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And those who from the precept stray,

To misery and ruin run.
2 Your parents honour and revere ;

Be tender, generous, and kind ;
Let filial love wipe every tear,

And chase the sorrows from their mind.

C.M. 1 THE wishes that the sluggard frames,

Of course must fruitless prove;
With folded arms he stands and dreams,

But has no heart to move.
2 His field from others may be known,-

The fence is broken through,
The ground with weeds is overgrown,

And no good crop in view.
3 No hardship he, or toil can bear,

No difficulty meet;
He wastes his hours at home for fear

Of lions in the street.
4 What wonder, then, if sloth and sleep

Distress and famine bring ? Can he in harvest hope to reap

Who will not sow in spring ? 184 Tenderness and Mercy. 7's.

1 SWEET it is to see a child

Tender, merciful, and mild ;
Ever ready to perform
Acts of mercy to a worm.


2 Grieving that the world should be

Such a scene of misery,-
Scene in which the creatures groan

For transgressions not their own. 3 If the creatures must be slain,

Thankless sinners to sustain,
Such a child, methinks, will cry,

. Treat them gently when they die ; 4 Spare them while they yield their breath;

Double not the pains of death ;
Strike them not at such a time;

God accounts the stroke a crime.' 5 God is love, and never can

Smile upon a cruel man;
Mercy reigns in every breast

Where His Spirit deigns to rest. 185 True Beauty (Prov. xxxi. 30). 1 How oft the youthful and the fair

Pursue some dangerous way, And find that beauty is a snare

To tempt their feet astray !
2 The glowing hue of gladsome health,

So pleasing to behold,
May well be valued more than wealth,

And heaps of shining gold.
3 Yet it is but a transient charm-

The creature of a day;
Pale sickness comes, or death's alarm,

And soon it flies away.


4 But that rich gift, the fear of God,

Ensnaring pride dispels ;
For where true wisdom is bestowed,

True beauty also dwells. 186 Earthly Prospects Deceitful. 7's double. 1 OFT in vain the voice of truth

Solemnly and loudly warns ; Thoughtless, inexperienced youth,

Though it hears, the warning scorns ; Youth in Fancy's glass surveys

Life prolonged to distant years, While the vast imagined space

Filled with sweets and joys appears. 2 Awful disappointment soon

Overclouds the prospect gay ; Some their sun goes down at noon,

Torn by Death's strong hand away : Where are then their pleasing schemes ?

Where the joys they hoped to find ? Gone for ever, like their dreams,

Leaving not a trace behind. 3 Others, who are spared awhile,

Live to weep o'er Fancy's cheat ; Find distress, and pain, and toil,

Bitter things instead of sweet : Sin has spread a curse around,

Poisoned all things here below; On this base polluted ground

Peace and joy can never grow.

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187 Remember now thy Creator. 7.6. 1 'REMEMBER thy Creator' In life's

young morning—NOW!
Ere sorrow's hand impresses

Its furrows on thy brow :
While life's bright sun is smiling,

And care is distant yet,
Heed not the songs that tempt thee

Thy Maker to forget.
2 'Remember thy Creator'-

The God who gave thee birth,
And strews thy path with mercies

On this His beauteous earth ;
Before the dark clouds gather,

And evil days appear,
And storms and lengthening shadows

Tell that the night is near. 3 'Remember thy Creator

The God who reigns above ;
'Tis life to taste His favour,

And heaven is in His love.
O may His rich salvation

Dawn on thy youthful heart,
And grant true consolation

When earth’s fair joys depart ! LIFE AND PRIVILEGES OF BELIEVERS. 188

1 'Tis not enough to say,

We're sorry and repent ;


Yet still go on, from day to day,

Just as we always went.
2 Repentance is to leave

The sins we loved before,
And show that we in earnest grieve

By doing so no more. 189 The Touch of Faith.

7's. 1 As the Saviour passed along,

Many people did Him throng;
But they had not any need,

Therefore Jesus did not heed.
2 One who knew the Lord could bless
Came behind Him in the

press ; All physicians else had failed,

But the touch of faith prevailed. 3 All who feel their need of grace Seek the mighty Saviour's

face ; And to power His love is joined

All who truly seek shall find.
4 He relieves all sin-sick hearts ;

Rest, and health, and peace imparts;
Though oppressed with fear and doubt,
He will never cast them out.


The Fear of God.

L.M. 1 THERE is a fear that knows no dread,

A filial, childlike, godly fear :
Known 'tis to those whom grace has led
To find in God a Father here.


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