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On to that everlasting home,

Whence not one soul can e'er return.
4 Great Source of wisdom, teach our hearts

To know the price of every hour ;
That time may bear us on to joys

Beyond its measure and its power. 307 Prayer for True Wisdom. 7's. 1 Swift the moments fly away!

First the hour and then the day,
Next the week, the month, the year,

Steal away and disappear.
2 Time is ever on the

While I speak, or think, or sing,
Whether working, or at play,

Time is rolling fast away.
3 Think, my soul ; awake and see

What will soon become of thee ;
Whither tending, canst thou tell-

Up to heaven, or down to hell ?
4 Jesus, I would humbly pray,

Guide and keep me in Thy way ;
Every gift and grace bestow ;

Wean my heart from things below. 308 Uncertainty of Life. C.M. 1 THE grass and flowers which clothe the field,

And look so green and gay,
Touched by the scythe, defenceless yield,

And fall and fade away.
2 Fit emblem of our mortal state !

Thus, in the Scripture glass,


The young, the strong, the wise, the great,

May see themselves but grass. 3 Ah ! trust not to your fleeting breath,

Nor call your time your own; Around you see the scythe of death

Is mowing thousands down.
4 The grass, when dead, revives no more;

You die to live again;
But, ah ! if death should prove the door

To everlasting pain !
309 Life Hasting away.
1 REMARK, my soul, the narrow bounds

Of each revolving year ; How soon the weeks complete their rounds,

How short the months appear : 2 So fast, eternity comes on,

And that important day,
When all that mortal life has done
God's judgment shall survey.

310 Death and Judgment.
1 HEAVEN has confirmed the great decree,

That Adam's race must die ;
One general ruin sweeps them down,

And low in dust they lie.
2 Now let us all the tomb survey,

Where we must quickly dwell ;
Note how the awful summons sounds

In every funeral knell !


3 Once we must die ; and once for all

The solemn purport weigh,
For know, that heaven or hell attend

On that important day. 4 These eyes, so long in darkness veiled,

Must wake the Judge to see ;
And every word and every thought

Must pass His scrutiny.
5 O may we in the Judge behold

Our Saviour and our Friend !
And far beyond the reach of death,

With all His saints ascend. 311 Righteousness of Christ. L.M. 1 WEALTH cannot to the guilty yield,

In death's dark, trying hour, a shield ;
Nor earth, with all its gold, afford

ray of hope without the Lord. 2 But saints with holy wonder view

Free pardon and salvation too;
Christ's righteousness, put on by faith,

Delivers from eternal death.
3 O when we come to die, be this

Our refuge and our hope of bliss,
To have no covering of our own,

But stand complete in Christ alone! 312 Death and Resurrection. C.M. 1 THE day will come when we must bid

Farewell to all below;
When to the chambers of the dead
Our mortal dust will go.


2 Then, when our inner life shall break

The brittle shell of clay,
O may our souls, for Jesus' sake,

Find mercy in that day ! 3 The day will dawn when Christ will come

To open every grave,
To welcome all His people home,

The second time to save.
4 O when the trumpet's voice shall sound,

And earth and time decay,
May we among His saints be found,

To praise Him in that day!

313 Death Sometimes Sudden. L.M. 1 DEATH, in a thousand dreadful forms,

Sweeps down our mortal, sinful race ; The grave, corruption, earth, and worms

Shortly must be our dwelling-place. 2 But o the soul that never dies,

It cannot to the grave repair ;
But to th' eternal bar it flies,

And hears and knows its sentence there ! 3 And to the earth must I return,

And fall by death's relentless hand ?
Be this, my soul, thy chief concern,

That thou by grace mayst ready stand. 4 Then shall my life on earth be blest,

And death itself be safe and sweet ;
In Jesus' bosom I shall rest,
And my salvation be complete.

314 None too Young to Die. C.M. 1 Young as I am, and free from pain,

I'm not too young to die ;
This flesh must sink to dust again,

Must in corruption lie.
2 Children as young, as strong as I,

Have sunk in early death;
And I may soon be called to die,

And render up my breath.
3 Th

eyes may soon for ever close,
This tongue forget to sing ;
Soon death may give these powers repose,

And bliss or sorrow bring.
4 Lord, if it be Thy blessed will

Soon to command me home,
In me Thy great designs fulfil,

And fit me for the tomb.

315 Death.

L, M. 1 DEATH and the grave are doleful themes

For sinful, mortal worms to sing,
Except a Saviour's brighter beams

Dispel the gloom and touch the string. 2 Death, awful sound ! the fruit of sin,

And terror of the human race ;
Who, except Jesus smiles within,

Can look the monster in the face?
3 Yet, mighty Lord, when viewed in Thee,

The monster loses all his dread;
There all his frightful horrors flee,
And joy surrounds a dying bed.

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