There's a Customer Born Every Minute: P.T. Barnum's Amazing 10 "Rings of Power" for Creating Fame, Fortune, and a Business Empire Today -- Guaranteed!

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John Wiley & Sons, Dec 23, 2010 - Business & Economics - 272 pages

"Joe Vitale has created an entertaining, educational, and motivational manual-with the help of P.T. Barnum-that belongs in every hotel room alongside the Bible. Then, guests might read his inspirational book first, and give thanks to God for this worthy discovery."
—Alan Abel, media hoaxer, author, consultantand lecturer on "Using Your Wits to Win"

"If you're going to excel in business, learning about a showman like Barnum and applying some of the lessons he taught can give you valuable insights. Joe Vitale has captured ten of these lessons (he calls them 'rings of power') and shows how you can apply them in a way that will open your eyes and stretch your imagination. There's a lot of money-making and fun wisdom here."
—Joseph Sugarman, Chairman, BluBlocker Corporation

"Finally someone does it!!! Joe Vitale reveals the REAL P.T. Barnum! Vitale highlights the outrageously astute marketing of Barnum. Barnum's driving belief certainly was that there IS a customer 'born' every minute. You will glean a number of useful 'new' marketing ideas that you can instantly use in your business. And you will learn about one of the savviest marketers of a time gone by. Fun, exciting, insightful, and packed with ideas! Genius!"
—Kevin Hogan, author of The Science of Influence and The Psychology of Persuasion

"I love this book. If you'd like to know the real story about one of the most fascinating characters in American history, told by a master storyteller (and the person who probably knows more about him than anyone else), read this book. Barnum is not the guy portrayed by the legend attached to his name. He is much, much more, and Vitale tells his story with the can't-put-it-down passion and excitement he's become so well known for."
—Bill Harris, President, Centerpointe Research Institute


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The WorldFamous Matchstick Guitar
American MillionaireTwice
How I Discovered Barnums Secrets
The Amazing Story of the Cardiff Giant
Poe and Twain Pull Fast Ones
This Hoax Started a War
The Jokes on Barnum
The Story of the Ugly Fejee Mermaid
Introduced to Royalty
You Can Meet Anyone
Who Do You Know Who Knows____?
Join the Cary Salon
Dans Bake Sale
Balloon Flights and the Free Museum
Bind Me in Any Way
Why Barnum Gave Lind More Money

The Elvis Mermaid
The Fire Extinguisher That Caused a Fire
Create Alliances for Profit
How to Do It
Who Else Can Benefit?
Mangins Great Secret of Success
AttentionGetting Tricks
Why Iranistan?
Barnum Turns an Embarrassment into an Empire
The Power of a Challenge
The Real Secret
Barnum Shocks His Staff
Call Yourself Names
You Can Count on This
Start the Line
Ten Easy Ways to Grab Attention
The Worlds Oldest Formula
Arrest Public Attention
What People Really Want
The Great New Jersey Buffalo Hunt
Barnums Famous Museum
How to Give Good Feelings to People
Barnum or NoName?
Let Employees Fighton Stage
Barnum Gets Chilling News
Barnum Gets Respectable
The Value of Publicity
Toilet Paper Ends World War I
The Terrifying Bernays
The Worlds Greatest Hoaxer
How to Get Free Publicity
How Barnum Made News
Forget Yourself
How Ink Can Make You Rich
Britney Spears Helps Me
News Releases Lead to Fame
How Barnum Turned Blackmail into Gold
The Swedish Bikini Team
Its All Negotiation
Getting Schools to Sell Products
Malice in Dallas
Donkey Marketing
Friend Barnum What Is Up?
Barnum Books an Unknown Juggler
Barnum Gets Thunderstruck
Barnum Renogiates to Win
Barnums Friends Try to Rescue Him
Barely Batting an Eye
Barnum Gets Stunned
A Discovery at Barnums Grave
Understanding Barnums Message
Barnums Secret for Living at NoStress Level
The Power of Belief
The Kings Magic Ring
Barnums Daily Strength
The Greatest Marketing Tool on Earth
The BarnumTwain Queer Letters
Barnums Bestseller
Money Getting
Defending Himself
How I Gave the Talk of My Life
Barnums Incredible Speaking Tips
A Fresh Look at Barnums Rings of Power
Youre Not Barnum?
Wear the Head of Barnum
Beware of Cannibals Who Attack You
The Borrowed Genius Procedure
Barnum Tells Mark Twain His Key Secret
Chapter 1 Presenting the Greatest Marketeer of All TimePT Barnum
Barnums Rules for Success in Businessby PT Barnum
Chapter 6 Barnum Knew People Would Spend Their Last Nickel on This One Thing
Chapter 8 The Shakespeare of Advertisings Rules for Jumbo Success
Chapter 11 PT Barnums Secret for Surviving Disasters and Tragedies
Chapter 14 How PT Barnum Got Rich Right after Going Broke

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Joe Vitale is President of Hypnotic Marketing, Inc., a marketing consulting firm. His other books include The Attractor Factor, The E-Code, and Life's Missing Instruction Manual, all from Wiley. Learn more at

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