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There Jesus shows a smiling face,

And waits to answer prayer.
My soul, ask what thou wilt,

Thou canst not be too bold;
Since His own blood for thee He spilt,

What else can He withhold ?
B Beyond thine utmost wants,

His love and power can bless :
To those who seek His face He grants
More than they can express.
Thine image, Lord ; bestow,

Thy presence and Thy love
I ask to serve Thee here below,

And reign with Thee above.
Teach me to live by faith,

Conform my will to Thine ;
Let me victorious be in death,
And then in glory shine.



NOME, my soul, thy suit prepare ;

Jesus loves to answer prayer, He Himself has bid thee pray, Therefore will not say thee nay. ou art coming to a King : rge petitions with thee bring; For His grace and power are such, None can ever ask too much. h my burden I begin: d, remove this load of sin :

Let Thy blood for sinners spilt,

Set my conscience free from guilt. + Lord ! I come to Thee for rest : Take possession of my breast :

There Thy blood-bought right maintain,

And without a rival reign. 5 While I am a pilgrim here, Let Thy love my spirit cheer ;

As my Guide, my Guard, my Friend,

Lead me to my journey's end. 6 Show me what I have to do, Every hour my strength renew;

Let me live a life of faith :
Let me die Thy people's death.




ETERNAL GOD; we look to Thee ;
Thine eye alone our wants can see;

Thy hand alone supply.
2 Lord, let Thy fear within us dwell;

Thy love our footsteps guide:
That love will all vain love expel;

That fear, all fear beside.
3 Not what we wish, but what we want,

O ! let Thy grace supply :
The good, unasked, in mercy grant ;
The ill, though asked, deny.



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FATHER: again in Jesus' name we

And bow in penitence beneath Thy feet;

Again to Thee our feeble voices raise,

To sue for mercy and to sing Thy praise. O we would bless Thee for Thy ceaseless

care, And all Thy work from day to day declare! Is not our life with hourly mercies

crowned ? Does not Tbine arm encircle us around? llas ! unworthy of Thy boundless love, l'oo oft with careless feet from Thee we

rove; But now, encouraged by Thy voice, we

come, Returning sinners, to a Father's home. by that Name in which all fulness

dwells, by that love which every love excels, O by that blood so freely shed for sin, Open blest Mercy's gate, and take us in !

H. WHITTEMORE. 3 FROM every stormy wind that blorrs,

From every swelling tide of woes, There is a calm, a sure retreat ; 'Tis found beneath the mercy-seat. here is a place where Jesus sheds' he oil of dness on our heads :



A place than all beside more sweet,

It is the blood-stained mercy-seat. 3 There is a spot where spirits blend, Where friend holds fellowship with friend;

Though sundered far, by faith they meet

Around one common mercy-seat. 4 Ah! whither could we flee for aid, When tempted, desolate, dismayed ?

Or how the hosts of hell defeat,

Had suffering saints no mercy-seat ?
5 There, there, on eagle-wing, we soar,
And time and sense seem all no more,
And heaven comes down our souls to

And glory crowns the mercy-seat.



75. JESUS is some up on high ;

But His promise still is here, 'I will all your wants supply,

I will send the Comforter.'
2 Let us now His promise plead;

Let us to His throne draw nigh ;
Jesus knows His people's need,

Jesus hears His people's cry. 3 Send us, Lord, the Comforter,

Pledge and witness of Thy love ;
Dwelling with Thy people here,

Leading them to joys above.

Till we reach the promised rest,

Till Thy face unveiled we see, Of this blessèd hope possest,

Teach us, Lord, to live to Thee !



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JESUS, we look to Thee,

Thy promised presence claim ;
hou in the midst of us shalt be,
Assembled in Thy name.
Thy name salvation is,
Which here we come to prove;
y name is life and health and peace,
And everlasting love.
We meet, the grace to take
Which Thou hast freely given :

meet on earth for Thy dear sake,
That we may meet in heaven.
resent we know Thou art,
ut O ! Thyself reveal !
v, Lord, let every waiting heart
hy mighty comfort feel !
may Thy quickening voice
he death of sin remove,
bid our inmost souls rejoice
hope of perfect love !



SUS! where'er Thy people meet,
There they behold Thy mercy-seat;

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