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How we may learn to fear, and love,

And serve the King of kings.
75 The Widow Enriched.
1 By the poor widow's oil and meal

Elijah was sustained ;
Though small the stock, it lasted well,

For God the store maintained. 2 It seemed as if, from day to day,

They were to eat and die ;
But still, though in a secret way,

He sent a fresh supply.
3 Thus to His poor He still will give

Just for the present hour,
But for to-morrow they must live

Upon His word and power.
4 No harn or storehouse they possess,

On which they can depend ;
Yet have no cause to fear distress,

For Jesus is their Friend.

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Good Josiah.

S.M. 1 - Jeroboam's son

Some good thing we may trace, Which brought him to his grave in peace,

A sinner saved by grace.
2 This was a holy fear,

Implanted in the mind,
Which made him Israel's God revere,

And full salvation find.

3 And we are not too young

This saving change to know ;
The Spirit of the Lord alone

This good thing can bestow.
4 God hears when children pray ;

He heard Abijah's prayer :
None disappointed go away,

Who seek salvation here.
5 And when they come to die,

Peaceful their end shall be ;
Their souls, redeemed, to heav'n shall fly,

The Saviour's face to see. 77 Abijah.

L. M. 1 THINK how the young Abijah stood,

Blooming in youth, beloved of God;
This all his youthful beauty crowned,

That in him some good thing was found. 2 Almighty grace his mind renewed,

And all his soul to God subdued ;
'Twas love divine which formed his heart

To love and choose the better part.
3 'Twas mercy called him from the skies;

'Twas heav'nly teaching made him wise ; And God's bright image on his soul

Adorned, and blessed, and crowned the whole. 4 Thus lived and died this happy youth,

A monument of grace and truth : May each dear youth to pray incline, 'Lord, let Abijah's case be mine!'



Elijah Fed. 1 WHEN God's own children stand in need,

His goodness will provide supplies ;
Thus, when Elijah faints for bread,

A raven to his succour flies.
2 At God's command, with speedy wings,

The hungry bird resigns its prey,
And to the fainting prophet brings

The needful portion day by day.
3 This wonder has been oft renewed ;

And saints by sweet experience find
Their evils overruled for good,
And foes to friendly deeds inclined.



Gehazi's Sin.
1 No real advantage can proceed

From doing what is wrong ;
For if at first it should succeed,

It will not do so long.
2 Elisha's servant told a lie,

In hopes to gain some gold ;
He knew his master was not by,

And never would be told.
3 But God, with great displeasure, sees

The money thus procured ;
And for his sin, a sad disease

He all his life endured.
4 Then let us all avoid and fear

To say what is not true,

Since God can always see and hear,

And He can punish too. 80 The Hebrew Children.

P.M. 1 Good Daniel would not cease to pray,

With all his foes in view;
He called on God three times a day,

As he was used to do ;
Nor feared the power of wicked men,

Who put him in the lions' den.
2 Nor was of those beasts afraid,

Though ready to devour ;
The Lord his God, to whom he prayed,

Preserved him from their power ;
The hungry lions did not dare

To touch the holy prophet there.
3 And thus the Lord did once preserve

Three good young men of old,
Who did not dare bow down and serve

The image made of gold :
For as they feared His holy name,

He saved them from the burning flame. 81 God Helps His Servants. L.M. 1 The water stood like walls of brass,

To let the sons of Israel pass ;
And from the rock did rivers burst,

At Moses' prayer, to quench their thirst. 2 The fire, restrained by God's commands,

Could only burn His people's bands;


Too faint, when He was with then there,

To singe their garments or their hair. 3 At Daniel's feet the lions lay,

Like harmless lambs, nor touched their prey ; And ravens, which on carrion fed,

Procured Elijah flesh and bread. 4 Thus creatures only can fulfil

Their great Creator's righteous will ;
And when His children need their aid,

His purposes must be obeyed.
82 Christ Stilling the Storm.
1 A LITTLE ship was on the sea,

It was a pretty sight;
It sailed along so pleasantly,

And all was calm and bright.
2 When lo ! a storm began to rise,

The wind grew loud and strong ;
It blew the clouds across the skies,

It blew the waves along.
3 O how that little ship was tost;

It filled with water fast;
It seemed as though it would be lost,

And must go down at last.
4. And all but One were sore afraid

Of sinking in the deep;
His head was on a pillow laid,

And He was fast asleep.
5 'Master, we perish !-Master, save!'

They cried,—their Master heard ;

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