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2 Let Jew and Gentile stop their mouths,

Without a murmuring word,
And the whole race of Adam stand

Guilty before the Lord.
3 In vain we ask God's righteous law

To justify us now,
Since to accuse and to condemn

Is all the law can do.
4 Jesus, how glorious is Thy grace !

For all who in Thee trust

faith receive a righteousness

That makes them truly just. 99

Healing in Jesus. 1 DEEP are the wounds which sin has made ;

Where shall the sinner find a cure ?
In vain, alas! is nature's aid ;

The work exceeds all nature's power. 2 Sin, like a raging fever, reigns

With fatal strength in every part ;
The dire contagion fills the veins,

And spreads its poison to the heart.
3 And can no sovereign balm be found ?

And is no kind physician nigh,
To ease the pain, and heal the wound,

Ere life and hope for ever fly?
4 There is a great Physician near,

And all repenting souls shall live ;
Yes, in His heavenly smiles appear
Such ease as nature cannot give.

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5 For in the Saviour's dying blood,

Life, health, and bliss abundant flow; 'Tis only this dear, sacred flood

Can ease that pain, and heal such woe. 100 Peace through Blood. C.M. 1 WHERE shall the guilty conscience go

To find a sure relief?
Can bleeding bulls or goats bestow

A balm to ease my grief ?
2 Will popish rites and penances

Release my soul from sin ?
What insufficient things are these

To calm the wrath divine !
3 In vain we seek for peace with God

By methods of our own :
There's nothing but Immanuel's blood

Can bring us near the throne.
101 Sin and Salvation.

C.M. 1 THERE is a fountain filled with sin,

From which all evil flows;
It has its poisonous spring within,–

Source of ten thousand woes.
2 It had its rise in Eden's bowers,

Ere sorrow could begin ;
Those thorns that choke the fairest flowers

Are all produced by sin.
3 But see! a fountain filled with blood

From Jesu's side doth flow;

And sinners in that precious flood

Are washed as white as snow.
4 Happy the child who feels his sin

To be his greatest grief!
For all who mourn the plague within

Shall surely find relief.

THE LAW OF GOD. 102 The Law Just and Holy. 8.7. 1 HEAR what God Himself hath spoken-

(May it pierce some sinner's soul !) He who one command has broken,

He is guilty of the whole.
2 God's good law is just and holy,

And must be completely met:
We are born in sin and folly,

How can we discharge the debt! 3 Man, alas! could never pay it,

Even if he had the will;
How can he in truth obey it

Who is only prone to ill ?
4 But the voice of condemnation,

Issued through the broken law,
In the Author of salvation

Could not find a single flaw. 5 Jesus kept the law completely ;

Paid to justice all its due ;
Mercy now abounds, and sweetly

Ransomed sinners prove it true.

103 The Law and Christ. 7.6 double. 1 At Sinai's foot assembled,

God's ancient people stood ;
They saw the flame, and trembled

To hear the voice of God.
And well might Israel wonder,

And shrink in silent awe,
When God came down in thunder

To give His holy law.
2 God yet again descended

To make His glory known,
When heaven and earth were blended

In His beloved Son.
The angels sang the story

Of peace to men below;
And sinners saw His glory,

Though veiled in human woe.
3 O what a flood of mercies

Flows from this wondrous plan !
Christ bore the penal curses

The law pronounced on man :
And now He sheds His Spirit

On all for whom He bled ;
They live by His sweet merit,
And death to them is dead.

The Good News.

7's. 1 WELCOME news the gospel brings,

Welcome news from heaven above;

Tidings from the King of kings,

Tidings full of grace and love :
2 Truth that makes the simple wise,

Truth on which the hungry feed,
Truth, the minister of joy,

Truth that makes man free indeed. 3 All this truth may reach my ear,

Yet may never touch my heart.
Without grace I've cause to fear

I shall hear the word, ‘Depart.'
Gospel Light.

S.M. 1 BEHOLD the morning sun

Begins his glorious way!
His beams through all the nations run,

And life and light convey.
2 But where the gospel comes,

It spreads diviner light;
It calls dead sinners from their tombs,

And gives the blind their sight.
106 Gospel Sovereignty.
1 JESUS, the man of constant grief,

A mourner all His days ;
His spirit once rejoiced aloud,

And turned His joy to praise :
2 'Father, I thank Thy wondrous love,

That hath revealed Thy Son
To men unlearned, and to babes

Hath made Thy gospel known.


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