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6 Great God! how infinite art Thou !

What worthless worms are we!
Let the whole race of creatures bow

And pay their praise to Thee. 26

God is Good.
1 Now let our infant voices raise

(By Him with power endued)
To God a hymn of grateful praise,

And sing that God is good.
2 He made the sea, the mountains high,

The sun's refulgent flood;
And all beneath His azure sky

Tells us that God is good.
3 Our rosy health and bounding limbs,

Our pleasures and our food,
Are freely given to us by Him,

that God is good.
4 And all His ways of providence,

Though oft misunderstood,
When reason bows to flesh and sense,

Proclaim that God is good.
5 But if we taste His sov'reign grace,

And His salvation prove,
Eternal mercy we shall trace,

And sing that God is love! 27 Infinity of Jehovah. 1 SHALL foolish, weak, short-sighted man

Beyond bright seraphs go,

And prove


The great Almighty God explain,

Or to perfection know?
2 His attributes divinely soar

Above the creature's sight;
And prostrate seraphim adore

The glorious Infinite.
3 Jehovah's everlasting days,

They cannot numbered be;
Incomprehensible the space

Of thine immensity;
4 Thy wisdom's depths by reason's line

În vain we strive to sound,
Or stretch our labouring thoughts t'assign

Omnipotence a bound.
5 The brightness of Thy glories leaves

Description far below;
Nor man nor angel's heart conceives

How deep Thy mercies flow.
6 Thy love is most unsearchable,

Ånd dazzles all above;
They gaze, but cannot count or tell

The treasures of Thy love. 28 God Unchangeable. 1 THROUGH endless years Thou art the same,

0 Thou eternal God !
Ages to come shall know Thy name,

And tell Thy works abroad.
2 The strong foundations of the earth

Of old by Thee were laid ;

C.M. C.M.

Thy hands the beauteous arch of heaven

With wondrous skill have made.
3 Soon shall this goodly frame of things,

Formed by Thy powerful hand,
Be like a vesture laid aside,

And changed at Thy command. 4 Thy bright perfections all divine,

Ěternal as Thy days,
Through everlasting ages shine,

With undiminished rays. 29

God Knoweth us. 1 Thou God of justice, power, and grace,

Who would not fear Thy name?
Thine omnipresence fills all space,

Thine eyes through nature flame. 2 No secret thought can ever shun

The notice of Thine eye;
From Thee concealed no act be done,

For Thou art ever nigh.
3 Thine eye surveys the ground I tread,

Whene'er I rove abroad;
Within the curtains of my bed

I lie in sight of God. 80 No Hiding from God. 7's. 1 LITTLE children should obey

Everything their parents (teachers] say;
God is watching all day long,
Whether they do right or wrong.

2 Every action He can tell ;

Every secret thought as well ;
Nothing that we do or try

Can escape His searching eye.
God Omnipresent.

C.M. 1 LORD, how Thy wonders are displayed

Where'er I turn my eye!
If I survey the ground I tread,

Or gaze upon the sky!
2 There's not a plant or flower below

But makes Thy glories known;
And clouds arise, and tempests blow,

By order from Thy throne.
3 All creatures, numerous as they be,

Are subject to Thy care;
There's not a place where we can flee,

But God is present there. 4 In heaven He shines with beams of

With wrath in hell beneath,
'Tis on His earth I stand or move,

And 'tis His air I breathe.


32 Searcher of Hearts.
1 ONE glance of Thine, eternal Lord,

Pierces all nature through ;
Nor heaven, nor earth, nor hell afford

A shelter from Thy view.

2 The mighty whole, each smaller part,

At once before Thee lies;
And every thought of every heart

Is open to Thine eyes. 3 Though greatly from myself concealed,

Thou seest my inward frame;
To Thee I always stand revealed

Exactly as I am.
All Seen by God.

S.M. 1 THE word of Christ the Lord,

With whom we have to do,
Is sharper than a two-edged sword,
To pierce the sinner

through !
2 Swift as the lightning's blaze

When awful thunders roll,
It fills the conscience with amaze,

And penetrates the soul.
3 He sees His people's fears,

He notes their mournful cry;
He counts their sighs and falling tears,

And helps them from on high.
4 He sees the wicked too,

And will repay them soon,
For all the evil deeds they do,

And all they would have done.
5 Since all our secret ways

Are marked and known by Thee,
Afford us, Lord, Thy light of grace,

That we ourselves may see.

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