Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal, Volume 8

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A. and C. Black, 1812 - Medicine

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Page 339 - Whosoever shall unlawfully and maliciously administer to or cause to be administered to or taken by any other Person any Poison or other destructive or noxious Thing, so as thereby to endanger the Life of such Person, or so as thereby to inflict upon such Person any grievous bodily Harm, shall be guilty of Felony...
Page 449 - ... system is less simple than that of the majority of vegetable poisons. As it acts on different organs, it occasions different orders of symptoms, and as the affection of one or another organ predominates, so there is some variety in the symptoms produced even in individual animals of the same species. In animals killed by arsenic the blood is usually found fluid in the heart and vessels after death; but otherwise all the morbid appearances met with on dissection are confined to the stomach and...
Page 240 - We shall not fail to teach our children to speak the name of Jenner ; and to thank the Great Spirit for bestowing upon him so much wisdom and so much benevolence. We send with this a belt and string of Wampum, in token of our acceptance of your precious gift ; and we beseech the Great Spirit to take care of you in this world and in the land of spirits.
Page 442 - Society, that the brain is not directly necessary to the action of the heart, and that, when the functions of the brain are destroyed, the heart continues to contract for some time afterwards, and then ceases only in consequence of the suspension of respiration, which is under the influence of the brain.
Page 240 - Brother ! Our Father has delivered to us the book you sent to instruct us how to use the discovery which the Great Spirit made to you, whereby the small-pox, that fatal enemy of our tribes, may be driven from the earth. We have deposited your book in the hands of the man of skill whom our great Father employs to attend us when sick or wounded. We shall not fail to teach our children to speak the name of Jenner ; and to thank the Great Spirit for bestowing upon him so much wisdom and so much benevolence....
Page 446 - ... by rendering the heart insensible to the stimulus of the blood, and stopping the circulation. The heart beats feebly and irregularly before either the functions of the mind or the respiration appear to be affected. Respiration is performed even after the circulation has ceased; and the left side of the heart is found after death to contain scarlet blood, which never can be the case where the cause of death is the cessation of the functions of the brain or lungs. The convulsions which occur when...
Page 437 - On some Physiological Researches respecting the Influence of the Brain on the action of the Heart, and on the Generation of Animal Heat," for which a Copley medal, " the highest honour the Society has to bestow,
Page 197 - Westmann islands which is inhabited, scarcely a single instance ha8 been known, during the last twenty years, of a child surviving the period of infancy.
Page 204 - F2 complaints, and, under a persuasion of the inefficacy of professional aid, she was prevailed upon to consult an empiric, whose attendance, though continued to the end of the year, proved unavailing; and on the 3d of January, 1809, she had the advice of Mr. Chevalier, an experienced surgeon, who considered the patient's complaint to be chronic rheumatism ; and by the use of clysters of warm water, oily mucilaginous medicines, fomentations, and vesicatories, she appeared to experience more relief...
Page 240 - ... I spoke to you again, and strongly recommended to your serious consideration the introducing among your people this valuable discovery, the want of which you soon afterwards felt very severely in the loss of one of your chiefs, Oughquaghga John. Brothers ! I have now the satisfaction to deliver to you a book, sent to you from England by that great man, Dr Jenner, whom God enabled to discover so great a blessing to mankind : it explains fully all the advantages derived from so great a discovery.

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