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4 What object, Lord, my soul should move,

If once compared with Thee ? What beauty should command my love,

Like that in Christ I see? 5 Away, ye false, delusive toys,

Vain tempters of the mind! 'Tis here I fix my lasting choice, And here true bliss I find.


COUNG souls, so strong the race to run,

And win each height sublime ! Unweary still would ye march on,

And still exulting climb ? 2 Walk with the Lord ! along the road

Your strength He will renew; Wait on the everlasting God,

And He will wait on you.
3 Burn with His love ! your fading fire

An endless flame will glow;
Life from the Well of Life require !

The stream will ever flow.
4 Ye shall not faint, ye shall not fail,

Still in the Spirit strong :
Each task divine ye still shall hail,

And blend the exulting song.
5 Aspiring eyes ye still shall raise,

And heights sublime explore : Like eagles, ye shall sunward gaze; Like eagles, heavenward soar.

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6 Your wondrous portion shall be this,

Your life, below, above ;-
Eternal youth, eternal bliss,

And everlasting love.


Marriage Hymns. 363

7.6. O

LOVE Divine and golden,

Mysterious depth and height !
To Thee the world beholden,

Looks up for life and light :
O Love Divine and gentle,

The blesser and the blest !
Beneath Thy care parental

The world lies down in rest.

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O Love Divine and tender,

That through our homes doth move,
Veiled in the softened splendour

Of holy household love.
A throne without Thy blessing

Were labour without rest,
And cottages, possessing

Thy blessedness, are blest.
God bless these hands united !

God bless these hearts made one !
Unsevered and unblighted
May they through life go on :

Here in earth's bome preparing

For the bright home abure;
And there for ever sharing
Its joy where ‘God is Lore.'


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AVIOUR, let Thy sanction rest

On the union witnessed now;
Be it with Thy presence blest,

Ratify the nuptial yow;
Hallowed let this union be,

With each other, and with Thee. 2 Thou in Cana didst appear

At a marriage-feast like this ;
Deign to meet us, Saviour, here,

Fountain of unmingled bliss !
Crown with joy this festive board-

Joy that earth cannot afford. 3 We, no miracle require

Turning water into wine-
All our panting hearts desire

Is to taste Thy love divine :
Holy influence from above

Consecrating earthly love.
4 Let the path our friends pursue

From this hour together trod,
Many though its days, or few,

Be a pilgrimage to God;

To the land where rest is given,
To our Father's house in heaven.


For a Family Meeting. 865

In .
N this glad hour, when children meet,

Our hearts with one affection beat,

One song of praise our voices sing. 2 For all the faithful, loved and dear,

Whom Thou so kindly, Lord, hast given; For those who still are with us here,

And those who wait for us in heaven ;-
For every past and present joy,

For honour, competence, and health,
For hopes which time may not destroy,

Our soul's imperishable wealth;
For all, accept our humble nraise ;

Still bless us, Father, by Thy love ;
And when are closed our mortal days,

Unite us in one home above.



AVIOUR of them that trust in Thee,

Once more with supplicating cries,
We lift the heart, and bend the knee,
And bid devotion's incense rise.

2 For mercies past we praise Thee, Lord,

The fruits of earth, the hopes of heaven ; Thy helping arm, Thy guiding word,

Our answered prayers, and sins forgiven. 3 Whene'er we tread on danger's height,

Or walk temptation's slippery way, Be still, to steer our steps aright,

Thy word our guide, Thine arm our stay. 4 Be ours Thy fear and favour still,

United hearts, unchanging love; No scheme that contradicts Thy will,

No wish that centres not above. 5 And since we must be parted here,

Support us when the hour shall come ; Wipe gently off the mourner's tear,

Re-join us in our heavenly home.


Prayer for those at Sea or on

Travel. 867

8s. ETERNAL Father strong to save, Whose arm hath bound the resiless

Who bidd'st the mighty ocean deep
Its own appointed limits keep;

O hear us when we cry to Thee
For those in peril on the sea !

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