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383 Honoured Work.

C.M. 1 BE ours the bliss in wisdom's way

To guide untutored youth ;
And show the mind which went astray

The Way, the Life, the Truth.
2 Thy Spirit, Lord, upon us shed,

To bless this good design ;
The honours of Thy Name be spread,

And be the glory Thine.
384 Instruction of Children.
1 LET children hear the mighty deeds

Which God performed of old ;
Which in our younger years we saw,

And which our fathers told.
2 He bids us make His glories known,

His works of power and grace;
And 'tis our happy privilege
To teach the rising race.



385.s teachers of the casting race,

O Lord, we supplicate Thy grace ;
Assured that all our toil is vain,

Unless we heavenly influence gain, 2 But if Thy blessing Thou impart,

The shades of error will depart,
And night's dark shadows flee away

Before the glorious orb of day. 386 Sowing and Increase.

L.M. 1 GREAT God, our feeble efforts own,

And crown our labours with success!

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L. M.

Grant that the seed in weakness sown

May soon be raised in righteousness. 2 On babes and children mercy show,

And let their souls before Thee live ;
For we may plant and water too,

But Thou alone canst increase give. 3 Seal our instructions on each heart,

And teach them to observe Thy ways;
Teach them to choose the better part,'

And serve Thee in their youthful days. 4 Then we and they, when time shall end,

Shall joyful meet Thee in the sky;
Before Thy gracious footstool bend,

And praise Thee to eternity. 387 Holy Spirits Power. 1 GREAT God, while we surround Thy throne,

And joint petitions heavenward rise,
Our mingled supplications own,

Perfumed by Jesus' sacrifice. 2 Spirit Divine, Thy holy fire

Diffuse through every waiting breast;
Our various en ies pire

And be our labours largely blest. 388

Acts x. 38. 1 DEAR Jesus, whose servants we are,

Look down on our labour of love; Drive pride and presumption afar,

And make us what Thou wilt approve ; Give hearts full of pity divine,

With eyes that look only to Thee ;


Give feet which shall always incline

To walk where Thy footsteps we see. 2 Give hands that shall gladly unite

In all Thou hast called us to do ;
And may we, with growing delight,

The track of our Master pursue :
And when our short course shall be run,

And we are removed to our rest,
May we hear the glad sentence, 'Well done!'

And so be eternally blest. 389 Prayerful Expectation. L.M. 1 Now, gracious Lord, we lift our eyes

To where our expectation lies ;
We now our work to Thee resign,

And humbly wait to witness Thine. 2 'Tis Thine alone to truly bless,

To crown our efforts with success,
To own instruction we have given,

To guide through life, and lead to heaven. 3 Teach us to take our proper seat,

Disciples at the Saviour's feet;
And watchful, prayerful, gain from thence

What we to others may dispense. 390 Promised Blessing. 7's. 1 God of union, God of love !

With Thy sanctifying power,
From the realms of light above,

Bless us in this solemn hour.
2 Bless our tender charge ! impart

What shall most to Thee incline ;


O reclaim each wandering heart,

Seal them, seal them, ever Thine ! 3 Make us faithful to the end,

Whilst our labours we fulfil ;
And the promised blessing send,

Like the dew on Hermon's hill.
391 Fears and Hopes.
1 DEAR Lord, above our rising fears

Thy promise rises high,
Which says that they who sow in tears

Shall surely reap in joy. 2 That promise, Lord, we now would plead

Before Thy gracious throne ;
And well we know the strength we need

Must come from Thee alone.
3 Refresh us when our faith is weak,

And darkness clouds the mind ;
Hast Thou not said that they who seek

Shall in due season find ? 4 May the

dear children, drawn by grace, Hear Thy majestic voice ; Then will our grief to joy gite place,

And we in Thee rejoice. 392 Prayer-Meeting.

8.7.4. 1 THANKS to Him who now permits us

In His gracious Name to meet ;
Who for conflict arms and fits us,
Else for such a work unfit;

In His service
· Loss is gain, and pain is sweet.


L. M.

2 Thankful for Thy kind permission

To appear before Thy throne,
Lord, we come with our petition,
Though with claim and merit none;

All we ask for

Is the fruit of grace alone. 393 Parents' or Teachers' Prayer. 1 DEAR Lord, bow down Thy gracious ear,

Regard our poor imperfect prayer;
Bless our beloved rising race,

And crown their souls with saving grace. 2 Before our eyes are closed in death,

Or we to God resign our breath,
O that we may our children see

By grace inclined to follow Thee ! 394 For Continued Success, L.M. 1 0 David's Son, and David's Lord,

From age to age Thou art the same ;
Thy gracious presence now afford,

And teach our youth to know Thy Name. 2 Ere long we hope to be where care,

And sin, and sorrow, never come ;
But o accept our humble prayer,

That these may praise Thee in our room ! 3 Show them how vile they are by sin,

And wash them in Thy cleansing blood ;
O make them willing to be Thine,

And be to them a cov'nant God !
4 Long may Thy light and truth remain

To bless this place when we are gone ;

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