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3 · The myst'ries of redeeming grace

Are hidden from the wise,
While pride and carnal reasonings join

To swell and blind their eyes.
4 Thus doth the Lord of heaven and earth

His great decrees fulfil,
And orders all His works of grace

By His own sovereign will.
107 No Hope but in the Gospel. L.M.
1 What shall the dying sinner do,

That seeks relief for all his woe?
Where shall the guilty conscience find

Ease for the torment of the mind ?
2 How shall we get our crimes forgiven ?

Or form our natures fit for heaven?
Can souls all o'er defiled with sin

Make their own powers and passions clean ? 3 In vain we search, in vain we try,

Till Jesus brings His gospel nigh:
'Tis there such power and glory dwell

As save rebellious souls from hell.
4 Let men or angels dig the mines

Where nature's golden treasure shines ;
Brought near the doctrine of the cross,

All nature's gold appears but dross.
108 Love and Justice.

L.M. 1 'Twas love, beyond conception great,

That formed the vast stupendous plan,

Where all divine perfections meet

To reconcile rebellious man.
2 There Wisdom shines in fullest blaze,

And Justice all her rights maintains;
Astonished, angels stoop to gaze,

While Mercy o'er the guilty reigns. 3 Yes, Mercy reigns, and Justice too ;

In Christ they both harmonious meet;
He paid to Justice all its due,

And now He fills the mercy-seat. 4 Such are the wonders of the Lord,

And the amazing depths of grace ;
To save from wrath's vindictive rod

The chosen sons of Adam's race ! 109 Good News of Grace.

L.M. i Not from the azure vault we see,

With glowing stars profusely sown,
Though every star a world should be,

The character of God is known.
2 The heavens indeed His praise declare ;

They show His wisdom and His might :
But sinners see no token there

Of mercy to refresh their sight. 3 The sun that climbs the height of heaven,

And like a strong man runs his race,
No notice brings of sin forgiven,

No news to guilty man of grace.
4 How welcome then the news must be

That in the sacred page is found !

The news of mercy, rich and free,

Comes by the gospel's joyful sound. 110 Beauty of the Gospel.

L.M. 1 God, in the gospel of His Son,

Makes His eternal counsels known : 'Tis here His richest mercy shines,

And truth is drawn in fairest lines. 2 Here Jesus, in ten thousand ways,

His soul-attracting charms displays,
Recounts His poverty and pains,

And tells His love in melting strains. 3 Man's raging passions it controls,

And comfort yields to contrite souls ;
It brings a better world in view,

And guides the saint his journey through. 4 May this blest volume ever lie

Close to my heart and near my eye,
Till life's last hour my soul engage,

And be my chosen heritage ! 111 Sowing and Reaping.

L, M.

or 1 This is the field—the world below,

In which the sowers come to sow,
Jesus the wheat, Satan the tares,
For so the Word of truth declares :

And soon the reaping time will come,

And angels shout the harvest home. 2 Most awful truth! and is it so ?

Must all the world the harvest know?

All who profess are wheat or tares :
Harvest will come at unawares.

Yes, soon, etc. 3 To love my sins, a saint t appear

To grow with wheat, and be a tare-
May serve me while on earth below,
Where tares and wheat together grow!

But soon, etc. 4 But all who truly righteous be,

Their Father's kingdom then shall see,
Shine like the sun for ever there-
He that hath ears then let him hear.

For soon, etc. 112 Gospel Attraction.

C.M. 1 THERE is an ear that grace divine

Alone can make rejoice ;
May such an ear, O Lord, be mine,

Attending mercy's voice ! 2 Attracted by almighty love,

O draw me to Thy door!
Ne'er from the threshold to remove

Of grace's boundless store.
3 With holy oil anoint my heart,

And seal instruction there :
Nothing that nature can impart

Can with Thy truth compare.
4 'Tis Thine to touch the ear and eye,

For Thou hast made them both;
And Thou the virtue must supply

To cause a gracious growth.


5 Give me a humble, tender heart,

A wise, obedient ear;
Nor let me from Thy truth depart,

Or live without Thy fear. 113

Sweetness of the Gospel.
i How sweet the gospel trumpet sounds !

Its notes are grace and love ;
Its echo through the world resounds

From God's bright throne above. 2 It tells the weary soul of rest;

The poor of heavenly wealth ;
Of joy to heal the mourner's breast;

It brings the sin-sick health. 3 To sinners it proclaims a rich

Inheritance in heaven;
It speaks of boundless grace, by which
The vilest are forgiven.

The Truth makes Free.
1 TRUTH in its native beauty shines

Bright in the gospel page,
Where God's eternal deep designs

The eye of faith engage.
2 This page, a mirror fair and clear,

Reflects the Saviour's face;
Sinners behold His glory here,

And here they learn His grace.
3 In vain the dark, the carnal mind

Attempts the truth to scan;



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