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He rose, rebuked the wind and wave,

And stilled them with a word. 6 He to the storm says, 'Peace, be still !'

The raging billows cease ;
The mighty winds obey His will,

And all are hushed to peace. 83

The Widow's Son Raised.
1 A WIDOWED mother lost her son,

She had no son beside ;
He was her loved, her only one,

And he fell sick and died.
2 And many a friend shed many a tear,

But none had power to save ;
They placed the body on a bier,

To bear it to the grave.
3 When lo ! a company appears,

A band by Jesus led :
Jesus can dry the mourner's tears,

Jesus can raise the dead.
4 His heart, with tender pity moved,

Felt for the widow's grief ;
Weep not,' He said, and soon He proved

His hand could give relief. 5 He touched the bier-the mourner's eyes

Are fixed upon the Lord ;
*Young man, I say to thee, Arise,'

Is His almighty word.
6 He rises up, he speaks, he lives ;

No tear need now be shed ;


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Christ to the widowed mother gives

The child she mourned as dead.

84 The Two Malefactors. 7's. 1 Sov'REIGN grace has power alone

To subdue a heart of stone;
And the moment grace is felt,

Then the hardest heart will melt. 2 When the Lord was crucified,

Two transgressors with Him died :
One, with vile, blaspheming tongue,

Scoffed at Jesus as He hung;
3 But the other, touched with grace,

Saw the danger of his case ;
He, by grace, his God adored,

And believed upon the Lord.
4 'Lord,' he cried, remember me

When in glory Thou shalt be.'
*Soon with me,' the Lord replies,

'Thou shalt rest in Paradise.' 85 Paul's Voyage to Rome. C.M. 1 IF Paul in Cæsar's court must stand,

. He need not fear the sea, Secured from harm on ev'ry hand

By the divine decree.
2 Although the ship in which he sailed

By dreadful storms was tossed,
The promise over all prevailed,

And not a life was lost.

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3 Believers thus are tossed about

On life's tempestuous main,
But grace assures beyond a doubt

They shall their port attain.
4 Their passage lies across the brink

Of many a threat’ning wave;
The world expects to see them sink,

But Jesus lives to save.

THE FALL AND SIN. 86 The Fall of Man.

C.M. 1 On man, in His own image made,

How much did God bestow !
The whole creation homage paid,

And owned him lord below.
2 He dwelt in Eden's garden, stored

With sweets for ev'ry sense;
And there, with his descending Lord,

He walked in confidence.
3 But O, by sin how quickly changed !

His honour forfeited,
His heart from God and truth estranged,

His conscience filled with dread.
4 Now from his Maker's voice he flees,

Which was before his joy ;
And thinks to hide amidst the trees

From an all-seeing eye. 5 But grace, unasked,

his heart subdued, And all his guilt forgave;

By faith the promised Seed he viewed,

And felt His power to save. 87 Eden and the Fall.

C.M. i THERE was a lovely garden once,

A garden bright and fair ;
The sweetest flowers in Eden bloomea,

And purest joys were there.
2 Our parents in that garden dwelt,

Nor did they dwell alone;
They joyfully communed with God,

For sin was there unknown.
3 They loved to do their Maker's will,

As holy angels do;
No sinful thought, no selfish wish,

No pain or grief they knew.
4 But soon the cruel tempter came ;

They listened to his lies ;
They broke their Maker's righteous law,

And lost their Paradise. 5 They lost their bright and happy home;

And thus our world became
A world of sorrow and of sin,

Of misery and shame. 88 The Fall and its Effects. C.M. 1 WHEN Adam sinned, through all his race

The dire contagion spread ;
Sickness and death and deep disgrace

Spring from our fallen head.

2 From God and happiness we fly,

To earth and sense confined ;
Lost in a maze of misery,

Yet to our misery blind.
3 Whene'er the man begins his race,

The criminal appears;
And evil habits keep their pace

With our increasing years. 4 Corruption flows through all our veins ;

Our moral beauty's gone;
The gold is fled, the dross remains,

O sin, what hast thou done!
5 Jesus, reveal Thy pard’ning grace,

And draw our souls to Thee;
Thou art the only hiding-place

Where ruined souls can flee. 89 Original Sin Universal.

L.M. 1 All children are conceived in sin,

All prove themselves impure within ;
And all, each day that passes, show

How much the seeds of evil grow. 2 All, all the tempter's will obey,

Follow his steps the downward way,
Until the Lord His grace impart,

That moulds and fornis anew the heart. 3 Jesus the Lord alone can give

The grace by which a child can live;
All other hope is false and vain,
None enter heaven till born again.

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