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While, guarded by His potent hand,

Midst all the rage of hell they stand. 4 So shall the bright succession run, Through the last courses of the sun ;

While unborn churches, by their care,
Shall rise and flourish, large and fair.

WE bid, thee welcome in the name

Of Jesus,
Come as a servant ; so He came,

And we receive thee in His stead.
2 Come as a shepherd; guard and keep

This fold from hell and earth and sin; Nourish the lambs, and feed the sheep,

The wounded heal, the lost bring in. 3 Come as a watchman; take thy stand

Upon thy tower amidst the sky; And, when the sword comes on the land,

Call us to fight, or warn to fly. 4 Come as an angel; hence to guide

A band of pilgrims on their way, That, safely walking at thy side,

Wé faint not, fail not, turn, nor stray. 5 Come as a teacher sent from God,

Charged His whole counsel to declare ; Lift o'er our ranks the prophet's rod,

While we uphold thy hands with prayer. 6 Come as a messenger of peace,

Filled with the Spirit, fired with love ;

Live, to behold our large increase,
And die, to meet us all above.




on Lord! Thine assembled servants

bless; Graces and gifts to each supply,

And clothe us all with righteousness. Wisdom and zeal and faith impart,

Firmness with meekness, from above, To bear Thy people on our heart, And love the souls whom Thou dost

love ;To watch and pray, and never faint ;

By day and night strict guard to keep ; to warn the sinner, cheer the saint,

Nourish Thy lambs, and feed Thy sheep. 'hen, when our work is finished here,

In humble hope our charge resign; When the Chief Shepherd shall appear, O God ! may they and we be Thine !

WE E praise Thy grace, O Saviour,
And ever out of weakness
Thy servants maketh strong.



us ,

2 The bruised reed, O Jesus,

Thou breakest not in twain ;
The smoking flax Thou fannest

Into a flame again.
3 From Thee, Lord, comes the courage

Once more to front the host,
Thy strength, most mighty Saviour,

In weakness shineth most. 4 O Lord, our human weakness

With pitying eye behold ;
Uplift the fainting spirit,

And make the coward bold. 5 Our hearts, so frail and feeble,

With love like Thine, Lord, fill,
That scorneth not the erring,

But hopeth all things still. 6 0 Saviour, glorious Victor

O'er all the hosts of sin,
In us Thy strength make perfect,
In us the victory win.

W. W. HOW". 633

C.. TE thank Thee, Lord, for using us, However trembling is the hand,

The voice however weak. 2 We thank Thee, Lord, that some true rays

Of Thine from us have shone Into a world so dark as ours, However faint and wan.


or those to whom, through us, Thou hast

Some heavenly guidance given; pr some, it may be, saved from death, And some brought nearer heaven. or solace ministered perchance In days of grief and pain ; br peace to troubled weary souls Not spoken all in vain. rd, keep us still the same, as in Remembered days of old ; keep us fervent still in love, Mid many waxing cold : ly name to name, Thyself to own, With voice unfaltering, d face as bold and unashamed, As in our Christian spring.




OW let our mourning hearts revive,

And all our tears be dry : y should those eyes be drowned in

grief, hich view a Saviour nigh? at though the arm of conquering death bes God's own house invade? it though the prophet and the priest e numbered with the dead ? 1gh earthly shepherds dwell in dust, e agèd and the young,

The watchful eye in darkness closed,

And mute the instructive tongue, 4 The Eternal Shepherd still survives,

New comfort to impart;
His eye still guides us, and His voice

Still animates our heart.
5 Lo, I am with you,' saith the Lord,

'My Church shall safe abide ; For I will ne'er forsake My own,

Whose souls in Me confide.' 6 Through every scene of life and death,

This promise is our trust :
And this shall be our children's song,

When we are turned to dust.


Christian Ordinances.


BAPTISM. 635 A , ,

Thine open grave, we stand, With hearts all full of gladness,

To keep Thy blest command": So Thee in faith we follow,

And trace Thy path of love, Through the strange solemn waters, Up to Thy throne above.

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