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4 From pain and sorrow free

Are all who dwell therein ;
Bright city! thither would I flee,

Far from the reach of sin.
5 There shall the chosen race

Spend an unending day ;
The Sun of Righteousness shall chase

All gloominess away.
6 When earth's dim scenes are o'er,

And desert life shall cease,
O may we reach that happy shore,

Ånd conflict change for peace !

L.M. 1 It hath not fully yet appeared

What blessedness to saints is given ;
No eye hath seen, nor ear hath heard,

Nor heart conceived, the joys of heaven. 2 In heaven itself, and there alone,

The joys of heaven are understood ;
Where saints shall know as they are known,

And shall behold the face of God. 3 A sight of Him His people fills

With transports never known before ;
They feel no wants, they fear no ills,

And sin and sorrow are no more.
326 The Griefless Clime.
1 THERE is a glorious world above,

Where sorrow is unknown;
A city bright, a land of love,

Formed for the saints alone.



2 There gates of pearl, and streets of gold,

Will meet their wondering sight;
And music sweet, and bliss untold,

Will fill them with delight.
3 There happy spirits sigh no more ;

All tears are wiped away ;
The Saviour's name they now adore

Through one eternal day.
4 There pilgrims meet from every land,

Their toils and troubles o'er;
And friends, in one delightful band,

Are joined to part no more.
327 Children in Heaven.
1 YES; there are little ones in heaven,

Who once were here below;
Their bodies died, but Christ has given

Their souls release from woe.
2 And now they see His lovely face

Who washed them from their sin ; They sing His free unbounded grace,

Which took young children in. 3 They needed cleansing in His blood

The Lamb on Calvary slain ; Nor young nor old can go to God

Unless they're born again. 328

Tune : 'There is a happy land.'
1 THERE is a peaceful clime,

A land of love ;
Beyond the griefs of time,

In heaven above :



There shine Immanuel's rays
Unto everlasting days ;
There seraphs shout His praise,

And feel His love.
2 And in that blissful place,

At His right hand,
Saints see their Saviour's face,

A ransomed band :
He found them here below,
Made them feel their sin and woe ;
Now His sweet love they know

In that fair land.
3 Now free from sin above,

They sing His grace ;
'Twas all of His own love

They sought His face :
O with what joy they tell
Jesus saved their souls from hell,
That they with Him might dwell

In that bright place!
4 Lord, to my soul reveal

Thy love divine !
I would for ever dwell

In heaven with Thine !
Ne'er let this throbbing heart
Hear that solemn word-Depart!
The joy of heaven Thou art-

Jesus, be mine! 329 Heaven Holy.

C.M. 1 HEAVEN is a holy, happy place,

Where saints and angels dwell ;

They see with joy their Maker's face,

They love His service well.
2 They love each other, and delight

Each other's bliss to share ;
In sweetest songs they all unite,

Not one is silent there. 3 They praise the Lord, their heavenly King,

In many a holy strain ;
The praises of the Lamb they sing,

The Lanıb for sinners slain.
Rev. vii. 9-17.

7's double. 1 Who are those in bright array,

This innumerable throng,
Round the altar night and day,
Tuning their triumphant song?-
Worthy is the Lamb once slain,
Blessing, honour, glory, power,
Wisdom, riches, to obtain,

New dominion every hour.'
2 These through fiery trials trod;

These through great afflictions came ;
Now before the

throne of God,
Sealed with His eternal name,
Clad in raiment pure and white,

Victor palms in ev'ry hand,
3 They, before diseased, unknown,

More than conquerors they stand.

Through their great Redeemer's might,
On immortal fruits now feed ;
Them the Lamb amidst the throne
Shall to living fountains lead.


Joy and gladness banish sighs ;
Perfect love dispels their fears,
And for ever from their eyes

God shall wipe away all tears.
331 Glory of Heaven.
1 AROUND the throne of God in heaven

Thousands of children stand ;
Children whose sins are all forgiven,
A holy, happy band,

Singing, Glory, glory, glory!
· 2 What brought them to that world above,

That heaven so bright and fair, · Where all is peace, and joy, and love ?

How came those children there?

Singing, etc.
3 Because the Saviour shed His blood

To wash away their sin ;
Bathed in that pure and precious flood,
Behold them white and clean ;

Singing, etc. 4 On earth they sought their Saviour's grace,

On earth they loved His name ;
And now they see His blessèd face,
And stand before the Lamb ;

Singing, etc.
332 Praise of Heaven.

C.M. 1 THERE is a glorious world of light

Above the starry sky,
Where saints departed, clothed in white,

Adore the Lord most high.

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