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On thy heart my love shall shine,

And my arm subdue thy foes ;
From my promise comfort take,

For my help in trouble call;
Never will I thee forsake,

Till I have accomplished all.'
3 They who know the Saviour's name,

Are for all events prepared ;
What can changes do to them

Who have such a Guide and Guard ?
Should they traverse earth around,

To the ladder still they come;
Every spot is holy ground,

God is there, and He's their home.
68 Joseph Sold into Egypt.
1 TAE Lord, how wondrous are His ways !

With humble awe repeat His praise ;
His judgments are a deep profound,

Where all our scanty thoughts are drowned. 2 See how to Jacob's favourite son

He makes His power and wisdom known ; In him the secrets of His will

He doth mysteriously fulfil.
3 His brethren hate him, and contrive

His death, by whom they all must live;
He's sold at last, and made a slave,

That he their guilty lives might save. 4 Thus Jesus doth His brethren save,

For them His precious life He gave;

L.M. S.M.

He's hated, sold, condemned, and slain,

But rises, o'er His Church to reign.
5 His brethren bow before His throne,

And all their vile transgressions own :
Jesus, their Brother Jesus, lives,

And, with a smile, their guilt forgives. 69 Joseph in Prison.

1 YES, Joseph must be sold,

A type of Christ, his Lord ;
But God was with him, we are told,

And kept him by His word.
2 How wondrous are the ways

Of Providence on earth !
The darkest and the saddest days

Are often turned to mirth.
3 One day in prison seen,

Another on the throne;
Yet every day the Lord has been

The same toward His own.
70 Adoption of Moses,
1 CALM the Hebrew infant slept,

In the ark of rashes laid,
While her watch his sister kept,

Eager to afford her aid.
2 Soon was Pharaoh's daughter seen,

With her maidens, drawing nigh,
And the ark, though small and mean,

Caught the notice of her eye.


3 There the lovely babe she saw

Just awaking from his sleep;
And, yet more her love to draw,

Ló! the babe began to weep. 4 Thus was her compassion won

By this Hebrew child forlorn ;
And the babe became her son-

Moses, from the waters drawn. 5 Rescued from a watery grave,

Moses lived to serve the Lord
Lived the chosen tribes to save,

And God's wondrous acts record. 6 He who cared for Moses thus,

Watches o'er our helplessness;
Daily He provides for us,

He our souls with peace can bless.
71 Deliverance from Egypt.
1 The righteous many trials have;

But Christ, their King and glorious Head, From all their troubles them will save,

And plague the wicked in their stead. 2 Though for a time their foes oppress,

And hem them in on every side,
Jehovah is engaged to bless

The souls that in His strength confide. 3 When mountains rise on either hand,

And Pharaoh presses hard behind,
In the deep sea, at God's command,
His people shall salvation find.


4 But lo! the vast Egyptian host,

Discovered by the morning's rays,
Lies scattered on the death-strewn coast,

While Israel shouts the song of praise. 5 Thus God, the God of Israel, sends,

Though earth and hell their way oppose,
Complete salvation to His friends,

But sure destruction to His foes.
Samson's Lion.

C.M. 1 THE lion that on Samson roared,

And thirsted for his blood,
With honey afterwards was stored,

And furnished him with food.
2 Believers, as they pass along,

With many lions meet,
But gather sweetness from the strong,

And from the eater meat.
3 The lions rage and roar in vain,

For Jesus is their shield;
Their losses prove a certain gain,

Their troubles comfort yield. 73 The Call of Samuel.

L.M. 1 ONCE in the silence of the night,

The lamp of God was clear and bright;
And there, by holy angels kept,

Samuel, the child, securely slept.
2 An unknown voice the stillness broke ;
'Samuel,' it called, and thrice it spoke ;


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He rose, he asked, Whence came the word ?

From Eli? No: it was the Lord ! 3 Thus early called to serve his God,

The paths of righteousness he trod;
Prophetic visions filled his breast,

And Israel, taught by him, were blest.
4 Speak, Lord, and from our earliest days

Incline our hearts to love Thy ways;
O let Thy voice now reach our ear!

Speak, Lord, and let Thy servants hear. 74 Solomon's Choice.

1 KING Solomon of old

A happy choice had made ;
'Twas not for life, 'twas not for gold,

Nor honours that he prayed.
2 He chose that better part

That leads to heavenly joys,
A wise and understanding heart;

And God approved the choice.
3 And though both wealth and ease,

And power and honour, came,
We find he did not gain from these

His glory and his fame.
4 Far better than his crown,

And all his grand array,
That wisdom which the Lord sent down

To guide him in his way.
5 For wisdom from above

Will teach us heavenly things ;

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