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3 He sheds abroad the Father's love ;

Applies redeeming blood ;
He bids the sinner's guilt remove,

And brings him near to God. 168 The Holy Spirit invoked. L.M. 1 COME, gracious Spirit, heavenly Dove,

With light and comfort from above;
Be Thou our Guardian, Thou our Guide ;

O’er every thought and step preside. 2 Conduct us safe, conduct us far

From every sin and hurtful snare ;
Lead to Thy Word, that rules must give,

And teach us lessons how to live. 3 The light of truth to us display,

And make us know and choose Thy way;
Plant holy fear in every heart,

That we from God may ne'er depart. 4 Lead us to holiness, the road

That we must take to dwell with God ;
Lead us to Christ, the living Way,

Nor let us from His pasture stray. 5 Lead us to God, that final rest,

In His enjoyment to be blest ;
Lead us to heaven, the seat of bliss,
Where pleasure in perfection is.

REGENERATION. 169 The Old and New Creation. L.M. 1 That was a wonder-working word

Which could the vast creation raise :

Angels, attendant on their Lord,

Admired the plan, and sang His praise. 2 From what a dark and shapeless mass

All nature sprang at His command ! • Let there be light !' and light there was,

And sun, and stars, and sea, and land. 3 But man, the lord and crown of all,

By sin his honour soon defaced ;
His heart (how altered since the fall !)

Is dark, deformed, and void, and waste. 4 The new creation of the soul

Does now e'en greater power display
Than when He formed the mighty whole,

And kindled darkness into day.
170 Conquering Grace.
1 THE castle of the human heart,

Strong in its native sin,
Is guarded well in every part

By him who dwells within.
2 For Satan there in arms resides,

And calls the place his own ;
With care against assaults provides,

And rules as on a throne.
3 Thus Satan for a season reigns,

And keeps his goods in peace;
The soul is pleased to wear his chains,

Nor wishes a release.
4 But Jesus, stronger far than he,

In His appointed hour


Appears, to set His people free

From the usurper's power. 5 This heart I bought with blood,' He says,

And now it shall be mine;'
His voice the strong one armed dismays,

He knows he must resign.
6 In spite of unbelief and pride,

And self, and Satan's art,
The gates of brass fly open wide,

And Jesus wins the heart.

171 SpringRegeneration-Resurrection.

7.6 double. 1 HEAVEN smiles, and earth rejoices

Beneath the cheering rays;
And twice ten thousand voices

Sound the Creator's praise :
The fresh warm showers of spring-time

Melt winter's icy chains,
And scatter seeds of beauty

On verdant hills and plains. 2 But 'tis a brighter morning

When God, His grace to prove,
Speaks in the soul the dawning

Of everlasting love !
The power of free salvation

Drives night and guilt away ;
For 'tis a new creation,

A never-ending day.


3 And what a burst of splendour

Will on the saints arise,
When Christ their King will call them

To meet Him in the skies !
Their spirits free from sorrow,

Their bodies free from pain,
They will be like their Jesus,

And ever with Him reign.

The New Birth.

S.M. 1 UNLESS we're born again,

To heaven we cannot go ;
* By nature we're a mass of sin,

Guilt, wretchedness, and woe.
2 Unless the Holy Ghost

Immortal life impart,
Raise us from self in Christ to trust,

And give us a new heart, —
3 We cannot bliss enjoy ;

Wrath must our portion be ;
With Jesus none can reign on high,

Unless from sin set free.

L. M.


1 JESUS, the Lord of life, has said,

Indeed you must be born again,
Raised from your sins, in which you're dead,

Or with me you can never reign.
2 The life, and light, and love of God,

From Jesus we must all receive;

Be cleansed from sin in His own blood,

Or with Him we can never live.
3 God's kingdom we can never see,

Unless new creatures we are made ;
From sin and guilt we must be free,

Or sink in endless wrath and dread. 174

'Ye must be Born again.' C.M. 1 Now may the truth our minds engage

(No word was penned in vain);
'Tis written on the Sacred Page,

‘Ye must be born again.?
2 By nature all are dead in sin,

And under Satan's reign;
But God implants new life within

The sinner born again.
3 Man cannot mourn his evil heart,

Or from his sins abstain,
Until the Lord His grace impart,

And he is born again.
4 'Tis all of God's eternal love,

And great Immanuel's pain,
The Spirit brings a man to prove

He must be born again.
5 0! were the Lord to touch our eyes,

And make our ruin plain,
How should we long to realize

That we are born again ! 6 They who are brought the Lord to know,

With Him in heaven shall reign ;

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