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16th. There is a manifest impropriety in attributing the title of the Lord, or Jehovah, our righteousness to the church of Jerusalem ; if we had, therefore, no other authority, we should certainly correct this verse by c. xxiii. v. 6; but, we have three MSS. which supply the word jow, 'his name," and one which gives us 15 instead of ab, though it is probable that the original reading might be 1877, agreeable to xxiii. 6.

26th. — Twenty-two MSS. read I'VX, which is more grammatical, and so the Keri reads. As the learned collator of the MSS. has observed, we should correct Jipy and phw by this and other places.

C. xxxiv. 11th.

Jaw'), so twenty-seven MSS. read the first verb, and forty-eight have, with the Keri, bwa!, which are better readings. See v. 16.

13th. — Fifty-two MSS. have N°917. See c. vii. 22, and xi. 4.

16th. — Forty-five MSS. read 12'vni in the second place, which is more agreeable to the grammatical construction.

22d. — Nineteen MSS. have Dina971, which is preferable, and fiftyfour read 7167w, which agrees better with the preceding verbs, and all the versions render it in the plural.

,והביאתם and six have ,הלך Thirteen MSS


C. xxxv. 2d. which are more grammatical.

4th. — Twenty-two MSS. give xx, which is more eligible. It is observable that we have the same person called four times 37317", Jc


honadab, and three times 1731, Jonadab, in this chapter ; but, if we are governed by the reading in the 2 Kings, X. 15, the first is to be preferred.

C. xxxvi. 22d. Perhaps, instead of 1987 we should read my, " and the fire of the hearth," &c. See v. 23. The Syr. and Ch. read

, .

.ואח האש .the Ar . and Sept ,ואת האש

25th. — Forty MSS. read Joaon, which is still more grammatical.

and ;ושרפוה and twelve ,ולכרות Ten MISS


C. xxxvii. 8th. MSS. , ; so all the versions. See c. xxxiv. 22,

14th, tical.

Twenty-nine MSS. have 178°)”y, which is more gramma

19th. -Eighteen MSS. read, with the Keri, 181, which appears to be the better reading; and the versions seem not only to have read thus, but to have supplied the verb 777, xai Tou éloi.

20th. — Thirty MSS. have "I'vn, which is better.

See c. xxxviii.


21st. Perhaps it would be better to read pa', “and committed Jeremiah," &c.

Five MSS. read 1709, which is more suitable to

C. xxxviii. 4th. the radical verb.

6th, v. 9.

Forty MSS. have 15 , which is more grammatical. See


We should certainly read osa as in the former verse, or uba, as many MSS. have the word in both places.

16th. Nineteen MSS. omit, with the Keri, the first nx, which seems to be redundant.


- Thirty-six MSS. have 017ox, which is more grammatical,

C. xxxix. 3d. From comparing this verse with v. 13, (see the Collations,) it appears necessary to correct the former for the most part by the latter.

5th. Thirty-three MSS. have 19°°°, which is the more usual reada , ing. Four MSS. read moby's, which the context requires.


- Thirty MSS. have 1789x105, which is more grammatical.


- Eight MSS. read abro, which is better. Twenty-five MSS. have, with the Keri, xan, which is certainly right.

C. xl. 4th. Twenty-nine MSS. read, with the Sept. 7'7', which is preferable. See the other versions.

16th. Twenty MSS. at least read, with the Keri, nwyn, which is more grammatical.

C. xli. 7th.. - Dr Grabe, in his Proleg. observes, with great propriety, that babes is wanting in this place, which our version has supplied. See v. 9.

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17th. – Thirty-one MSS. read, with the Keri, nb), and so the word is written 2 Sam. xix. 38, 39; and it is very observable, that, in v. 41, the very same word is written ina, Chimhan, which shews the incorrectness of transcribers. - This note was made before I had seen the observation in the Gen. Dissert. to the Collations, sect. 176.

Ć. xlii. 6th– More than sixty MSS. read, with the Keri, 13728, which is certainly more regular; and I believe 138 is only to be found in this place.

16th. Forty-two MSS. read nian, and so it is written in two places after in this chapter.

,ויהי. וכל would it hot be better to read ,ויחיו כל Instead of


, , and it shall come to pass that all the?" &c. See the Syr. and Ar.

20th. Twenty MSS. read, with the Keri, On'yny, which is more grammatical.

C. xliii. 10th. Eighteen MSS. read, with the Keri, 1996v, which; according to Buxtorf, is the proper reading. See, also, Calas Concord.

11th. - Eighteen MSS. have, with the Keri, 831, which is still inore regular.

C. xliv. 3d. — The Sept. Vulganid Chald. 'read zay'59, and to serve,” which 'is requisite.



Eight MSS. read, with the Sept. Syr. Vulg. and Chald. , " and for a desolation."

9th. We should certainly either read niya, in the plural, uniformly, as the Sept. Vulg. and Ar, do, or nys, as the Syr. and Chald.

12th. – Reading Jy921, in the first place, with twenty-nine MSS. and the Sept. see, also, the Syr. and Chald. I think the more regular translation of this verse is, “and I will take the remnant of Judah, that have set their faces to go into the land of Egypt to sojourn there, and all in the land of Egypt shall be consumed; they shall fall by the sword and by famine; they shall be consumed from the least even to the greatest; by the sword and the famine they shall die; and they shall be an execration, app'ni, (as thirty-six MSS. have it,) and an astonishment or desolation, and a curse, and a reproach.” See v. 22.

17th, 18th. Thirty MSS. read 70171, and thus the word appears, c. vii. 18, and in the following verse of this chapter, unless we read, with four MSS. by, which is still better.

19th. I cannot help thinking that hasyak, which never appears in this sense elsewhere, is written by mistake for 1772yns, which is the verb commonly used, " to serve her,Dr Wheeler rejects this reading, as having no authority.

C. xly. 4th. Several MSS. (as the learned collator has observed, Gen. Dissert, p. 83,) read 8°77 05.

C. xlvi. Ist. The words at the beginning of this verse are manifestly transposed. See the Sept, and c, xxv. 1,


8th. - We should read 785, as in the former verse and elsewhere.

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