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34 Thou, God, Seest me (Gen. xvi. 13). L.M. 1 LORD, Thou hast search'd and seen me

through! Thine eye commands, with piercing view, My rising and my resting hours,

My heart and flesh, with all their powers. 2 My thoughts, before they are my own,

Are to the Lord distinctly known;
He knows the words I mean to speak,

Ere from my opening lips they break. 3 Within Thy circling power I stand ;

On every side I find Îhy hand;
Awake, asleep, at home, abroad,

I am surrounded still with God. 35

God Everywhere.
1 AMONG the deepest shades of night,

Can there be one who sees my way ?
Yes! God is like a shining light,

That turns the darkness into day.
2 When every eye around me sleeps,

May I not sin without control ?
No! for a constant watch He keeps

O’er every thought of every soul.
3 If I could find some cave unknown,

Where human feet had never trod,
Yet there I could not be alone;
On every side there would be God.
4 He smiles in heaven, He frowns in hell ;

He fills the air, the earth, the sea ;



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I must within His presence dwell ;

I cannot from His anger flee. 36

Greatness of God. 1 'Twas God who made the earth and skies ;

Great are the wonders of His hand;
He is more glorious, good, and wise,

Than any child can understand.
2 Bright angels bow before His face,

And saints stand waiting round His throne;
And in that holy, happy place,

No sinful thoughts or words are known. 3 If we are taught His name to fear,

And brought to know His love and grace,
We shall His majesty revere,

And bow with awe before His face.
37 God Great and Good.
1 GREAT God, how wonderful art Thou,

In all Thy works and ways !
To Thee should all Thy creatures bow,

And meditate Thy praise.
2 The summer's heat, the winter's cold,

The seasons all proclaim,
As each their various scenes unfold,

Thy goodness still the same.
3 Thy mighty hand, Thy watchful care,

Direct each fleeting hour,
And nature's countless forms declare

Thy wisdom, love, and power.


4 But in the Saviour's work divine

We learn the wondrous plan,
Where justice, love, and mercy join,

To save rebellious man. 38 The Mighty Ruler.

C.M. 1 GREAT Ruler of all nature's frame,

We own Thy power divine ;
We hear Thy breath in every storm,

For all the winds are Thine. 2 Wide as they sweep their sounding way,

They work Thy sovereign will ;
And, awed by Thy majestic voice,

Are stayed, and hushed, and still. 3 Thy mercy, Lord, can calm the storm ;

And they who seek Thy face,
Hear, mingled with the tempest's roar,

The whispers of Thy grace.
4 Those gentle whispers may we hear

Till our short life shall cease;
Until our favoured souls are brought

To realms of endless peace ! 39 The Glory of God.

C.M. 1 How glorious is our heavenly King,

Who reigns above the sky!
How shall a child presume to sing

His dreadful majesty!
2 How great His power is none can tell,

Nor think how large His grace ;


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Not men below, nor saints that dwell

On high before His face.
3 Not angels, that stand round the Lord,

Can search His secret will ;
But they perform His heavenly word,

And sing His praises still. 40

God Omniscient.
1 God is in heaven! Can He see

When I am doing wrong?
Yes, that He can ; He looks at thee

All day and all night long.
2 God is in heaven! Would He know

If I should tell a lie ?
Yes, though thou saidst it very low,

He'd hear it in the sky.
3 God is in heaven! Does He spare,

Or is He good to me?
Yes ; all thou hast to eat or wear,

'Tis God that gives it thee.
The Love of God.

L.M. 1 The God of glory dwells on high ;

He rules the armies of the sky;
Ten thousand thousand round Him stand,

Obedient to their King's command. 2 The God of glory, moved by love,

Descends in mercy from above;
And He before whom angels bow
Is found a man of grief below.

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3 This love is great, too great for thought;

Its length and breadth in vain are sought; No tongue can tell its depth and height;

The love of God is infinite.
4 But though His love no measure knows,

The Saviour to His people shows
Enough to give them joy when known,

Enough to make their hearts His own. 5 Constrained by this, they walk with Him ;

His love their most delightful theme;
To glorify Him here their aim ;

Their hope in heaven to praise His name.
God Unsearchable.

C.M. 1 ALMIGHTY God, Thy wondrous works

Of providence and grace
An angel's perfect mind exceed,

And all our pride abase.
2 Stupendous heights ! amazing depths!

Creatures in vain explore ;
Or if a transient glimpse we gain,

'Tis faint, and quickly o'er.
3 Though all these mysteries lie concealed

Beyond what we can see,
Grant us the knowledge of ourselves,

The knowledge, Lord, of Thee ! 43 God's Mercy Boundless. C.M. 1 ABOVE the heaven's created rounds

Thy mercies, Lord, extend ;

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