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Spirit of truth ! be Thou

In life and death our guide ;
O Spirit of adoption, now
May we be sanctified !



L.M. O

HOLY Ghost, who down dost come
To make each contrite heart. Thy

On me descend, within me dwell,

My soul renew, my sin expel !
2 Spirit of Truth! who makest bright
All souls that long for heavenly light,

Appear, and on my darkness shine';

Descend, and be my Guide divine. 3 Spirit of Power! whose might doth dwell Full in the souls Thou lovest well,

Unto this fainting heart draw near,

And be my daily Quickener. 4 Spirit of Joy! who makest glad Each broken heart by sin made sad,

Pour on this mourning soul Thy cheer;

Give me to bless my Comforter. 5 O tender Spirit! who dost mourn Whene'er from Thee Thy people turn,

Give me each day to grieve Thee less,-
Enjoy my fuller faithfulness :

6 Till Thou shalt make me meet to bear
The sweetness of heaven's boly air,

The light wherein no darkness is,
The eternal, overflowing bliss !


243 OUR UR blest Redeemer, ere He breathed

His tender last farewell,
A Guide, a Comforter bequeathed

With us to dwell.
2 He came sweet influence to impart,

A gracious, willing Guest,
Where He can find one humble heart

Wherein to rest.
3 And His that gentle voice we hear,

Soft as the breath of even,
That checks each fault, that calms each


And speaks of heaven. 4. And every virtue we possess,

And every victory won,
And every thought of holiness,

Are His alone.
5 Spirit of purity and grace,

Our weakness, pitying, see O make our hearts Thy dwelling-place, And meet for Thee !



244 SPIRIT Divine.rattend our prayers,

make our Thy Descend with all Thy gracious powers,

O come, great Spirit, come!
2 Come as the light-to us reveal

Our emptiness and woe;
And lead us in those paths of life

Where all the righteous go. 3 Come as the fire-and purge our hearts

Like sacrificial flame;
Let our whole soul an offering be

To our Redeemer's name.
4 Come as the dew--and sweetly bless

This consecrated hour;
May barrenness rejoice to own

Thy fertilising power. 5 Come as the dove-and spread Thy wings,

The wings of peaceful love;
And let Thy church on earth become

Blest as the church above. 6 Come as the wind—with rushing sound

And Pentecostal grace ;
That all of woman born may see

The glory of Thy face.
7 Spirit Divine ! attend our prayers,

Make a lost world Thy home; Descend with all Thy gracious powers,

O come, great Spirit, come !




PIRIT of holiness, descend

Thy people wait for Thee;
Thine ear in kind compassion lend ;

Let us Thy mercy see.
2 Behold! Thy weary churches wait

With wistful longing eyes ;
Let us no more be desolate;

O bid Thy light arise ! 3 Thy light, that on our souls hath shone,

Leads us in hope to Thee;
Let us not feel its rays alone;

Alone Thy people be.
4 O bring our dearest friends to God;

Remember those we love;
Fit them on earth for Thine abode;

Fit them for joys above.
5 Spirit of holiness ! 'tis Thine

To hear our feeble prayer ;
Come, for we wait Thy power divine,
Let us Thy mercy share !

S. F. SMITH. 246 TO Thee, Creator Spirit, now we flee,

in ness ; Fulness of blessing comes alone from

Thee; Imbue us wholly with Thy power and grace.


2 Thou art-we hail the great and glorious

The COMFORTER, to man in mercy given,
Who dost anoint and seal us for the

Thou art to us the certain pledge of

heaven. 30 shine upon us with the truth's pure

Excite within us the warm glow of love;
Equip our wearied spirits for the fight;
İn weakness, give us courage from

above. 4 The joy of confidence to us impart, That peace of God the world can never

know ;
The flame of strife suppress in

every heart, And mutual love abundantly bestow. 5 Thy shining track, 0 may we mark full

well, Guided by Thee pursue the heavenly

road; O Spirit of our God! within us dwell, Thy temples make us, Thy beloved

abode !

A. W. SCHLEGEL, trans. J. SALISBURY. 247

Thee, O Comforter Divine,
For all Thy grace and power benign,

Sing we Alleluia !

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