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2 Let the Indian, let the Negro,

Let the rude barbarian see That divine and signal conquest, Once obtained on Calvary ;

Let the Gospel Loud resound from pole to pole. 3 Kingdoms wide, that sit in darkness,

Grant them, Lord, the glorious light; And, from eastern coast to western, May the morning chase the night;

And redemption,
Freely purchased, win the day,
4 May the glorious day approaching

Now begin its cheerful dawn !
Now the sun the mountains touching,
Gilding now the spacious lawn.

Happy nations !
Rise and celebrate the day.
5 Fly abroad, thou mighty Gospel,

Win and conquer, never cease ;
May thy lasting wide dominions
Multiply and still increase ;

Sway Thy sceptre,
Saviour, all the world around !


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LORD our God, arise !

The cause of truth maintain ; And, wide o'er all the peopled world,

Extend its blessèd reign.

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Thou Prince of life, arise !

Nor let Thy glory cease ;
Far spread the conquests of Thy grace,
And bless the earth with peace.
Thou Holy Ghost, arise !

Expand Thy quickening wing;
And o'er a dark and ruined world,

Let light and order spring.
All on the earth, arise !

To God the Saviour sing;
From shore to shore, from earth to heaven,

Let echoing anthems ring.


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55 O

SPIRIT of the living God,

In all Thy plenitude of grace,
Where'er the foot of man hath trod,

Descend on our apostate race.
Give tongues of fire and hearts of love,

To preach the reconciling word; five power and unction from above,

Whene'er the joyful sound is heard. Be darkness, at Thy coming, light;

Confusion, order in Thy path: ouls without strength inspire with might; Bid mercy triumph over wrath. Spirit of the Lord, prepare All the round earth her God to meet : reathe Thou abroad, like morning air, Till hearts of stone begin to beat.


5 Baptize the nations ; far and nigh

The triumphs of the cross record :
The name of Jesus glorify,

Till every kindred call Him Lord. 6 God from eternity hath willed

All flesh shall His salvation see;
So be the Father's love fulfilled,
The Saviour's sufferings crowned,

through Thee !



756 OUR UR God ! our God! Thou shinest here,

Thine own this latter day; To us Thy radiant steps appear ;

We watch Thy glorious way. 2 Not only olden ages

felt The

presence of the Lord ; Not only with the fathers dwelt

Thy Spirit and Thy word.
3 Doth not the Spirit still descend

And bring the heavenly fire ?
Doth He not still Thy church extend,

And waiting souls inspire ?
4 Come, Holy Ghost ! in us arise ;

Be this Thy mighty hour;
And make Thy willing people wise

To know Thy day of power.
5 Pour down Thy fire in us to glow,

Thy might in us to dwell; Again Thy works of wonder show, Thy blessed secrets tell.

6 Bear us aloft, more glad, more strong,

On Thy celestial wing,
And grant us grace to look and long

For our returning King.
7 He draweth near, He standeth by,

He fills our eyes, our ears ;
Come, King of grace, Thy people cry,
And bring the glorious years !

T. H. GILL. 57

THOU, whose almighty word

Chaos and darkness heard,
And took their flight,
Hear us, we humbly pray,
And where the Gospel-day
Sheds not its glorious ray,

Let there be light !
2 Thou, who didst come to bring,
On Thy redeeming wing,

Healing and sight;
Health to the sick in mind,
Sight to the inly blind,
O, now to all mankind

Let there be light !
3 Spirit of truth and love,
Life-giving, holy Dove,

Speed forth Thy flight! Move on the waters' face, Bearing the lamp of grace, And in earth's darkest place

Let there be light !

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4 Blessed and Holy Three,
Glorious Trinity,

Wisdom, Love, Might !
Boundless as ocean's tide,
Rolling in fullest pride,
Through the world, far and wide,

Let there be light !



758 THY

name, Almighty Lord !

Shall sound through distant lands : Great is Thy grace, and sure Thy word,

Thy truth for ever stands.
Far be Thine honour spread,
And long Thy praise endure,
Till morning light and evening shade

Shall be exchanged no more.





THEN shall the last bright song arise The song of triumph which records

That all the earth is now the Lord's ? 2 When thrones and powers and kings shall

be Obedient, mighty God ! to Thee :

And over land, and stream, and main,

Shall wave the sceptre of Thy reign. 3 O that the anthem now might swell, And host to host the triumph tell,

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