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What is said of the introduction of the fable What did Æneas see soon after disembarkof Aristæus?

Who was the mother of Aristæus ?

How did he obtain his knowledge of this mode of recovering bees? Who was Arethusa?

Where was Carpathus? What is its modern name?

Who was Proteus?

By what means was information to be obtained from him?

What did Aristæus learn from Proteus?
What is the fable of Orpheus?

Why was the lyre called cava testudo?
What effect had the music of Orpheus?
What advice did Cyrene give her son after
the disappearance of Proteus?
Who were the Napææ?

Did Aristæus execute his mother's orders?
What took place afterward?
How does Virgil say Cæsar was employed
while he flourished in the studies of ease?
What occupation did the Romans call oti-
um ?

Where did Virgil reside when he gave the last corrections to this work?

At what age did he begin his eclogues?


What occasioned the siege of Troy? How long did it continue? How did it terminate?

Who was Æneas? In what year of his wanderings is he first introduced to the reader?

How does Virgil make known the circumstances of the siege?

What is said of the four verses sometimes prefixed to the Eneid?

Give an account of the characters mentioned in the note at the bottom of page 401. Why was Æneas condemned to so much suffering?

Why is it said that the Alban fathers and the walls of Rome sprang from Lavinium?

Why was Juno hostile to the Trojans?
How was Carthage situated?
How was it regarded by Juno?
Why was Samos esteemed by that goddess?
What was the decision of Paris?

What were the names and offices of the

Who was Ganymedes? Whose place and office did he take?

How long were Æneas and the Trojans compelled to wander before they reached the Tiber?

Does Virgil mention more than one Ajax?
Where was Eolia?

Of whom did Juno ask assistance?
Who was Eolus?

How did he regard the request of Juno?
How did Neptune regard the Trojans?
What relief did he afford them?
How are the expressions graviter commotus,
and placidum caput to be reconciled?
How many ships had Æneas when he left

How many nov remained to him after the storm?


[blocks in formation]

How did Jupiter regard Venus, and what did he unfold to her?

Whom does the poet consider the founder of the Julian family?

How did Jupiter secure to the Trojans a hospitable reception from the Carthaginians?

What course did Æneas pursue?

Who was Achates?

With whom did Æneas meet in the wood?
Who was Harpalyce?
Who was Agenor?

What request did Æneas make of Venus ?
What information did she give him?
What account did she give of Dido?
How did Dido purchase the land for her

What fable respecting the planet Venus is cited by Varro?

What advice and assurance did Venus give Æneas?

What is said of the offerings to Venus? How did the goddess guard her son to the town?

How did Eneas find the Tyrians, or Carthaginians, employed?

What omen had been given to the Carthaginians?

What was this thought to portend?
What circumstance particularly encouraged

What subjects of the paintings are enumerated?

Why was Achilles exasperated against Priam and Agamemnon?

Who was Penthesilea? Who were the Amazons?

How is Dido described when entering the temple of Juno?

Whom did Æneas meet in this temple? Who first addressed Dido? In what manner?

What is said of the 534th verse of book 1st? How did the queen receive Ilioneus and his companions?

What encouragement had Æneas to make
himself known?
Who was Orontes?

What is purpureus used to express ?
How is Æneas described?
How was he received by Dido?

For what did Achates return to the fleet? How did Venus guard Æneas from imposition?

What is the amaracus? What virtue was
it supposed to possess?
Who was Typhoeus?
What is said of the noun penum?
How were the boy and the presents regard
ed by the Tyrians and Dido?
To whom was the fountain Acidalia sacred?
Whom did Dido invoke to ratify the peace?
What inquiries did she make of Eneas?
What request did she finally make?


What is the subject of the second book? How was this book probably esteemed by the author?

Before whom, and in what place, does Aneas recount the particulars of the sacking of Troy?

At what time did he begin, as intimated by cadentia sidera?

Who were the Myrmidons? and who the Dolopians?

By what stratagem did the Greeks finally get possession of Troy?

Where did the Greeks conceal their fleet in the mean time?

What advice respecting the horse was given by Thymates?

What by Capys and Laocoon?

With what action did Laocoon accompany his advice?

Who was Sinon? What account does he give of himself?

Who was Palamedes? and what has his fate to do with Sinon's story? Why, according to Sinon, did Minerva withdraw her aid from the Greeks? What miracle does he relate of her statue? How did the Romans take their auspices in their distant expeditions?

What reason does Sinon give for building the horse?

What reason for making it so large?
What happened to Laocoon?

In what light did the Trojans regard this omen?

What finally determined them to receive the horse into the city? How was this effected?

What distinction exists between muri and mania?

Who was Cassandra? What fatality attended her?

Under what circumstances did Sinon free the Greeks from their confinement? How were the Greeks informed that their plot had succeeded?

How did Æneas receive information of the entrance of the Greeks?

What course did Aneas pursue?
Who was Panthus ?

What account did he give Æneas?
Who was Corobus?

What success had the Trojans at first?
For whom did Androgeos take them?
Who proposed to the Trojans to adopt the
Grecian dress?

What was the consequence of doing it?
What is said of Ripheus?
What was the testudo?

What scene did Priam's palace present?
How did Æneas gain access to it?
How was the palace defended?

Who was Pyrrhus ?

How is the entrance of the Greeks into Pri

am's palace described?

Where was Helen at this time?

What were the intentions of Æneas?
How was he restrained?

What did Venus say caused the destruction
of Troy?

What did she point out to Æneas?
What advice did she give him?
Whither did she conduct him?
What resolution did Anchises form, and
persist in?

What effect had this determination on his

Who was Creusa? What was her petition?
What miracle is related? and what effect

had it on Anchises?

What is the signification of apex?
What arrangement was made for the escape
of Æneas and his companions?
What were the Penates and the Lares?
Who of the refugees was missing when they
reached the temple of Ceres?

What steps did Æneas take to regain her?
Why did he revisit Priam's palace?
With what success did he meet?
What does Creüsa make known to him?
Why was the term Lydius applied to the

What surprise did Æneas meet with on his
return to his friends?


Of what does Æneas give an account in the
third book?

On what model is it written, and what space
of time do the events in it occupy?
For what does it afford opportunity to the

What determined the Trojans to seek a re-
treat in a foreign land?

Where was Antandros? for what was the
place peculiarly fitted?
When did the Trojans sail?

Who was Lycurgus the son of Dryas?
Where did Æneas first land?
What prodigy influenced him to leave this

Who was Polydore?

Who was king of Thrace at the time of Eneas' landing?

What honours did they pay to Polydore? Why were the rites of sepulture considered so important?

To what place did they next sail? and how were they received? Where is Delos ?

Give some account of

it. Name some of the Cyclades which surround it.

Why is the term geus applied to Neptune?

Why was Apollo called pius? Why styled Thymbræan?

What petition did Æneas prefer to the god at Delos?

What answer did the oracle return?

Why did Hecuba and her daughters fly to What did Anchises understand from this ro

the altar?

What was Priam's fate?

Why was Pyrrhus called Neoptolemus? How was Æneas affected by the death of Priam?


Who was Cybele, and from what did she take her name?

For what port did the Trojans sail from Deles?

What calamity visited them after their ar-[How is Dido described when prepared for rival at Crete?

What advice did Anchises give?
Why was it not followed?

What course did they pursue on being convinced of their error?

Of how long duration was the storm which overtook them?

On what islands did they land after the storm?

Give some account of Phineus.

How did the 'Trojans obtain a repast? What account is given of the Harpies? Who was Celano? What did she predict? Where did they next land?

Where was Phæacia? What is its modern name?

Whither did they proceed from Corcyra?
What report was current there?
Who was Helenus?

Give some account of Andromache, and of

How did Æneas find Andromache employed?

Whom did she pronounce singularly happy, and why?

Why did Pyrrhus leave Andromache to Helenus ?

What was the fate of Pyrrhus?

How long did the Trojans remain at Chaonia?

What request did Æneas make of Helenus?
How was augury drawn from birds?
What did Helenus foretell?

How was Æneas to know the land destined
to end his wanderings?
Whose worship did Helenus inculcate or

What did he direct with regard to visiting the Sybil ?

How did he address Anchises?

How did Helenus and Andromache treat the
Trojans on their departure?

What wish did Æneas express, if he should
ever ascend the throne of Latium?
What course did Æneas next pursue?
What land did they see?

Where was the temple of Minerva, which is here mentioned?

Who was Enceladus?

On what shore did the Trojans next run?
Who begged assistance of them?
What account did he give of himself?
How did he describe the Cyclops?
How did Ulysses avenge the death of his

What steps did the Trojans take on hearing
Achemenides, and seeing Polyphemus?
What is fabled of the Alpheus and Arethusa?
Where did Anchises die?


the chase?

Who accompanied her?

Where was Apollo worshipped? where supposed to reside at different seasons? What separated the hunting party? How is Fame, or Report, described? Whom did Jove send to Æneas, and with what message?

What effect had it on him?

How did he determine to make known his intention to Dido?

Did he actually disclose his intention? How was Dido affected by the discovery of the plan?

What did Æneas assign as the cause of his departure?

What did Dido threaten?

What did she request of Anna?

What oath of the Greeks did she allude to ? With what success were Anna's entreaties attended?

What miracle appeared while Dido was sacrificing?

What other omens attended her? How does the queen determine to seek relief?

How did she deceive Anna, and what directions did she give her?

What ceremonies were performed? What plans did she afterward revolve in her mind, and on what did she determine?

What dangers did she apprehend from abroad?

Who again appeared to Æneas, and what did he advise?

How did Æneas escape from Carthage? What powers did Dido invoke to avenge her wrongs

For what revenge did she pray, and what offerings did she exact from her people? Who was Barce?

How did the queen put an end to her life? For what did Juno send Iris?


Of what does the fifth book give an account?

Of what character are the incidents of this book?

For what land did Æneas sail from Car-

Did the Trojans conjecture the fate of

What led them to this conclusion?

To what port were the Trojans driven by a tempest?

Where was Drepanum?

Why was this land welcome to Eneas? Who was Acestes, and how came he asquainted with Æneas?

What effect had the narration of Eneas on How did Acestes receive the Trojans?

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What ceremonies did Æneas perform?
How did Acestes grace the ceremonies?
What took place during the performance of

the rites?

What sports were to follow on the ninth day?

For what did the neighbouring people assemble on that day?

Who were engaged in the first contest?
How were the places assigned?

How are the bows of the galleys supposed
to have been formed?

What is said of the ardour of the competi-

Who at first was the foremost?
What caused his discomfiture?
Was the prize for the vessel which first
reached the goal, or for that which first
returned from it to the shore?

Who obtained the first prize?

To what was his success attributed?
What rewards were bestowed on the other

What contest succeeded that of the gal-

What accident befell Nisus?

How did he aid his friend?

How did Æneas award the prizes?
What contest succeeded the race?
Who first offered himself for the combat?
Who was prevailed on to contend with


Whose gauntlets did Entellus produce?
Who was Eryx?

Who was victorious in the boxing match?
What success attended the different compet-
itors in the trial in archery?
Who was Pandarus?

How did the soothsayers interpret the omen
that attended the arrow of Acestes?
What was the last of the sports?

What new mode of revenge did Juno devise?

How did she accomplish it?

How was the fire extinguished?

What further directions did the Sibyl give

What did she require of him first?
How was Æneas guided to the golden

What is related of Lake Avernus?
What is the mistletoe? Does it grow in
the United States?

How did the Trojans celebrate the funeral
obsequies of Misenus?

Where is Cape Miseno, and whence its name?

Who was Hecate, and how was she invoked?

Whither did Æneas accompany the Sib yl?

Where were the most celebrated festivals in honour of Ceres?

Of what did they consist, and how were they

Of what did the initiation consist?
What effect was it calculated to produce?
What doctrines were taught during the ini-


[blocks in formation]

How did Charon address Æneas?
What did he say of Theseus, Hercules, and

What punishment had he suffered for fer-
rying over Hercules?

Who was Nautes, and what did he coun- How was his anger appeased? sel?

What determined Eneas to follow this advice?

What else was Eneas directed by Anchises to do?

What did he call the new city, and whom did he leave in it?

What was Cerberus, and how was he silenced?

Why was the idea of consigning infants to misery inculcated?

How was the order of trying causes determined by the Romans?

Who was the principal judge of the infernal regions?

What classes of ghosts did Æneas successively behold?

What request did Venus make of Neptune?
What answer and promise did he return?
Who was Palinurus? What was his fate?
Who guided the fleet after the loss of Pali-Who were Eriphyle, Laodamia, Evadne,

Burus >


Of what does the sixth book give an ac-

Where was Cume? Where was Chalcis?
Where did Eneas go, on first landing in

What distinction is made between mens and

How does Servius explain the fable of the
wings of Dædalus?

Who was Androgeus? Theseus? Icarus?
What did the Sibyl direct Æneas to do?
To whom did he address his supplication?
What did the Sibyl predict?
What request did Æneas make of her?
With what lake in the upper regions was
Acheron supposed to be connected?
How is the expression Acheronte refuso ex-

and Cænis?

What is related of Dido?

What was Plato's doctrine respecting the
souls of the departed?

What was the use of the tumulus inanis
erected by Æneas to Deiphobus?
What account of himself did Deiphobus

What information did the Sibyl impart re-
specting Tartarus ?
Who was Tisiphone?

Who guarded the gate of Tartarus?
Who were the Aloïdes?

What punishment was inflicted on Tityus?
What was the crime of Phlegyas, and what
its punishment?

What doctrine concerning the spirit of man was held by the Bramins?

Whither did the priestess and Æneas next

What preparation did the hero make?
How is Elysium described?

Who were to be found there? How was Anchises employed? How did he address his son?

What account did he give of the ghosts near the Lethe?

What did he say with regard to the future greatness of Rome?

From whom was Augustus fabled to have descended?

Who is supposed to have been alluded to by eruet ille?

Who was surnamed Serranus?

By whom were the spolia opima successively won ?

In whose presence was the elegant tribute to the memory of Marcellus recited. What account is given of the double gates? Through which was Æneas dismissed?


How did Æneas find the fleet and his companions on his return?

What rites did he celebrate before setting sail?

Who was Caieta? To what place was her name given?

Who was Circe, and why were her shores to be dreaded?

What did the morning disclose to the view of Æneas?

Whom does the poet invoke ?
Who was Erato?

Who ruled Latium at the time spoken of?
What was the character of his reign?
From whom was he descended?
What descendants had he?

Who was Turnus?

What design had the Latin queen?

What prodigies had frightened Latinus? Where did he go for information respecting them?

What names were successively applied to Italy?

What was made known to Latinus?
What prophecy was fulfilled by the Trojans'
eating the cakes of flour?

What encouragement did it afford them?
How did they celebrate the joyful event?
What measures did they pursue?

Whom did Æneas send to the Latin court? Where did Æneas mark out the walls of his new city?

How were the Latin youth employed? How was the arrival of the Trojans made known to king Latinus?

What was the trabea?

By whom was the royal palace built?

What befell Picus?

What message did he send to Æneas? With what gifts was it accompanied? What was the tenor of Juno's soliloquy? Whom did she call to her assistance? How is the Fury described?

How did she proceed to execute her commission?

Who was Amata, and how did she argue with the king?

How did she conduct herself when she could not prevail?

What rites did she pretend to celebrate?
Whither did Alecto next proceed?
Where was Ardea?

Whose appearance did the Fury take, and
how did she address Turnus?
What was Turnus' reply?
How did she prevail?

What measures did Turnus take?
What arts did Alecto have recourse to, in
order to embroil the Trojans ?
Where was the Nar? Why was it termed

Describe the rustic skirmish. Who were slain in the contest? What tidings did the Fury bear to Juno, and what further service did she offer? What answer did she receive? Where was lake Amsanctus? for what was it remarkable?

Who afterwards was active in conducting the war?

How did Latinus conduct himself?
What is the note on cinctu Gabino?
Who opened the gates of war?

With what ardour did they begin the contest >

Where was Crustumerium?

Who were the principal of the Italian leaders?

With what weapons did the bands of Cæculus fight?

Where was the lake Ciminus?

What is said of Clausus? What of Halesus?
For what was Massicus renowned ?
What were aclydes?

Who was Ebalus?

How were his troops armed?
How are the Equicolæ described?
Who was Umbro? What power had he?
Who was Pæan?

How is Turnus described?
Who commanded the Volsci?
What description is given of her?


What was the state of affairs at Latium at the time treated of in the eighth book?

How did the king receive and address his What custom of the Romans is alluded to guests?

How did Ilioneus reply?

What belief had the ancients concerning the torrid zone?

With whom is Eneas identified in verse 241?

Where was the Numicus? In what was it remarkable?

What presents were sent by Eneas to Latinus?

With what belief was the king impressed?

in the first line?

Who appeared to Æneas?
What did he foretell?

What proof did he give the prince that it
was not a mere dream?

Whose friendship did he direct the Trojans
to seek?

Whom did he direct them to worship?
What prodigy did they see?
What method did the Trojans take to gain
the friendship of the Arcadian monarch?

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