, Devon. Gumbleton, Esq; to Miss Hamil. Rev. Mr. Morgan Cove, to the vicarage ton, of Bath.

of Sithrey, near Helitone, in Cornwall. Joseph Crawford, Esq; late an Officer in PROMOTION S. the Navy, to Miss Ballet, of Portman RIGHT Hon. Thomas Earl of AylesPlace.

bury, to be Lord Lieutenant of the Almar Lowry Corry, Efq; Knight of county of Wilts. the Shire for the county of Tyrone, to the David Roberts, of Tan y Gaer, Esq; to Right Hon. Lady Harriet Hobart, e!delt be Sheriff of the county of Merioneth. daughter of the Earl of Buckinghamshire. B-K-TS. From the GAZETTE.

Henry Maxwell, Esq;of Ewlot House, Hampthire, to Mis Brydges, of Woorreia; Anthony Mainwaring, of BirmingKent.

Thomas Round, of Reading, in Berks, DE A THS.

money-scrivener. THE Counteis-Lowager of Eglin William Tyrer Young, and Phebe

Johnson, both of Liverpool, fail-makers, Edward Ellis Burrows, Esq; of Curzon William Ashburner, of St. Paul, Coftreet, May Fair.

vent-garden, mercer. Ambrose Smeathman, Efq; forinerly in Walter Parker, of Stoke Prior, Worthe East India Company's lervice at Fort cestershire, needle-maker. St. George.

William Naith, of Bristol, currier. Lady Sarderson, relict of Sir William Juhn Le Breton, of Newington Butts, Sanderton, Bart. in Mortimer-itreet, Ca merchant. vendith-Square

John Tidsall, of Weymouth-street, St. Dr. Greene, Dean of Salisbury, in Ge- Mary le Bonne, builder. Jard-street.

William Edwards, of Fordham, in Lady Jenkinfon, the mother of Banks Cambridgeshire, miller. Jenkinson, E19.

Joleph Thomas and Benjamin Thomas, At Wallingford, in Berks, Mrs. Mary of All Saints, in the city of Hereford, Matthews, formerly of Goiey in that coun coachmakers and copartners. ty, a maiden gentlewoman, aged 61 years. Robert Tadd, of Road, in Somerset

Last month, in the castle ai Dublin, the fire, grocer and linen-draper. Right Hon. Thomas Waite, Eiq; whio in Jolin Knott, and Sampton Knott, of the year 1747, was appointed Under Secre. Sandwich in Kent, millers and copartners. tary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Joleph Longfellow, of Brecon, grocer. which office he executed to the time of his

Joseph Ingram, of Vine-Itreet, Colddeath with that ability, accuracy, and dili- bath-Helds, dealer. gence, as derived the greatest honour to James Pedge, of Wramplingham,' in himielf, the utmost satisfaclion to all whose Norfolk, miller. bulinels fell within the sphere of his depart. James Trelegon, of St. Mary le Strand,

And after a series of great and Glversmith. faithful services for thirty years fucceflively, William Sturman, of Bristol, viftualler his present Majesty being gracioudly pleated and vintner. no appoint him one of his Privy Council in Michael Jackson, of Orell, in Lancathat kingdom, he was, in junuary 1777. fhire, dealer. Livorn to that office accordingly. By his William Hall, of Birmingham, dealer, death the Government have loita moit able John Ivelun, of Holgate, in York, Oficer, and all, who were conected with dealer. bin in private life, a moit ariable and Michael Harris, of Potter's Fields, St. valuable friend.

John Southwark, corn-faclor.



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