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All the wealth from pole to pole

Cannot save a precious soul. E 217 Happiness of the Christian. C.M. 1 How happy is the Christian's state !

His sins are all forgiven ;
A cheering ray confirms the grace,

And lifts his hopes to heaven.
2 Though in the rugged path of life

He heaves the pensive sigh,
Yet, trusting in his God, he finds

Delivering grace is nigh.
3 If, to prevent his wandering steps,

He feels the chastening rod;
The gentle stroke shall bring him back

To his forgiving God.
4 And when the welcome message comes

To call his soul away,
His soul in raptures shall ascend

To everlasting day.
218 Important Inquiry. 8's.
1 WE hear of the Mercy of God,

So boundless, so great, and so free,
On sinners the vilest bestowed ;

But is it extended to me?
2 We hear of the Blood of the Lamb,

Shed richly on Calvary's tree;
It saves from pollution and shame,

But has it been sprinkled on me ?
3 We hear of Salvation by grace,

By God the good Spirit made known


To all who are taught their sad case ;

But is this rich blessing my own ? 4 We hear of a Country above,

Of mansions transcendently fair;
And all who are blessed with His love
Shall dwell to eternity there.

EARLY RELIGION. 219 True Wisdom from God. C.M. 1 ENQUIRING youth, if thou wouldst know

Where wisdom may be found ;
In vain 'tis sought for here below,

Since earth is folly's ground. 2 'Tis a rich gem, divinely pure,

Its Author is divine ;
Ask it of God, wouldst thou procure

The pearl, and call it thine. 220 Christ Speaks to Children. C.M. 1 COME, little children, hear the Lord ;

He speaks, and speaks to you; In sending forth His holy Word

He thought of young ones too. 2 'Suffer the little children,' cries

Heaven's King, 'to come to me; For little children much I prize,

Who would my followers be. 3 Yea, of a childlike spirit all

Who fill heaven's courts must prove; Pride in the highest meets a fall;

Humility I love.'

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4 Come, then, ye children, who desire

A smile from Jesu's face,
No man forbids ; come boldly nigher

To Christ, the King of grace. 221 Necessity of Divine Teaching. L.M. 1 YE lovely tribes of smiling youth,

Attend the voice of sacred truth;
Your parents' hope, and joy, and boast,

May not their care of you be lost.
2 As plants you flourish, thrive, and grow,

But do you God the Saviour know?
In age and stature you increase,

But do you know the God of grace ? 3 May God His fear implant within,

Then you'll detest and fly from sin ;
And your dear parents, pleased, will view

Christ's lovely image formed in you.
Early Favour.

C.M. 1 HAPPY the children who betimes

Have learned to know the Lord ;
Who, through His grace, escape the crimes

Forbidden in His Word !
2 Should they be early hence removed,

He will their souls receive ;
For those who here have Jesus loved

With Him shall ever live.
3 The Saviour whom they trusted here,

Shall wipe their tears away ;
No night of darkness shall be there,

But one eternal day.

L. M.

4 May we with those in bliss, O Lord,

For ever numbered be ;
Taught by Thy Spirit and Thy Word

To live alone to Thee! 223

Conviction of Sin.
1 BLESS'd is the youth who sees and feels

Himself just what God's Book reveals ;
Who humbly owns his dreadful fall,

And flees to Jesus as his all !
2 He often lifts his eyes to heaven,

And sighs, then prays to be forgiven ;
His sin he feels a heavy load,

Which none can pardon but his God. 3 But when he views the crimson tide

That gushes from his Saviour's side,
He knows from whence salvation springs,

And feels its power, and sweetly sings. 4 How blest the state when conquering love

Draws the whole heart and thought above ! Thus may I feel its power divine,

And, Lord, the glory shall be Thine !
224 Encouragement to Seekers.
1 CHILDREN, however young in years,

Who feel a sinful heart,
And look to Christ with sighs and tears,

In Him shall have a part.
2 He blesses them with willing mind

To seek His blessed face ;
And truly such shall some day find

He saves them by His grace.

C.M. a

3 It matters not how young they are,

If they to Jesus cry;
He does for all His seekers care,

And will their needs supply. 225 The Author of Life.

C.M. 1 CHILDREN that with sincere desires

Seek after Jesu's love,
Their souls the Holy Ghost inspires

With breathings from above.
2 Blest God, that once in fiery tongues

Cam'st down in open view,
Come, visit every heart that longs

To entertain Thee too. 226 Christ a Friend.

C.M. 1 Though young in years, and very poor,

Exposed to trials great,
If I am led to mercy's door,

God's mercy to entreat,
2 He will not my poor cry despise,

Nor spurn my humble plea ;
My prayer He'll heed, and send supplies,

And guide me night and day. 3 May I in Jesu's name believe,

And on Him cast my care;
His saving benefits receive,

And live by faith and prayer !
4 Then I shall find a faithful Friend,

My youthful feet to guide ;
Who daily will my soul defend,
And grant me heaven beside.



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