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To overcome this tendency you must compel yourself to the practice of quick, firm decision. It is better to make mistakes sometimes than to be a victim of this insidious habit.

Decide quickly, firmly, finally. Let there be no going back to reconsidering, no opening up of the matter for further discussion. Be firm, positive.

of Heaven. A few words of kindly sympathy, of loving encouragement have helped many a man to recover his manhood and become a power for good in the world.

Let us open up our natures, throw wide the doors of our hearts and let in the sunshine of good will and kindness. Let us be at least generous in judging others as we are in judging ourselves, as tolerant of their weakness as of our own. Let us throw away all animosities, and try to be large enough and grand enough to see God in the meanest man.

The habit of holding the good-will, kindly attitude toward everybody lifts the mind above petty jealousies and meannesses; it enriches and enlarges the whole life.

Don't Dwell

,” to of , He meant don't dilly-dally. When you finish with a thing go at once to the next.

Idling, dwelling on a thing after you have finished with it, will spoil your mind for alertness, effectiveness, dispatch.

Dispatch is everything in business. It makes the short day long and enables you to accomplish in a brief time what it requires a long time for other people to do ----people who dwell over finished jobs.

Hoof giving your best, unreservedly, of flinging your

The Supernatural Is Within WE are just learning that what we have always

regarded as supernatural power is right inside of us, not outside of us at all. Here within us is the thing which we have always regarded as a miracle, the power which can do the impossible, surmount the insurmountable. Here is where we touch the universal mind. Through the great cosmic intelligence we contact with divinity in the great within of us.

Make your world within gloriously beautiful, transcendently bright and cheerful and your outer world will correspond.

We make our world. Our thinking, our vizualization makes our world,

All wrong impressions which you make upon yourself are made upon your creative energies and will result in like things in your life, so guard these impressions, as you do the jewel of your soul.

The Habit of Giving Your Best TOW much .

of life out in helpfulness, in inspiration and encouragement wherever you go. What an infinite satisfaction there is in the feeling that we are helping somebody, that we strew our ways with flowers because we know that we shall never go along the same road again, that we make everybody with whom we have come in contact feel a little better-this is the way to get the most out of life. But unfortunately, most of us do not open up ourselves to the world very much. We are too selfish to fling ourselves out, to show the best that is in us, as we go along. We envy the person who has this faculty, of flinging out his best, the aroma, the richness of his life, just as the rose flings out its sweetness, its beauty, to every passerby, without reserve. It is a wonderful art and if everybody would do it what a wonderful world this would be.

Fling out your best this year. Don't hold it in. Don't carry your best things to the grave, give them to the world.

More Than a Thief "I CAN'T seem to get anywhere. My trouble is

procrastination and indecision. I hope you will tell me how a square peg can get out of a round hole,” writes a Sucruga reader.

You say that you have been groping in the dark, my friend, that you feel you are not in your right niche in life. Your admission that indecision and procrastination run in your blood shows that you have diagposed your case.

Thousands owe their failure in life to procrastination, the babit of putting aside important matters to be decided later.

"By the street of By and By one arrives at the house of Never,” Cervantes tells us.

Procrastination is more than a thief of time. It steals character, ruins opportunity, robs us of freedom, makes us slaves. It is the precursor of indolence and laziness, its victim is always waiting for something to turn up, putting off deciding anything finally and usperbly.

The man who has no dare in his nature, who is always after a sure thing, who is afraid to risk anything until dead sure that it is going to turn out right, never amounts to very much.

Why His Business Increased IN speaking of the manager of a business concern, a

man says: "He has the wonderful faculty of getting all of the employees to pull together with him. The employees do not have much use for the proprietor of this concern. He is cold, selfish, and never seems to take any interest in them; but the manager seems to get hold of the hearts of the employees. They all like him and work well under him because he is human in his treatment of them. If any of the employees are sick or in trouble he is always ready with his sympathy and helpfulness. He makes everybody feel that he likes to see them get on, and wants them to make the most of themselves.”

Is it surprising that under such a manager the business has multiplied remarkably?

Monthly Prize Contest



Has a Man the Right to Spend

His Money as He Pleases ? 'N preparing your paper for this contest, consider carefully the following state

ments: Has a man the right to be inconsiderate of others just because he has made enough money to enable him to be selfish and greedy? A man has the legal right to take five thousand dollars out of his bank and burn it up-but has he the moral right? There are ties between ourselves and other human beings, even though they are not blood relations. When human beings are suffering, even starving, a man has not the moral right to waste the money which would furnish relief, comfort, even safety, and a certain degree of happiness. No man is sufficient to himself alone. We are all part of the great human family, and every man's right ceases when he can infringe on another's rights. Is spending money lavishly, flaunting wealth in the face of the less fortunate, a sin against society?

For the three best articles of not more than 700 words each, we offer the following prizes: First prize, $25; second prize, $15; third prize, $10.

This competition closes January 18, 1921. The winning articles will appear in the March number. . Contributions to these prize contests will NOT be returned unless postage is enclosed with the manuscripts.

Address: Prize Contest Editor, THE NEW SUCCESS, 1133 Broadway, New York.

How I Overcame My Greatest Handicap


(November Contest) FIRST-PRIZE ARTICLE

By Dr. C. B. R., California IX months after my graduation from a profes- am the secretary-treasurer of two professional associ

sional school, I was taken ill. At first there ations, one the State association of my home State,

were prospects of recovery within a few weeks, the other comprising local groups in ten States, and or months, at most; but as time went on the disease having a membership list which is exceeded in numbers progressed, involving the joints of my neck, spine, only by the national organization of my profession. shoulders, and, finally, my hips. In spite of my efforts The duties of these two offices (or, strictly speaking, to keep up, I was compelled to take to bed. For more four offices, since each embraces the work of both secthan two years, I have been unable to sit up or even to retary and treasurer) include the collection of dues, turn over in bed. Every joint in my spine is abso- the payment of the bills of the Associations, the planlutely rigid and unmovable, including the joints of my ning and management of bi-monthly trips of speakers neck, so that cannot turn my head even a fraction of through the ten States, the coördination of the activian inch, while there is very little range of motion in ties of various committees, much diversified corre my shoulder and hip-joints. I am compelled to lie in spondence, together with the usual miscellaneous duties one position on my back twenty-four hours a day of such offices. Of course the actual manual work as seven days a week. My case baffles the best physi- the mimeographing and mailing of circular letters, cians in Boston, Chicago, and Los Angeles. None of typing of individual letters, and various other things them offers any hope of recovery, although they say which can be done only by able-bodied persons, is done that the disease itself may not shorten my life.

by others; but it is up to me to direct all of these activi

ties. H CERE is what I have done in spite of my handicap: To tell how (in the strict sense of the word) I have

With the help of a telephone, installed at my done all this is difficult. It all seems to be the bedside, and also by using the mails, I have carried on natural thing for me to do under the circumstances; a magazine-subscription business. I have written a but I realize that not every one would have done as I book which has already reached its third edition. I

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NERVE EXHAUSTION How We Become Shell-Shocked in Everyday Life


Lecturer and Author of numerous books and treatises on Mental
and Physical Energy, Respiration, Psychology and Nerve Culture


(HERE is but one malady more terrible than Nerve Exhaustion, and that is its

kin, Insanity. Only those who have passed through a siege of Nerve Exhaustion can understand the true meaning of this statement. At first, the victim is afraid he will die, and as it grips him deeper, he is afraid he will not die, so great is his mental torture. He becomes panicstricken and irresolute. A sickening sensation of weakness and helplessness overcomes him. He becomes obsessed with the thought of selfdestruction.

tion, poor blood circulation and general muscular lassitude usually being the first to be noticed.

I have for more than thirty years studied the health problem from every angle. My investigations and deductions always brought me back to the immutable truth that Nerve Derangement and Nerve Weakness is the basic cause of nearly every




Chest Breathing


Nerve Exhaustion means Nerve Bankruptcy. The wonderful organ we term the Nervous System consists of countless millions of cells. These cells are reservoirs which store a mysterious energy we term Nerve Force. The amount stored represents our Nerve Capital. Every organ works with all its might to keep the supply of Nerve Force in these cells at a high level, for Life itself depends more upon Nerve Force than on the food we eat or even the air we breathe.




If we unduly tax the nerves through overwork, worry, excitement or grief, or if we subject the muscular system to excessive strain, we consume more Nerve Force than the organs produce, and the natural result must be Nerve Exhaustion.



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Pelvic Organs

Nerve Exhaustion is not a malady that comes suddenly. It may be years in developing, and the decline is accompanied by unmistakable symptoms, which, unfortunately, cannot be readily recognized. The average person thinks that when his hands do not tremble and his muscles do not twitch, he cannot possibly be nervous. This is a dangerous assumption, for people with hands as solid as a rock and who appear to be in perfect health may be dangerously near Nerve Collapse.

One of the first symptoms of Nerve Exhaustion is the derangement of the Sympathetic Nervous System, the nerve branch which governs the vital organ (see diagram). In other words, the vital organs become sluggish because of insufficient supply of Nerve Energy. This is manifested by a cycle of weaknesses and disturbances in digestion, constipa

The Sympathetic Nervous System
Showing how Every Vital Organ is governed
by the Nervous System, and how the Solar
Plexus, commonly known as the Abdominal
Brain, is the great Central Station for the

distribution of Nerve Force.

bodily ailment, pain and disorder. I agree with the noted British authority on the nerves, Alfred T. Schofield, M. D., the author of numerous works on the subject, who says: “It is my belief that the greatest single factor in the maintenance of health is that the nerves be in order."

The great war has taught us how frail the nervous system is, and how sensitive it is to strain, especially mental and emotional strain. Shell Shock, it was proved, does not injure the nerve fibers in themselves. The effect is entirely mental. Thousands lost their reason thereby, over 135 cases from New York alone being in asylums for the insane. Many more thousands became nervous wrecks. The strongest men became paralyzed so that they could not stand, eat or even speak. One-third of all the hospital cases were “nerve cases," all due to excessive strain of the Sympathetic Nervous System.

The mile-a-minute life of to-day, with its worry, hurry, grief and mental tension is exactly the same as Shell Shock, except that the shock is less forcible, but more prolonged, and in the end just as disastrous. Our crowded insa ne asylums bear witness to the truth of this statement. Nine people out of ten you meet have "frazzled nerves.

Perhaps you have chased from doctor to doctor seeking relief for a mysterious "something the matter with you.' Each doctor tells you that there is nothing the matter with you; that every organ is perfect. But you know there is something the matter. You feel it, and you act it. You are tired, dizzy, cannot sleep, cannot digest your food and you have pains here and there. You are told you are “run down" and need a rest. Or the doctor may give you a tonic. Leave nerve tonics alone. It is like making a tired horse run by towing him behind an automobile.

The following are extracts from letters from people who have read the book and were greatly benefited by the teachings set forth therein:

"I have gained 12 pounds since reading your book, and I feel so energetic. I had about given up hope of ever finding the cause of my low weight."

“I have been treated by a number of nerve specialists, and have traveled from country to country in an endeavor to restore my nerves to normal. Your little book has done more for me than all other methods combined.”

"Your book did more for me for indigestion than two courses in dieting."

"My heart is now regular again and my nerves are fine. I thought I had heart trouble, but it was simply a case of abused nerves. I have re-read your book at least ten times."

A woman writes: “Your book has helped my nerves wonderfully. I am sleeping so well and in the morning I feel so rested."

"The advice given in your book on relaxation and calming of nerves has cleared my brain. Before I was half dizzy all the time."

A physician says: "Your book shows you have a scientific and profound knowledge of the nerves and nervous people. I am recommending your book to my patients.

A prominent lawyer of Ansonia, Conn., says: "Your book saved me from a nervous collapse, such as I had three years ago. I now sleep soundly and I am gaining weight. I can again do a real day's work.


of page.

Our Health, Happiness

and Success in life demands NERVE

that we face these facts understandingly. I have written a 64-page book on this subject which teaches how to protect the nerves from every day Shell Shock. It teaches how to soothe, calm and care for the nerves; how to nourish them through proper breathing and other means. The cost of the book is only 25 cents.

Bound in cloth, 50 cents. Remit in coin or stamps. See address at the bottom

If the book does not meet your fullest expectations, your money will be refunded, plus your outlay of postage.

The book “Nerve Force" solves the problem for you and will enable you to diagnose your troubles understandingly. The facts presented will prove a revelation to you, and the advice given will be of incalculable value to you.

You should send for this book to-day. It is for you, whether you have had trouble with your nerves or not. Your nerves are the most precious possession you have. Through them you experience all that makes life worth living, for to be dull nerved means to be dull brained, insensible to the higher phases of life_love, moral courage, ambition and temperament. The finer your brain is, the finer and more delicate is your nervous system, and the more imperative it is that you care for your nerves. The book is especially important to those who have "high strung" nerves and those who must tax their nerves to the limit.

The Prevention of Colds Of the various books, pamphlets and treatises which I have written on the subject of health and efficiency, none has attracted more favorable comment than my sixteen page booklet entitled “The Prevention of Colds."

There is no human being absolutely immune to Colds. However, people who breathe correctly and deeply are not easily susceptible to Colds. This is clearly explained in my book NERVE FORCE. Other important factors, nevertheless, play an important part in the prevention of Colds, -factors that concern the matter of ventilation, clothing, humidity, temperature, etc. These factors are fully discussed in the booklet, “Prevention of Colds."

No ailment is of greater danger than an "ordinary cold," as it may lead to Influenza, Grippe, Pneumonia or Tuberculosis. More deaths resulted during the recent “FLU" epidemic than were killed during the entire war, over 6,000,000 people dying in India alone.

A copy of the booklet, “Prevention of Colds," will be sent Free with either the 25c or 50c book, "Nerve Force." You will agree that the booklet on colds alone is worth many times the price asked for both books.


Studio 198, 110 West 40th Street, New York

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How Many Words Do YOU Know? T

THE EDITOR of the New Standard Dictionary states that "the average well

educated American knows from 60,000 to 70,000 words. . . Every well-read person of fair ability and education will be able to understand, as used, 50,000 words."

Compare the estimated vocabularies of Roosevelt and Lloyd George with Shakespeare's, which was the largest of the 16th century. Milton's, the next largest, numbered 13,000 words. It is apparent how amazingly the English language has grown.

To-day in order to keep abreast of the times—to be among "the well-read people of fair ability—a man must know twice as many words as did the Bard of Avon. To forge ahead-to be a "well-educated American"-he should treble the master dramatist's vocabulary.

Learn More Words and Earn More Money


that your mind conceives? Words so clear and convincing that others can readily understand your thought and are willing to co-operate in carrying it out? Words so vivid and eloquent that you are enabled to put through big business deals, make large and numerous sales, close important contracts? Words so forceful that you carry your hearers or readers enthusiastically with you-so interesting that you hold their attention and gain your object?

Do your business letters fully accomplish their purpose? Do your advertisements carry convictionproduce adequate results --sell your goods or bring inquiries, in sufficient quantities?

Those stories that are so vivid in your mind-can you write them so that editors will accept them? Those sermons, the thought of which uplifts your own heart-can you compose them so that they will move, inspire, comfort and guide your congregation?

We think in words and images. The larger our vocabulary, the more varied and interesting our thoughts. Men climb to eminence in public life and in business on ladders of words. The man whose speech is limited and crude is limited and crude in his ideas—his aspirations. His life is drab and uninteresting. He makes progress. He arrives nowhere.


“How to Become a Master of English”

This free booklet will show you how the Kleiser Personal Mail Enthusiastic endorsements of this remarkable Course have been Course in Practical English and Mental Efficiency will enable written by such masters of English as John Burroughs, Mary you to add thousands of expressive words to your vocabulary

--Use Roberts Rinehart, Booth Tarkington, Irvin S. Cobb, Rupert Hughes, the right word in the right place-Write convincing and resultful let- Ellis Parker Butler. ters, advertisements, stories, articles, sermons, etc.-Win promotion and higher pay-Become an interesting talker-Make yourself

N.S.1-21 welcome in good society-Become influential in your community.


354-360 Fourth Avenue, New York, N. Y. A Few Spare Minutes

Gentlemen: Fifteen minutes a day-at home or in office will result in sur- 1 leende

How to Become a Master of English." together with full par: prising progress.

ticulars of the Grenville Kleiser Course in Practical English and This course is the busy man's short-cut to a full expressive vocab- Mental Efficiency. alary and correct grammar. It does away with the time-consuming study of abstract rules. It teaches correct speaking and writing Name. quickly and practically.

AU lines of business, all trades, all professions, arts and sciences, Local Address. are represented among the thousands of Mr. Kleiser's students. I

Street and No. or, R. F. D. There are officers, directors and department heads of great industrial organizations as well as their subordinates. There are men


Post Office... and women, boys and girls.

1 Previous education or lack of it makes no difference.



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