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Who was Pallas? What passed between (What did he say was his destiny?

Pallas and Æneas?

How did Evander reply to the speech of Encas?

What did he promise him on the morrow? What victory did Evander's people com


What is the fable of Cacus?
Who were Potitius and Pinarius?

What account of his kingdom did Evander give in answer to the inquiries of Æneas? Who was Carmentis?

Where was Lupercal?

For what was it celebrated?
Where was Parrhasia?
What is said of Carine?

What did Venus entreat Vulcan to bestow on Eneas?

Who were the Cyclops? Where were their workshops?

What did Vulcan require of them? Describe the thunderbolt on which they were working.

What assistance did Encas gain by his application to Evander?

What circumstances particularly favoured him?

What omen did Æneas receive from his mother?

What gift did she bestow?

Who was Herilus? Who slew him? Where?

How did Venus convey the arms to Æneas? What was depicted on the shield of Æneas?

Who were Metius, Cocles, and Clolia?
Who built bridges over the Araxes?

How did Æneas regard the arms?


What course of warfare did he declare it his intention to pursue?

How did the Rutulians pass the night?
What were the pontes?

Who were Nisus and Euryalus?
What did Nisus propose

What contest ensued between him and Euryalus?

How was the proposal received by the Trojan prince?

What rewards did Ascanius offer them?
What only request did Euryalus prefer?
What assurance did he receive?

How did the two make their way through the camp?

Whom did they encounter on the way?
What rendered Euryalus conspicuous?
How did Nisus attempt to rescue his friend?
Give some account of their death. Teil
what was the tholus.

How did the Trojans in the camp learn their fate?

Who was the mother of Euryalus, and where was she?

How came she in the camp?

How was she affected by her son's death? What mode of warfare did the Trojaus op

pose to the attack of the Rutulians? How did the Rutulians finally succeed? What was the lampada?

What account is given of the contest that ensued?

Who was Thalia?

Where was the Symæthus?
Where was Dindyma?

What ceremonies were performed there? How was the Phrygian tibia constructed?

Who was Numanus?

How did he describe his poople?

Of what transactions does the ninth book How did he upbraid the Trojans? give an account?

What peculiarity has this book?

With what information was Iris sent to Turnus?

By whom was she sent ?

Where was Turnus?

What measures did Turnus adopt?
How did Eneas leave the Trojans?
Where was his fleet?

How many rivers larger than the Thames
are tributary to the Ganges?
How were the Trojans first warned of the
alvance of the enemy

What charge had Æneas given his troops?
How did Turnus challenge them?
How was the challenge received?

What did Turnus next attempt?

Who was Berecynthia?

What had she asked of Jupiter when the

vessels were built?

What did he grant?

How were these taunts revenged?

What encouragement did Ascanius receive?

By what advice was it accompanied? Who disobeyed the command of Eneas by opening the gates?

What effect was produced?

Where is Prochyta? Where Inarime?
What are their modern names?

Who shut the gates, and who was inadvert ently enclosed?

What measure, if adopted, would have decided the war in favour of Turnus? What prevented him from profiting by the opportunity?

[blocks in formation]

How was Berecynthia announced to the How does the tenth book commence ?

Trojaus ?

What assurances did she give them?

What did she say to the vessels, and with

what effect?

Who were the Corybantes?

Where did the poets assign the gods a palace?

How did Jupiter address the gods in council?

Who first addressed him?

How did Turnus interp et the transforma-Who was Diomedes? What city did he

tion of the vessels?

build, and where?

Who replied to the complaints of Juno? What was the first care of Æneas in the and how?

What did Jove command?

How were the Trojans situated at the time? Where did Æneas go after leaving Evander?

What success did he meet with?


Why did he not first burn the dead?
What was the tenor of his address to the

What honours were paid to Pallas ?
By whom was the truce requested?

Why was the representation of Mount Ida What answer did Æneas return? gratifying to the Trojans?

By whom was Pisa built?

What was the cause of the transformation

of Cycnus?

Who was Cupavo?

What force did Ocnus lead?
Where is Benacus?

What is its modern name?

How many ships transported the troops ?
Who was Cymodocea?

How did she address Eneas?

What information and advice did she give? What assistance did the sea nymphs afford?

What orders did Æneas give?

How did he inform the Trojans of his approach?

What effect had the intelligence on them? What did Turnus resolve on?

How did he endeavour to raise the courage of his troops?

What did Tarcho command?
How many ships were lost?
What were area suta?

With what ardour was the fight carried on?

What protected Æneas?

What is said of that part of the field where
the Arcadian horse were engaged?
How did Pallas address his companions?
What followed this address?

Whom did Turnus challenge to single combat?

Whom did Pallas invoke?
How did the contest end?

What is the story of Danaus' daughters? How did Eneas revenge the death of Pallas?

Why was the epithet tacita applied to

What did Juno request of Jupiter?
What permission did he grant?

What artifice did she use to preserve Turnus?

Where was he carried? Did he return? How did he address Jupiter on discovering the deceit ?

Who succeeded Turnus in the command? Who attacked him, and how did he defend himself?

What act of Lausus is recorded?
By whom was he slain?

What said Mezentius?

On what did he resolve?

Whom did he challenge to the combat? What was the result? Did he die bravely? What request did Mezentius make when dying?


Who addressed the prince?

How were the 12 days of truce employed? How was the information of Pallas' death received in Arcadia ?

How did Evander address his son ?
What ceremonies were performed by the
Trojans in honour of the dead?
Where did the Latins bury their dead?
What passed in the palace of Latinus?
Who continued to uphold Turnus?
What message from Diomedes did Venulus
bear to Latinus?

What is meant by Protei columnas?
What proposal did Latinus make to the

How did Drances speak on the occasion ?
What reply did Turnus make?
What determination did he disclose?
What events ensued?

What assistance did Camilla proffer?
How was her offer received?

What history did Diana give of Camilla ?
Whom did Diana commission to revenge

the death of Camilla, should she be slain in battle?

What did she promise to perform herself?

What stratagem was practised by Aunus?
Did it succeed?

Who rallied the Tuscan troops?
Who was Chloreus?

What description is given of his steed and armour?

How and by whom was Camilla slain?
What commission did Acca receive?
By whom was Aruns slain?

What effect had the death of Camilla on her troops?

What is said of the Latin virgins?
Where was Turnus, and how did he receive

Acca's account of the fate of the day? How were the contending armies situated during the night?


How was Turnus affected by the disastrous
state of affairs?

How did he address Latinus?
What reply did he receive?
What request did Amata make?

What remark does Servius make on mora
libera mortis, v. 74?

What message did Turnus send Æneas?
What information did Juno give Jutur-

What advice and permission did she add?
What league was entered into by Latinus
and Æneas?

How did Juturna excite the minds of the

Which party was left in possession of the Whut sign did Juno give them?

field after the battle?

How did Tolumnius interpret the sign.

[blocks in formation]

What did Aneas enjoin on Ascanius?

[blocks in formation]

How did the Latins regard the approach of What boon did Juno ask, and with what

the Trojans?


How did Juturna endeavour to protect Tur-Who were the Dire?


Where was the lake of Lerna?
What does Cupencus signify?
What plan did Eneas propose to his troops?
In what state were the Latins in the town?
What increased the distress of the Latins?

What omen frightened Juturna from the


How was Turnus wounded, and what request did he make?

How was Eneas affected by this request? What finally impelled him to slay Turnus?


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