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Thy truth outlives the narrow bounds

Where time and nature end.
2 Thy hand sustains all living things :

Thy providence how kind!
Beneath the shadow of Thy wings

Thy children safety find. 3 From Thee, when earthly streams run

And mortal comforts die,
Perpetual springs of life shall flow,

And raise their pleasures high. 4 Though all created light decay, And death close


Thy presence makes eternal day

Where clouds can never rise.

None like God.

C.M. 1 NONE is like God, who reigns above,

So great, so pure, so high ;
None is like God, whose name is love,

And who is always nigh.
2 In all the earth there is no spot

Excluded from His care ;
We cannot go where God is not,

For He is everywhere.
3 He sees us when we are alone,

Though no one else can see ;
And all our thoughts to Him are known,

Wherever we may be.

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The Best Volume. 1 GREAT God, with wonder and with praise,

Upon Thy works we look;
But still Thy wisdom, power, and grace

Shine brightest in Thy book.
2 The stars that in their courses roll

Have much instruction given ; But Thy good Word informs the soul

The way to life and heaven. 3 The fields provide us food, and show

The goodness of the Lord ; But fruits of life and

glory grow In Thy most holy Word. 4 Here we are taught how Christ has died,

To save from death and hell; Not all the books on earth beside

Such heavenly wonders tell.
5 Then let us love our Bible more,

And take a fresh delight
By day to read these wonders o'er,

And meditate by night.
46 The Lamp of Life.
1 How precious is the Book divine,

By inspiration given !
Bright as a lamp its doctrines shine,

To guide our souls to heaven.
2 Its light, descending from above,

Our gloomy world to cheer,


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Displays a Saviour's boundless love,

And brings His glories near.
3 It shows to man his wandering ways,

And where his feet have trod;
And brings to view the matchless grace

Of a forgiving God.
4 When once it penetrates the mind,

It wars with every sin ;
Th' enlightened soul begins to find

Two striving powers within.
5 It sweetly cheers poor sinners' hearts

In this dark vale of tears ;
Life, light, and joy it still imparts,

And quells their rising fears. 6 May this bright lamp through all the night

Öf earth direct our way,
Till we behold the clearer light

Of an eternal day! 47

Buy the Truth.
1 O may we love the Bible !

God's holy Book of truth,
The blessed staff of hoary age,

The guide of early youth ;
The lamp that sheds a glorious light

On else a dreary road;
The word that speaks a Saviour's love,

And shows the way to God.
2 O may we love the Bible !

For it alone can tell



The way that ruined souls are saved

From Satan, sin, and hell :
In words of truth it tells us how

Lost souls ascend to heaven ;-
That all who trust in Jesus' blood,

Their sins are all forgiven. 30 may we love the Bible !

That tells of Jesus' love;
Who came to earth for such to die,

And pleads for them above ;
Who bore dread sins of every dye

Upon the cursed tree,
And sends the Holy Spirit down,

That sinners may be free. 48

Search the Scriptures. 1 'Go, search the Scriptures,' saith the Lord,

“They testify of Me ;' 'Tis truth's eternal great record,

From every error free. 2 There the eternal Godhead shines

With bright, refulgent rays; There beam Jehovah's great designs,

From everlasting days.
3 There the great gospel scheme behold,

Chief of the works of God ;
Replete with grace, and love untold,

And pardon bought with blood. 40

may the Spirit's influence sweet
Shine on the glorious whole ;


Its precept guide my roving feet,

Its promise feast my soul ! 49 The Word of Truth.

L, M. 1 This is the word of truth and love,

Sent to the nations from above;
Jehovah here resolves to show

What His almighty grace can do.
2 This remedy did wisdom find

To heal diseases of the mind;
This sovereign balm, whose virtues can

Restore the ruined creature, man.
3 The gospel bids the dead revive ;

Sinners obey the voice, and live ;
Dry bones are raised, and clothed afresh,

And hearts of stone are turned to flesh.
4 If but this grace my soul renew,

Let sinners gaze, and hate me too !
The word that saves me does engage

A sure defence from all their rage.
50 The Bible Inspired.

L.M. 1 ETERNAL Spirit, 'twas Thy breath

The oracles of truth inspired,
And kings, and lofty seers of old,

With strong prophetic impulse fired. 2 Filled with

Thy great almighty power, Their lips with heavenly science flowed ; Their hands a thousand wonders wrought, Which bore the signature of God.

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