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802 GLO VLORY to Thee, my God, this night,

For all the blessings of the light; Keep me, O keep me, King of kings,

Beneath Thine own Almighty wings. 2 Forgive me, Lord, for Thy dear Son, The ill that I this day have done, That with the world, myself, and Thee.

I, ere I sleep, at peace may be. 3 Teach me to live, that I may

dread The grave as little as my bed ;

Teach me to die, that so I may

Rise glorious at the awful day. 4 O may my soul on Thee repose, And may sweet sleep mine eyelids close,

Sleep that shall me more vigorous make

To serve my God when I awake. 5 When in the night I sleepless lie, My soul with heavenly thoughts supply:

Let no ill dreams disturb my rest,

No powers of darkness me molest. 6 Praise God from whom all blessings flor, Praise Him all creatures here below,

Praise Him above, angelic host,
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

Τ. ΚΕΝ. 803 COW calmly the evening once more i3

, As kind as a promise, as still as a prayer

How descending

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O wing of the Lord, in Thy shelter be

friending, May we and our households continue

to share ! The sky, like the kingdom of heaven, is

open : O enter, my soul, at the glorious gates; T'he silence and smile of His love are the

Who now for all comers invitingly waits.
Ve come to be soothed with His merciful

The dews of the night cure the wounds

of the day;
e come, our life's worth and its brevity

With thanks for the past; for the

future we pray.
þrd, save us from folly ; be with us in

Sustain us in work till the time of our

hen earth's day is over, may heaven's

Dawn on us, of homes long expected




OW from the altar of our hearts
Let incense-flames arise ;

Assist us, Lord, to offer up

Our evening sacrifice. 2 Awake, our love ; awake, our joy ;

Awake, our heart and tongue; Sleep not when mercies loudly call;

Break forth into a song. 3 Minutes and mercies multiplied

Have made up all this day ; Minutes came quick, but mercies were

More fleet and free than they. 4 New time, new favours, and new joys,

Do a new song require ; Till we shall praise Thee as we would,

Accept our heart's desire. 5 Lord of our time, whose hand hath set

New time upon our score ;
Thee may we praise for all our time,
When time shall be no more !

J. MASON 805

Now the day is over,

Night is drawing nigh,
Shadows of the evening

Steal across the sky.
2 Jesu, give the weary

Calm and sweet repose ;
With Thy tenderest blessing

May our eyelids close.
3 Grant to little children

Visions bright of Thee ;



Guard the sailors tossing

On the deep blue sea.
Comfort every

Watching late in pain ;
Those who plan some evil

From their sin restrain.
5 When the morning wakens,

Then may I arise
Pure and fresh and sinless

In Thy holy eyes.
6 Glory to the Father !

Glory to the Son !
As to Thee, Blest Spirit,
Whilst all ages run !


L.M. D

LIGHT of life, O Saviour dear,

Before we sleep bow down Thine ear; Through dark and day, o'er land and sea, We have no other hope but Thee. ft from Thy royal road we part, bst in the mazes of the heart : Our lamps put out, our course forgot, We seek for God and find Him not. hat sudden sunbeams cheer our sight! hat dawning risen upon the night! Chou giv'st Thyself to us, and we Find Guide and Path and all in Thee. rough day and darkness, Saviour dear, ide with us more nearly near;

Till on Thy face we lift our eyes,

The Sun of God's own Paradise. 5 Praise God, our Maker and our Friend;

Praise Him through time, till time shall


Till psalm and song His name adore,
Through Heaven's great day of Evermore.


8.7. SAVIOUR, breathe an evening blessing

Ere repose our spirits seal ;
Sin and want we come confessing,

Thou canst save, and Thou canst heal. 2 Though destruction walk around us,

Though the arrow past us fly,
Angel-guards from Thee surround us;

We are safe, if Thou art nigh.
3 Though the night be dark and dreary,

Darkness cannot hide from Thee ; Thou art He, who, never weary,

Watchest where Thy people be. 4 Should swift death this night o'ertake us,

And our couch become our tomb, May the morn in heaven awake us, Clad in light, and deathless bloom.


NUN of my soul, Thou Saviour dear,

It is not night if Thou be near;
O may no earth-born cloud arise
To hide Thee from Thy servant's eyes!

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