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VOL. 138.






Printed by WILLIAM CLOWES and Soxs, Duke Street, Stamford Street,

and Charing Cross,

No. 275.


110 h. and Lille, Esg by Henry


1.- The Greville Memoirs : a Journal of the Reigns of King

George IV. and King William IV. By the late

Charles C. F. Greville, Esq., Clerk of the Council of

those Sovereigns. Edited by Henry Reeve, Registrar

of the Privy Council. In three volumes. London,

1874. Second Edition - - - - -

II. 1. Compendium Theologiæ Moralis. Auctore P. Joanne

Petro Gury, S.J. Romæ, ex Typographiâ Polyglottâ

8. C. de Propagandâ Fide. 2 vols. 1872.

2. Casus Conscientiæ. Auctore P. J. P. Gury, S.J.,

Theologiæ Moralis Professore. Editio in Germaniâ

Prima. Ratisbonæ, 1865.

3. Compendium Theologiæ Moralis ad usum Theologiæ

Candidatorum. A J. P. Moullet. 2 vols. Prati,


4. La Chiesa e lo Stato del P. Matteo Liberatore,

D. C. D. G. Seconda Edizione, corretta ed accre-

sciuta. Napoli, 1872 - . - - - - 57

III.— The Life of His Royal Highness the Prince Consort.

By Theodore Martin. With Portraits and Views.

Volume the First London, 1875 - - - - 107

IV.-1. Le Barreau Anglais. Discours prononcé par M.

Maurice Van Meenen à la Séance Solennelle de

Rentrée du 29 Octobre 1873. Bruxelles, 1873. 8vo.

2. Hortensius. An Historical Essay on the Office and

Duties of an Advocate. By William Forsyth, LL.D.,

Q.C., M.P. 2nd Edition. London, 1874. 8vo.

3. A Guide to the Inns of Court and Chancery. By

Robert R. Pearce, Esq. London, 1855. 8vo.

4. Remarks upon the Jurisdiction of the Inns of Court.

By Frederick Calvert, Esq., Q.C. London, 1874.


5. Speech of Sir Roundell Palmer, Q.C., M.P., delivered

at the Annual Meeting of the Legal Education Asso-

ciation, in the Middle Temple Hall, on Wednesday


Art. I.-The Greville Memoirs, p. 45. "Mr. Reeve gives lists of five
Cabinets, or Administrations, as he indiscriminately calls them; and
four of his lists are wrong.' We should have said that all five are
wrong. In his list of Lord Melbourne's second Cabinet (1835) as
originally constituted, he includes Lord Morpeth and omits Lord
Holland. In his list of Lord Melbourne's first Cabinet (1834) he
erroneously includes Mr. Poulett Thompson (afterwards Lord Syden-
ham) as well as Mr. Edward Ellice.

P. 50, line 3 from the bottom. For 'Green Room of the Garrick,'
read • Green Room or the Garrick.'



1.-Macready's Reminiscences, and Selections from his

Diaries. Edited by Sir Frederick Pollock, Bart., one

of his Executors. 2 Vols. 8vo. London, 1876 - 305

II.-1. Statement exhibiting the Moral and Material Pro-

gress and Condition of India during the Year

1871-2: presented to Parliament by Her Majesty's

Secretary of State for India, and ordered by the

House of Commons to be printed. London, 1873.

2. Indian Missions. By Sir Bartle Frere, G.C.S.I., &c.,

late Governor of Bombay. Reprinted from The

Church and the Age.' London, 1873.

3. Lecture on Missions, delivered in Westminster Abbey

on December 3rd, 1873. By Max Müller, M.A., Pro-

fessor of Comparative Philology at Oxford ; with

an Introductory Sermon by Arthur Penrhyn Stanley,

D.D., Dean of Westminster. London, 1873.

4. Report of the General Missionary Conference held at

Allahabad, 1872-3. London, 1873.

5. Statistical Tables of Protestant Missions in India,

Ceylon, and Burma for 1871. Prepared at the request

of the Calcutta Missionary Conference. Calcutta,

1873 - - - - - - - - - 345

III.-Life of William Earl of Shelburne, afterwards first

Marquess of Lansdowne, with Extracts from his

Papers and Correspondence - - - - - 378

IV.-1. The Reports of the Commissioner of Education,

Washington. Government Printing Office. For the

Years 1868–1873. 6 vols.

2. The American Journal of Education. Published

Quarterly. Edited by Henry Barnard, LL.D. 1856–

1872. 21 vols. Hartford, Connecticut.

3. History of the Common-School System of the State of

New York. From its Origin in 1795. By S. S.

Randall, Superintendent of Public Schools in New

York. New York and Chicago. 1871.

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