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2 But, hark ! amid the joyful song

Those happy voices raise,
Ten thousand thousand infant tongues

Unite, and perfect praise.
3 Soon must our earthly course be run,

Our mortal frames decay ;
Teachers and children, one by one,

Must fade, and pass away.
4 O may the deeply solemn thought

On every heart remain-
We cannot to this heaven be brought

Unless we're born again! 333 Happiness of Heaven. 8.7.4. 1 CHILDREN who are gone to glory,

Mingle now their sweetest strains ;
They, with countless choirs of angels,
Filí with praise the heavenly plains ;

Songs triumphant
Tune their harps where Jesus reigns.
2 While on earth they had afflictions,

Natures vile, and tempting foes ;
Now, secure from every danger,
They enjoy a sweet repose ;

Peace eternal
Now succeeds to all their woes.
3 Be it our concern to follow

All their upward footsteps here;
And, like them, to know a Saviour,
Feel His love and learn His fear ;

That in glory
with them, may there appear.


334 Jesus in Heaven.
1 HEAVEN is that pure and blissful place

Where God the Saviour reigns;
And where the children of His grace

Praise Him in endless strains. 2 With heavenly zeal each bosom glows,

Pure love inspires each breast; With lively joy each heart o'erflows,

Through the bright realms of rest. 3 The Lamb of God on Calvary slain,

For sinners doomed to die,
Does there in brightest glory reign,

And fills all heaven with joy.
4 Redeemed spirits cast their crowns

In rapture at His feet; And seraphs bright, and powers, and thrones,

His highest praise repeat. 5 O may we reach that blissful place,

And join that glorious throng ! Then will we praise redeeming grace In one eternal song.

Saints in Glory. 1 How bright these glorious spirits shine !

Whence all their bright array ? How came they to the blissful seats

Of everlasting day? 2 Lo! these are they from sufferings great,

Who came to realms of light,
And in the blood of Christ have washed

Those robes which shine so bright.



3 Now, with triumphal palms, they stand

Before the throne on high,
And serve the God they love, amidst

The glories of the sky.
4 His presence fills each heart with joy,

Tunes every voice to sing ;
By day, by night, the sacred courts

With glad hosannas ring.
5 Hunger and thirst are felt no more,

Nor suns with scorching ray ;
God is their sun, whose cheering beams

Diffuse eternal day.
6 In pastures green He'll lead His flock

Where living streams appear, And God the Lord from every eye

Shall wipe off every tear. 336 Heaven.

8's. 1 WE speak of the realms of the blest,

That country so bright and so fair ; *And oft are its glories confessed,

But what must it be to be there? 2 We speak of its pavements of gold,

Its walls decked with jewels so rare ;
Its wonders and beauties untold,

But what must it be to be there? 3 We speak of its freedom from sin,

From sorrow, temptation, and care ;
From trials without and within,-

But what must it be to be there? 4 We speak of its service of love,

The robes which the glorified wear ;

The Church of the first-born above,

But what must it be to be there? 5 Do Thou, Lord, 'midst pleasure and woe,

For heaven our spirits prepare ;
And shortly we also shall know

And feel what it is to be there. -337 Happiness of Heaven. C.M. 1 Far from these narrow scenes of night,

Unbounded glories rise ;
And realms of infinite delight,

Unknown to mortal eyes.
2 Fair, distant land ! could mortal eyes

But half its joys explore,
How would our spirits long to rise,

And dwell on earth no more !
3 There pain and sickness never come,

And grief no more complains ;
Health triumphs in immortal bloom,

And endless pleasure reigns.
4 No cloud those blissful regions know,

For ever bright and fair!
For sin, the source of mortal woe,

Can never enter there.
5 There no alternate night is known,

Nor sun's faint, sickly ray;
But glory, from the sacred throne,

Spreads everlasting day.
6 Prepare us, Lord, by grace divine,

For Thy bright courts on high ;
Then bid our spirits rise, and join

The chorus of the sky.




338 Many Mansions.
1 BEYOND, beyond the glitt'ring stars,

There, where eternal ages shine,
Jesus for every saint prepares

Mansions of glory, joys divine. 2 Blest mansions ! fixed beyond the bounds

Of sin and sorrow, woe and pain ;
Where peace, and love, and joy resounds,
Where Christ and saints for ever reign.

CHRIST'S SECOND COMING. 339 Sheep and Goats. 1 WHEN Christ shall come to take His throne,

And judge the sons of men, Each soul of man will stand alone

Before His glory then.
2 His friends shall be from sorrow free,

His foes of hope bereft ;
The sheep will stand at His right hand,

The goats upon the left.
3 O what a gulf will then divide

The saints and sinners there!
These shall in His sweet likeness shine,

Those sink in deep despair.
4 Grant, gracious God, before we tread

The dark and silent grave,
That we to Jesus may be led,

To prove Thy power to save ! 340 Second Coming.

7's double. i HARK! that shout of rapt'rous joy,

Bursting forth from yonder cloud ;

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