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Home and Foreign Work-Parliamentary Surveys-Ordnance Survey

Maps Special Local Considerations Ruling Gradient and

Minimum Radius of Curve-Laying down Line on 6 in. Ordnance

Map-Fixing Gradients-Reconnaissance and Sketching in Loca-

tion on Map-Plotting Sketched Location--Levelling the Longi-

tudinal Section-Correcting the 6 in. Ordnance-Referencing-

Preparation of Parliamentary Plans-Preparation of Parliamentary

Sections-Parliamentary Estimate-Board of Trade Regulations

for Light Railways-Example of Parliamentary Plan and Section

of Railway taken from actual practice-Working Surveys-

Revising and Improving Parliamentary Location-Final Location

of Line in Difficult Country-Pegging out Line-Pegs-Tangent

Points-Chainages and Survey of Existing Detail-Longitudinal

Section Cross Sections - Working Plan-Working Section —

Fixing Gradients on Working Section-Levels on Working Section

-Cuttings and Banks on Working Section-New Works and

Existing Details on Working Section-Examples of Working Plan

and Working Section of Railway taken from actual practice—

Kuling Gradients-Train Load-Speed-Locomotive Power and

Train Resistance-Maximum Gradient-"Pusher" Gradients-

Minimum Radius of Curve-Compensating Gradients on Curves—

Cost of Line, Light Railway-Details of the Field Work of Working

Survey and Pegging out: Instruments-Steel Band and Tapes-

Ranging Rods, &c.-Chainmen-Pegging out Centre Line-Chain-

ages and Survey of Detail-Bridges--Setting out Curves --Calcula-

tion of Length of Tangents-Calculation of Deflection Angles—

Exact Formula for Calculation of Deflection Angles-Calculation

of Length of Curve-Chainage of Tangent Points and Deflection

Angle for each Peg on Curve-Check on Calculation of Deflection

Angles-Laying off the Deflection Angles and Putting in Pegs on

Curve Check on Laying off the Deflection Angles - Check on

Chaining Round Curve-Final Error in Setting out Curve-Con-

tinuing Work after Setting out Curve -Chaining to be "through"

---Shifting the Instrument forward to Intermediate Point on

Curve Curve to Left-Transition Curves-Froude's Curve of

Adjustment-Setting out Transition Curves-"Cant"-Transition

Curves between Reversed Curves - Vertical Curves at Changes

of Gradient—Setting out of Work during Construction: Transfer-

ring Tangent Points-Setting out Fence Widths-Levelling in

Tops and Bottoms of Slopes-Setting out Bridge and Culvert

Foundations-Setting out Culverts-Setting out Bridge Abutments

-Other Setting out: Centre Lines and Levels in Cuttings and

Banks-"Boning Rods"-" Crossheads "-Allowance for Shrink-

age and Settlement-Bench Marks and Checking through Levels—

To Locate a Given Level


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Latitude and Longitude by Account--Rule - Meridian by two

Stars at Elongation-Meridian by Observation of one Circum-

polar Star at Elongation-Example of finding Meridian by Obser-

vation of one Circumpolar Star at Elongation-To Calculate the

Time of a Star's Culmination or Elongation-Example of Calcula-

tion of Time of Star's Culmination-Calculation of Star's Altitude

at Elongation-Meridian by observing the Pole-star and Alioth

in same Vertical-Meridian by observing Circumpolar Stars in

same Vertical-Test of Meridian by Time Interval between

Transits of Circumpolar Stars-Meridian by one Extra Meridian

Observation of Sun or Star-Errors in Calculated Azimuth by Sun

Observation due to given Errors in Latitude and Declination-

Example of finding Meridian by Extra Meridian Observation of

Sun-Coaltitude-Colatitude-Codeclination-Accuracy of Extra

Meridian Observation of Sun or Star-Calculation when either

Altitude, Latitude, or Declination is not known-Altitude not

known - Latitude not known - Declination not known-Con-

vergence of Meridians-Observations for Latitude-Latitude by

Meridian Altitude of Sun or Star-In the Northern Hemisphere

-In the Southern Hemisphere—Latitude by Meridian Altitude

of Sun-Example of finding Latitude by Meridian Altitude of

Sun-Latitude by Zenith Pair Observations of Stars-Latitude

by Extra Meridian Observations of Sun or Star-Prime Vertical

Observations for Latitude-Observations for Time-Approximate

Method of finding Time and Meridian-Time by Meridian Transit

of Sun or Star-Time by Extra Meridian Observation of Sun or

Star-To Convert Arc to Time and vice verså-To. Convert

Sidereal Time to Mean Time and vice versâ —Equation of Time—

Observations for Longitude-Longitude by Chronometer-Deter-

mination of Difference of Longitude by Watch—Example of find-

ing Difference of Longitude by Watch-Longitude by Absolute

Methods-Longitude by Eclipses of Jupiter's Satellites-Longi-

tude by Moon Culminating Stars-Longitude by Lunar Occultations

-Longitude by Lunar Distances-Solution of Spherical Triangles

-Right-angled Spherical Triangles-Oblique Spherical Triangles

-Rule of Sines-Reduction of Sides of Spherical Triangles to

Actual Linear Distances


Altitude--Apparent Time-Astronomical Mean Time-Azimuth-Cir-
cumpolar Stars-Civil Mean Time-Coaltitude-Codeclination —
Colatitude-Contraction-Conjunction -Culmination- Declination
- Elongation - Equation of Time-Equator - Great Circle --

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