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is the inestimable gift of God's Holy Spirit. And verily, so sure as Jesus prayed this prayer on earth unto his Father, thou, even thou, wast in his all-seeing eye, hadst a place in his loving heart, and hast an interest in his finished salvation. Therefore, be assured thou shalt most certainly be brought to glory, to ascribe sal. vation to God and the Lamb, through the happy, happy ages of a never-ending eternity. For so is the righteous challenge of our Saviour, “Father, I will that they also, whom thou hast given me, be with me where I am; that they may behold my glory,” John xvii. 24.

MARCH 16.— I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.—Psalm cxxi. 1.

The most comforting subject to a spiritual mind, the most delightful object to a spiritual eye, is "God in Christ, reconciled to us, not imputing trespasses unto us." The hills afford us a pleasing idea of Jesus. As they are elevated parts of the same earth with the lowest valley; so Jesus was found in fashion as a man; took on him the same nature, and was in all things like unto his brethren, sin only excepted.

Wherefore "God hath highly exalted him, and given him a name above every name;" (Phil. ii. 9;) even the precious name, Jesus, the Saviour. We can never dwell too much upon the human form and humble appearance of him, while we entertain the most exalted ideas of his eternal power and Godhead. "He bore our sins, and carried our sorrows;" all our help is laid upon him, all our hope is in him, and all our help cometh from him. And for the encouragement of faith, his word assures us of his love towards sinners, and his power to help them.

Soldiers of Christ, what is your chief business on earth, but to glorify God? what your daily work, but "to fight the good fight of faith, and lay hold on eternal life?" This is our calling: the light of another day

to us,

is vouchsafed us. But whither can we turn our eyes, but enemies surround us on every side? Yea, from within, as well as without. And can we experience safety, or walk in comfort, but while our eyes are up to Jesus? He is entered into heaven "to appear in the presence of God for us,” Heb. ix. 24. He

says "Look unto me, and be ye saved," Isa. xlv. 22.

The sight of sin that dwelleth in us causeth dejec. tion. Looking to our own righteousness and fancied excellence, begets pride and vain confidence. The power and subtilty of that malicious spirit, "the prince of the power of the air," is enough to make one tremble. This present evil world, with its honours, profits, and pleasures, is exactly suited to our carnal nature. Who can withstand its smiles, renounce its carnal children, and bear their reproaches? who is proof against these potent adversaries? Verily, with all knowledge received, all grace communicated, all past experience enjoyed, we shall not be able to stand, and maintain our ground, or persevere in comfort, if we are not continually lifting up our eyes and “look. ing to Jesus," as our only present help. For we are kept by his mighty power, to salvation; but let us ever remember, it is through Christ-exalting faith, 1 Pet. i. 5.

MARCH 17.—Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man.-Col. iv. 6.

"There shall not a hoof be left behind," said meek Moses to the stubborn monarch Pharaoh. All that belonged to God's children, must go with them for his service. So, the whole man, the soul with all its faculties, the body with all its members, Jesus claims for his glory and service. The tongue, though but a little member; words, though but as wind; speech, though but as sound; yet the name, the work, the love, the glory of Jesus are hereby greatly advanced in the world. As salt not only preserves from putre. faction, but also seasons flesh with an agreeable savour and relish, so doth grace in the heart the speech.

To a heart warm with the love of Jesus, and alive to his glory, why is the vain conversation of carnal company so disagreeable? Truly, the christian is out of his element. He fears getting harm. An embargo is laid on his tongue. It is his glory to shun, rather than seek such company. If, through connections in life, he cannot totally refrain from such, it is his wisdom to restrain his speech, and keep his mouth with a bridle, while the wicked is before him, that he sin not with his tongue. But we ought alway to season our speech with the grace of Jesus, to the glory of his name. The tongue is either the best or the worst member:—best, if employed in the service of Christ to warm cold hearts with his love :--worst, when it defileth the body, and is set on fire of hell.

But when saints meet, what should be the end of their conversation, but Jesus? The free favour of God in Christ, to poor sinners; the glorious doctrines of grace; their perfect consistency and blessed tendency; the comfortable work of grace, from Jesus, upon our own souls; how begun, carried on, and how it is with us now-these should ever be our delightful subjects. But this, by no means to catch applause, as though we were not in ourselves poor sinners, hanging upon and hoping in Jesus from day to day. The precious promises of grace in Christ, how immutable and establishing ! the salvation of grace by him, how uncon. ditional, and absolutely certain, to every believer! Conversing on such subjects, how savoury and relishing! Speech thus seasoned, how becoming and profitable to gracious hearts! When it is not so, it is a sad sign, that the soul is like salt that has lost its savour. This calls for great searchings of heart. “For every one shall be salted with fire, and every sacrifice shall be salted with salt," Mark ix. 49.

MARCH 18.-This is the name wherewith she shall be called, The Lord our righteousness.-Jer. xxxiii. 16.

Before days began, or years were numbered, in the book of God's election all the members of Jesus were written, "which in continuance were fashioned, when as yet there was none of them," Psalm cxxxix. 16. God's electing love would have remained an eternal secret to us, had not the Spirit of truth made it known. But, as it is revealed in the word, it is an object of our faith. And it ever will be the subject of glory and triumph, to those who possess the faith of God's elect, For faith is a blessed evidence that God hath chosen us in Christ, “ before the foundation of the world,” Eph. i. 4. Was the man Jesus, God the Father's, "elect, in whom his soul delighteth?” Isa. xlii. 1; so are all his members, loved with the same love as the Head. God gave not the Spirit by measure unto Jesus, the glorified Head of the church; but every member receives the Spirit, through Jesus, "according to the measure of the gift of Christ,” Eph. iv. 7.

Unspeakably glorious, distinguishing grace! This is the joy of believing souls: they are beloved, and chosen by God the Father; and partake of the same spirit with Jesus: yea, they also are called by the same name with him. Is Christ called, "The Lord our righteousness ?" Jer. xxiii. 6. So the church, the Lamb's wife, being married in faith and love, is called by the very same name with her Lord and Husband, The Lord our right

But some render the words, “He that shall call her to himself, is the Lord our righteousness.” Then he clothes them with the glorious robe of his own righteousness. Then his name is called upon them, for they are one with Jesus.

Angels wonder. Saints admire. O ye righteous, how astonishing is this! Ye, who by nature are children of wrath! ye, who by practice have been rebels and transgressors from the womb! yet exalted by Jesus to such a high and glorious state! Amazing love! ye


can never, never dwell enough upon the Father's love, the Son's grace, and the Spirit's calling. Glorious days of gospel light and love! While others are left wretched, in nature's pride, free-will boast, and self-righteous glorying, ye shall be saved by free-grace truth; for your Father's justice is satisfied, his law is fulfilled, your enemies are all conquered, God is at peace with you: what then can harm you? for, “as the mountains are round about Jerusalem, so Jehovah is round about his people, from henceforth even for ever," Psal. cxxv. 2.

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MARCH 19.-Look to yourselves, that we lose not those things which we have wrought, but that we receive a full reward.—2 John 8.

The salvation of God's people is certain, by his immutable love. Their safety depends on his almighty power, their confidence and glorying are in the finished work of Jesus, and their comforts are enjoyed from the Spirit's testimony of the Saviour to their hearts; as having loved, redeemed, and saved them as lost, guilty, and perishing sinners. The clearer views we have of this truth, so much the more do we cleave to Jesus. As our faith increases, our comforts are strengthened. And this is the evidence of a gracious heart, the comforts of love ever excite to care and circumspection in life and practice. A glimpse of Christ begets longing after more comfortable enjoyment of him: so also, a holy jealousy of soul, lest what is gained should be lost, in sense and enjoyment. While surrounded by false teachers, exposed to unscriptural doctrines, beset by a subtle adversary, and so nearly allied to corrupt lusts and carnal reasonings, we are ever in danger of losing sight of free-grace truths, gospel love, and the finished salvation of Jesus; so as to be moved away from the hope of the gospel, and make shipwreck of faith and a good conscience. Gospel truths and gospel grace give spring to action, life to obedience, and are the sources

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