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5 Not so Thy Word-it stands secure;

The blessed truths that it contains
Eternal are, and shall endure

When nothing of this world remains.
59 Prayer for Divine Light.
1 GREAT God, when we Thy Word behold,

Its sacred truths to us unfold ;
For we can never learn aright

Without Thy gracious help and light.
2 Open our eyes, that we may see

The wondrous words declared by Thee;
Open our hearts, that we may feel

The mighty love those words reveal.
3 The saving light of life impart,

And seal Thy favour on the heart:
Give us true faith, Thy Word to prize,

And make us to salvation wise.
60 The Word of Man and of God.
i What is the chaff, the word of man,

When set against the wheat ?
Can it a dying soul sustain,

Like that immortal meat ?
2 Thy truths, O God, with heavenly bread

Thy children's needs supply ;
And those who by Thy Word are fed

Shall never, never die.
Divine Teaching.

8's. 1 O God of wisdom, God of might,

Great Ruler in the realms of light,


Whose truths are hid from prudent eyes,
But make the babe and suckling wise ;
Help us in youth, O gracious Lord,

To hear and understand Thy Word. 2 Reveal Thy Scriptures to our mind

Here let us heavenly treasures find;
Do thou these sacred leaves unfold;
Let us Thy richest grace behold :
O let Thy Spirit lead us forth,

And teach us all their endless worth! 3 Direct us, lest we judge amiss,

Lest error cloud the hidden bliss ;
Th’ engrafted

word may we receive,
And back to Thee the glory give :
O make us know, O make us hear,

The glorious tidings treasured there!
Blessed Knowledge.

L.M. 1 WHILE youths at large, in paths of woe,

Were daily adding to their crimes,
Young Timothy was taught to know

The holy Word of truth betimes. 2 Directed by this heavenly ray,

Sin's dangerous road he soon forsook ;
And on to Canaan winged his way,

Still guided by that heavenly Book.
3 Ye youths, behold th' example given,

And ponder well each worthy deed :
O may you prize God's Word from heaven,
And pray for light whene'er you read !

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God's Precious Word.
1 PRECIOUS Bible, Book divine !

God's own mind to man revealed ;
May the Holy Spirit shine

On this soul-enriching field !
2 Precious Bible, Book of truth !

Telling of a Saviour's love;
O that in the days of youth

We its hidden wealth may prove !
3 Teach us, Lord, Thy Word to prize,

By Thy blest instruction given ;
Thou canst make us truly wise

To discern the path to heaven.
64 God's Word a Guide. 8.7.4.
1 TEACH us, Lord, in life's fair morning,

To revere Thy holy Word ;
May its counsels yield us warning,
Deeply in our memory stored :

Heavenly wisdom
Graciously to us afford.
2 Its bright treasures may we covet,

Kept from soul-ensnaring pride ;
Teach us in our hearts to
Far above all books beside :

Through life's dangers
May Thy Word our footsteps guide !

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7.6. 1 SEE the first brothers standing,

Each with his offerings brought:
Say, will the Lord accept them

În their own deed and thought ?
2 The elder one approaches;

The product of his land
He offers the Almighty,

And there he takes his stand.
3 And now draws near the younger,

In faith, with loving heart,
Presents a living offering,

Of his own flock a part.
4 The elder scorns the dealing

Of God, his Maker, then :
His face betrays the anger

Of a murderer of men.
5 That man shall be accepted

Who, being taught of God,
Comes to the throne of mercy

By the Redeemer's blood.
The De

8.7.4. 1 Let us now in contemplation

Mark the havoc sin has made ;
O what dreadful desolation
Does the works of God invade !

While in ruins
All the world at once is laid.

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2 O'er the highest hills prevailing,

See the streaming rains descend ;
All the hopes of mortals, failing,
In despair and ruin end :

*On what refuge
Shall the sinner now depend ?
3 Yet, amid this scene distressing,

Those who in the ark reside,
Full security possessing,
Fearless view the swelling tide :

O how favoured
They who in the ark abide !
4 Such is Christ to true believers :

He from that o'erwhelming flood
Of approaching wrath delivers
By His sweet atoning blood.

In Him only
Can we find a safe abode.

Jacob's Ladder. 7's double. 1 WHEN from Esau Jacob fled,

Though his pillow was a stone,
And the ground his humble bed,

Yet he was not left alone.
Lo! he saw a ladder reared,

Reaching to the heavenly throne ;
At the top the Lord appeared,

Spake, and claimed him for His own. 2 'Fear not, Jacob, thou art mine,

And my presence with thee goes ;


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