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4 Jesus, the mighty Saviour, lives,

And He has conquered death and hell ;
This truth substantial comfort gives,

And dying saints can sing, 'Tis well ! 316 Only Support in Death. 1 LET reason vainly boast her power

To teach her children how to die, The sinner, in a dying hour,

Needs more than wisdom can supply: A view of Christ, the sinner's Friend,

Alone can cheer him in his end. 2 When nature sinks beneath disease,

And every earthly hope is fled, What then can give the sinner ease,

And make him love a dying bed ? Jesus, Thy smile his heart can cheer;

He's blest e'en then if Thou art near. 317 Hope beyond the Grave. C.M. 1 THERE is an hour when we must go

Beneath the gloomy wave;
O may we have, while here below,

A hope beyond the grave !
2 To God we soon shall have to yield

The breath that first He gave;
May Jesus be in us revealed

Å hope beyond the grave.
3 From Thee, Almighty Saviour, now

May we this blessing crave;
A light in darkness, Lord, be Thou,

Our hope beyond the grave.

4 Thy voice alone must bid us live ;

No other arm can save ;
No other power but Thine can give

A hope beyond the grave. 318 Contrast in Death.

L.M. 1 WHAT scenes of horror and of dread

Await the sinner's dying bed !
Death's terrors all appear in sight,

Forerunners of eternal night.
2 His sins in dreadful order rise,

And fill his soul with sad surprise ;
Mount Sinai's thunder stuns his ears,

And not one ray of hope appears.
3 Tormenting pangs distract his breast;

Where'er he turns he finds no rest :
Death strikes the blow; he groans and cries,

And, in despair and horror, dies.
4 Not so the heir of heavenly bliss,-

His soul is filled with conscious peace;
A steady faith subdues his fear;

He sees the happy Canaan near.
5 His mind is tranquil and serene ;

No terrors in his looks are seen ;
His Saviour's smile dispels the gloom,

And smooths his passage to the tomb. 319 Death of a Gracious Child. L.M 1 How blest are they who early know

A sweet release from all below!
Whose sun before 'tis noon declines,
To rise where cloudless glory shines !

2 How sweet the Shepherd's voice ! how kind,

To bid them leave the world behind,
Preserved from all its toils and harms

By Him who folds them in His arms ! 3 Too frail to meet its wintry storms,

And sorrow in its varied forms,
He calls the little ones to rest

Eternally upon His breast.
4 No longer may they linger here,

To tread this cold, ungenial sphere ;
The Master, in His wisdom, sees

An early heaven is best for these.
5 There safely sheltered now, they miss

The turmoil of a world like this ;
Obtain the victory ere they fight,
And walk with Jesus Christ in white.



Death of a Young Person.


1 WHEN blooming youth is snatched away

By death's resistless hand,
Our hearts the mournful tribute pay,

Which pity must demand.
2 While pity prompts the rising sigh,

O may this truth, impressed
With solemn power, 'I too must die,'

Sink deep in every breast !
3 Great God I Thy sovereign grace impart,

With cleansing, healing power ;
This only can prepare the heart

For death's surprising hour.



1 AND am I born to die,

To lay this body down?
And must my trembling spirit fly

Into a world unknown?
2 Soon as from earth I go,

What will become of me?
Eternal happiness or woe

Must then my portion be.
3 I must from God be driven,

Or with the Saviour dwell;
Must come, at His command, to heaven,

Or else depart to hell. 322 Death of the Righteous. L.M. 1 SEE! while the saint expiring lies,

Upward he lifts his longing eyes ;
In praise he spends his latest breath,

Triumphs in pain, and sings in death.
2 0 who can tell what secret

power Supports him in the gloomy hour ? What unseen hand is with him there,

Or whence proceeds that cheerful air ?
3 A smile upon his lips appears ;

His face a heavenly aspect wears ;
Each grief removed, each sin forgiven,

On earth he sees the dawn of heaven.
4 Sinners behold, and wondering cry,

Thus, like the righteous, let me die!'
But such an end they'll never find,
Who leave not such a life behind.

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323 No Night in Heaven.
1 HAPPY the children who are gone

To live with Jesus Christ in peace;
Who stand around His glorious throne,

Redeemed by blood and saved by grace ! 2 The Saviour, whom they loved below,

Hath kindly wiped their tears away ;
No sin, no sorrow there they know,

But dwell in one eternal day.
3 There to their golden harps they sing,

While tens of thousands join their songs;
Hosanna to th' eternal King,

To whom immortal praise belongs. 4 Lord, grant Thy grace, and then shall we

Be brought with them in bliss to join,
Thy lovely countenance to see,

And sing Thy mercies all divine ! 324 The Fairest Land.

S.M. 1 There is a land more fair

Than this we now behold; 'Tis everlasting summer there;

Its glories can't be told.
2 A clime far more serene

Is that beyond the skies,
Unchanging fields, unfading green,

Viewed with immortal eyes.
3 There, there are streets of gold,

Unmingled with alloy ;
Who can its pleasures half unfold ?

Or who describe its joy ?


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