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and the enjoyment of the increased During the same period, nearly one half have convenience for tuition and worship, derly conduct, leaving about 40 regularly at

discontinued, including two dismissed for disorwhich the liberality of the parish has tending, and 10 occasional scholars. Their improvided, will have a very beneficial provement and behaviour in church have been, effect upon both this and the male de- generally speaking, satisfactory to the teachers.

One boy, aged about 15, was confirmed last partment.

spring, and both before and since has manifesteil

a sincere and fervent piety. Of the female school of Grace church, we have received the following report:

The teachers of the female school of In the female school of Grace church there

Trinity church reportare five regular classes; three white, and two

That thcir course of usefulness has been very coloured. Since the last report, there have been added 40 scholars, 23 white, and 17 co

much interrupted, during the past year, in conJoured; and many have left the school from

sequence of the prevailing sickness of the sumvarious causes. Two have been sent to the

'mer, which obliged both teachers and scholars Orphan asylum; three have been admitted into

entirely to relinquish their duties during three

months, at a time when the school was in a very the Episcopal Charity School; two have been dismissed for disorderly conduct; one has flourishing condition, under the care of the died; and in consequence of the fever, many guished her charge in consequence of delicacy

much respected superintendent, who has relinhave removed to the upper part of the city, of health. Since then, the school has much diand the teachers have not been able to discover their places of abode Of the number that re

minished. It at present consists of 43 scholars, mains, there are from 50 to 60 who are regular

of which 14 are white, and 29 coloured. They in their attendance; there are at present only and commit to memory the Catechism, and por

are divided into seven classes, five of which read, two teachers and a superintendent. The school is increasing, and could two or three more

tions of Scripture. teachers be procured, it would, po doubt, (though small) be as flourishing as any in the

From St. Philip's church, composed anion. The teachers have the satisfaction to observe great improvement in some of the the following reports :

of coloured persons, we have received scholars, particularly the coloured adults. The superintendent of the united of St. Philip's church consists, at present, of 22

The male department of the Sunday School male schools of Trinity and Grace boys. During the past year it has laboured anchurches, makes the following report:

der many difficulties. I'he place which we ob

tained for our meetings, after the conflagration It is gratifying to the superintendent of the of our church, was so far distant from our place united schools of Trinity and Grace churches, of worship, and so inconvenient in other reto be able to report, that their prospects are spects, that the number, both of teachers and much more flattering than at the list anniver- scholars, became greatly diminished; and from sary. The want of teachers, under which they the commencement of the fever last summer, then laboured, has been in some degree re to the 31st of December, when the church was moved; and, as was anticipated, by an accession consecrated, we had no place of worship, and of instructors, an increase of scholars has been consequently no meeting of the school at all obtained. We are, however, compelled to By these means the school has beeu recluced state, that the difficulty bas been but partially to its present number. We trust, however, that relieved, and there are yet two classes without God will bless our humble endeavours to lead permanent instructors. At our last report, we the young in the paths of knowledge and relihrad flattered ourselves that the deficiency gion; and hope, as the spring is advancing, our needed only to be known to be amply supplied; number (as usual) will increase. The boys take and we must continue of the same opinion until great pleasure in their exercises, and their eonexperience shall have convinced us of our error duct and iinprovement merit approbation. for we would be unwilling to believe that The female department of St. Philip's church any, whose employments would admit, could Sunday School consists of twenty girls and tour hesitate, when so great benefit may result~ teachers. It has had the same difficulties to when the object is to train up the rising gene encounter that the male department has had, ration in piety and virtue-to rescue them and, in addition, has been so unfortunate as 10 from ignorance, so frequently the parent of Jose (by death) its suporintendent, whose zeal crime and afford religious instruction to those and skill in Sunday School teaching, apd mawho must otherwise remain in “ darkness, and nagement, are rarely equalled. She was a wo. in the shadow of death." We must, therefore, man of distinguished piety, and yreatly beloved once more earnestly and respectfully entreat for and respected by the children and their parents, assistance, or we shall be compelled to disnaiss and al! the teachers. The former prosperity from the school children anxious for improve of the male school, as well as of the female ment, and send them to seek, in other churches, school, was, uvder' God, in a great measure that instruction denied them in our's! We owing to her exertions. We all mourn her loss, trust that some members of the congregations and tear 1 hat it is irreparable. Our prospects, will be sensible of the importance of the appeal, however, begin to brighten. We trusi that God and afford us that aid we stand so much in need will inspire some other to tread in her steps, of, and will gratefully accept.

and that he will yet send us prosperity. Our During the last year, the names of 42 boys scholars are remarkably orderly, and make . have been added, making an aggregate of 102. good progress in their learning.

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The feelings of gratitude and plea- heard with much satisfaction the resure with which the managers submit ports of the several schools in union the above details, and in which they with this society, and that the said retrust that their fellow Christians parti- ports be accepted, and referred to a cipate, are increased by a circumstance committee of five, who shall draw up which leads them to revert to their last the annual report of the managers, to year's report. The following notice is be submitted to the board at its next there found:-" It will be pleasing ta meeting; mention the case of a boy who recently Resolved, That the services of the lost his mother, (a widow,) and who superintendents and teachers of the sewas discharged by certificate to be ad- veral schools demand and receive the mitted into the Orphan asylum. He warm approbation and grateful acknowwas frequently visited and exhorted to ledgments of the managers. cleave unto his Bible, and serve the Resolved, That the managers feel Lord, who is the Father of the father- particular satisfaction in acknowledging less. He manifested contrition for his the services of those gentlemen of some sins, and promised to walk in the right of the congregations, who, as directors way all the days of his life. Previously of their respective schools, aid the suto his leaving us for the asylum, he perintendents and teachers in seeking called on the superintendent to thank for scholars, enforcing their regular athim for the concern he had manifested tendance, and endeavouring to secure in his behalf, and hoped he would pray their proper deportment during divine for him.”

service; and earnestly recommend siOf this boy, the chaplain of the Or- milar measures to the other congregaphan asylum has lately written to a tions. member of our board in the following Resolved, That the board regrets to terms:

hear that some of the schools are suffer“ Perhaps it may be gratifying to ing for want of teachers, and would exyou, and to your friends of the Sunday press the hope that the importance of school, to be informed, that the little this inestimable charity will be so duly orphan boy, who was mentioned in one appreciated as to induce those memof your reports as having piously ex-bers of the congregations where schools pressed his gratitude to his teacher for are thus circumstanced, who can do it the kindness he had received in your with convenience, to remove this obschool, and of which he still retains a stacle to the full benefit of our estaremembrance, is now in the Orphan blishment. asylum. The child has conducted Resolved, That the managers comwith such amiable propriety, and pro- mend the schools to the continued and gresses so much in his learning, that increased patronage and support of the it is contemplated to bring him up as an members of the church, and solicit their assistant teacher in the institution. prayers that these may, through the DiHowever, should this intention fail, I vine blessing, be rewarded with success. have obtained assurance, that he shall not be bound out to any one without my The managers trust that the full and knowledge and consent.”

particular view of the schools which has The managers would express their now been given will interest in their grateful acknowledgments to the Auxi- behalf their fellow-members of the liary New-York Bible and Common church. It is in their power to enlarge Prayer Book Society, for a donation of the operation of this best of charities, 72 Bibles, and 198 Prayer Books; and some, by devoting a small portion of to the Protestant Episcopal Tract So- their time and care to the duties of direcciety, for 2297 tracts.

tors of the schools in their respective At the meeting at which were re churches—some, by enlisting as teachceived the above reports of the several ers—and all by their prayers, and by schools, the managers unanimously contributing, according to the ability adopted the following resolutions : that God hath given, to defray the ne

Resolved, That the managers have cessary expenses of the establishment.


In soliciting our fellow-members of godliness. It ought therefore to be exthe church to contribute to the support posed whenever it would obtrude itself of these schools, we ask no charity of into our quiet denomination. doubtful character, or which can be at 1. What are we to think of such a all subjected, as is much of the benevo- passage as the following ?_" There are lence of the day, to the charge of creat at present in the New-England states, ing a large portion of the suffering and in New-York, about 400,000 famiwhich it professes to relieve, by encou- lies; and of these, 100,000 may be supraging dependence on alms, where so- posed to be Christian families.This briety, honesty, and industry should be way of speaking may be but a trifling the resource. This degrades and de error in the ignorant; but an error it moralizes the human character, and certainly is, especially when countetends to poverty and wretchedness. nanced by the many learned names The wonted effect of our charity is to given in the prospectus, to pretend to exalt the character, and to better the judge of the sincerity of those who

procondition, both of society and the indi- fess the name of Christ. It is true, viduals. The liberality devoted to it that, as those were not [consistent will be faithfully applied, and its good Jews who were only such out vardly, effects be seen and felt in this world, so, those are not consistent] Chrisand prolonged through eternity. tians who have none but the externals Signed by order of the board,

of the name. But this is a discriminaJOHN HENRY HOBART, tion open only to God; except as one's

President. 66 conscience may accuse or exAttest,

cuse” him in the case. That the edi. THOMAS N. STANFORD, Secretary. tor of this newspaper, and thousands New-York, Easter-Tuesday, more, editors or not editors, should preApril 1st, 1823.

sume to sit in judgment on another man's servants, and say that only one in four of them is sincere, and worthy

of their name, is high’arrogance indeed. For the Christian Journal.

Besides, I see no benefit in changing Modern Enthusiasm and Liberality in names. Christendom is understood to

a Religious Newspaper. mean the portion of the world occuI Am a plain old-fashioned church- pied by Christians, as Judea or Jewry man, little known; but, where known, was the portion inhabited by Jews; accounted to belong to the calm and why deprive the occupants of Christensober ranks in religious matters. Not dom of their appellation ? If you should a little to my surprise, therefore, did I confine the word Christian to those only receive, a few days since, a number and who are supposed to be truly pious, a prospectus of the Boston RECORDER, you must devise some other name for a newspaper, the profits of which are the great mixed body of the church via in part devoted, it seems, to an Educa- sible; and, when this new name shall tion Society, and its columns obviously have been used awhile, the enthusiast pledged to the cause of enthusiasm and will claim it for the good only. Supliberality of the modern school. As pose the above sentence were thus al. the prospectus is intended to invite a tered of these 400,000 American falarger circulation of the work, and as it milies, only 100,000 are American !" is probable that the honour done me 2. What are we to think of the fol. may be extended to many others in our lowing interpretation of an act of Prodenomination, I will take the liberty of vidence, in a shocking occurrence at developing, to the readers of the Chris

some years since ?-A teacher tian Journal, some of the features of of infidelity, in that place, prosecuted this publication. There may be reli- his task (so runs the accusation) in a gion mingled with enthusiasm ; but the manner so literally beastly, as to admiconnexion with the latter is at least nister one of the sacraments to a dog. dangerous; and it often leads to some Awful fanaticism, indeed, in those who spiritual vice which mars the virtue of pretend to be most above it! and wor

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thy of the most sorrowful, nay, of the of the place. Whether those morals most indignant reprobation ! The are to any extent permanently cured, wretch, it seems, died the night follow- and fit to be blazoned, allowing blaing of some violent disorder; “ his in- zoning not to be indelicate and improflamed eye-balls were protruded from per, we may perhaps know from the their sockets;" (i. e. had such an ap- intelligence sent the Recorder some pearance, for actual protrusion is im- three or four years hence. Then the possible without violence or long dis- improvement, if it last till then, may be ease;) his tongue was swollen in his termed religion. (P. S. On looking. mouth;” “great mental and bodily over this article again, I find nothing agony. This is termed an “awful said of improved morals, but only judgment from” God. Now, would it “anxiety of mind," "conviction," not be better to rely on reason, and de- joicing," and the like. I will not, howcency, (to say nothing of Scripture, since ever, erase the above. It cannot be, the argument and warning are against that a Christian minister will allow infidels,) in reprobating this flagrant im- these things to be religion, till he is piety! Is it not known that accusa convinced that fellowship with the tions of divine judgments on our op- works of darkness has ceased. It canpunents are a rather_dangerous war not be that a case of mere enthusiasms fare? Wickliffe, the Reformer, we are would be published; that any one in told, was struck with palsy, and had his senses would boast of a tree whose his face much distorted, and so died; whole sap and strength went to the and the Papists pronounced it an "aw- foliage only, and could produce no ful judgment,” sent upon him for oppos. fruit.). ing the church of Rome !—May it not

4. What must we think of a very sibe assumed as a general rule, that those milar account of religious precocity in who fancy they can so trace severe pro a college ?-On the death of one of the vidences to the retributive hand of God, young gentlemen, several of his comas to show the specific sentence against panions,“ by whom he was greatly bea specific crime, are either enthusiasti- loved," are seriously affected. They cally weak, or enthusiastically violent? attend various religious meetings. And

3. What are we to judge of a revival had these good beginnings been left to of religion, when described as follows ? a calm and gradual issue, all would be Is any man's religion fit to be held right. But no. In six weeks these conup for imitation which has not been verts are judged to have sufficient statested by a patient continuance in well- bility to have their case published ! and doing? nay, ought any change to be the world is to account this hasty reac accounted religion indeed, which is not tion of the feelings to be undoubted yet known by its fruit, especially where and indubitable religion. How little • the fruit was previously very bad? does the following extract agree with

-At the end of October last year, a the "going from strength to strength!" clergyman arrives at a place where “ Some felt alarmed at the rashness of “ broils and contentions, stupidity and the young converts,” [and why not, indifference to the concerns of eternity, since an apostle suspected that he had prevailed;" “ the youth were uncom

bestowed upon old converts labour in monly given up to vain and sinful re- vain?] “ fearing it was only a temporary creations ;”“ family worship was whol- excitement : frequent interviews, howly neglected;" “ the religious instruc- ever, (within the six weeks!) assured tion of children was overlooked.” This the friends that the work of grace was neighbourhood was very small. Yet in genuine.” Doubtless every work of two months, (Jan. 41h) “about 45 have grace is genuine: and this point being hopefully found all things new.” Now, settled in the case of these converts, it I would not question one of the facts will not, I trust, be hereafter objected, of this statement: a general feeling has should any of them unhappily fall away, been cxcited, which has, during these that they were never effectually calltwo months, or the latter portion of ed.” Doubtless every work of grace them, suspended the heatbenisl morals is genuine: but ought this state of feel

ing, in youths just bereaved of a com- rious in Arminianism, but its genuine panion, and whose thoughts were kept ingredients. What shall we think of fixed on that event, to be termed a this sample of liberality? It is well work of grace, in the sense here obvi- known that the mouth-pieces of a cerously intended ?--for these are pub- tain denomination are continually delished as instances of “ assured” grace; claring, that Episcopalians (a few exand in no other sense could they be cepted) are Arminians; and the above spread abroad for imitation. Ought quotations will show how bitter is the this excitement of even good feelings reviling they would convey under that to be called a revival of religion? The appellation. We reject, indeed, the first-fruits, let us remember, were ga

name of Arminius as much as that of thered from a ripe harvest-field; not

Calvin. But of this our opponents can from the mere blade. And, though take no advantage in explaining away every one in whom the heavenly seed the stigma; for they openly strive to is growing, whatever be the stage of its fasten the title, on our denomination. progress, may indulge a humble hope, They class us with “Socinians and Pathere should certainly be something like pists;" and call the group, “three enripeness, something more than six venomed monsters; and tell us to our weeks or six months growth, before face that nothing is “ evangelical" but cases are sent to the Recorder as “genu- “the Calvinistic system.” How yearnine.” If words are to change their ing must be the bowels of brotherly meaning, we may call this, and the like love which sends this liberal newspaper spiritual precocity, religion:” and so among Episcopalians! How unparal#ve may metamorphose language till leled the modesty which asks their pathe bud be decmed synonynious with tronage for abuse on their own heads ! the fruit. In truth, something like How honourably does the Education this is the latent meaning of the expres- Society, which is to derive emolument sions used in the manner now con from this paper, and recommends it tom demned; for they are founded on, or the public, adhere to its “principle,” at least they encourage, the Calvinistic not to be ó sectarian !" Methinks it is notion, that wherever a bud can be a pretty ample stretch of the experifound, there also the fruit will be found ment of “ two” attempting to "walk sooner or later; that there cannot be together who are not agreed.” Howany blasting or mildew in the spiritual ever, such is human nature.

This explant; but infallible certainty from the periment has been often made, and first sprouting of the germ. Thus, the will often be again. In the times of very language of enthusiasm may open the Puritans, it was termed a comprean inperceptible channel for error, and hension ; and even so conspicuous a will even form the inexperienced mind prelate as Bishop Burnet was so exto false doctrine.

alted a liberalist as to see it tried, see it 5. What shall be our estimate of the fail, blame the tenacity of the Non-conliberality of a publication, appealing to formists,-and yet retain all his good the good-will of all denominations, opinion of the project! We have comwhich gives currency to such clauses as prehensions in abundance proposed as these?" He crushed the three en the present day, under new forms and venomed monsters of Arminian, Socinian, and Popish errors;"--again, close The above extracts are from the at the left hand of this—- evangelical prospectus and only two numbers of truth, or what may be called, in com this

a supply of materials pliance with custom, the Calvinistic must the Recorder furnish to the united system;"-and again, on the same interests of enthusiasm and liberality in page-- the worst principles of Armi- the course of a year! But this is the nianism.Of this latter passage be it concern of those who are engaged unnoted, that "a spurious Calvinism" der these banners; it is no allair of had just been named; that is, nothing ours; they may trumpet whom they bad belongs to real Calvinism; but, please, and revile whom they please. bad, worse, and "worst,” are not spil. Only let Episcopalians have dignity

new names.

paper: what

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