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tuba, ae, f., trumpet. tueor, ēri, watch over; guard, protect; look at, gaze upon, behold. Tullus, i, m., Tullus Hostilius, the third king of Rome. tum, adv., then, at that time; thereupon; further, besides. tumeō, ere, swell, be swollen. tumidus, a, um, swollen, swelling; - dashing, violent.

tumultus, ús, [cf. tumeo], m., uprising, upheaval; uproar, confusion, tumult.

tumulus, i, [cf. tumeo], m., mound, hill, hillock; grave, tomb.

tūtāmen, inis, [tutor], n., defence, protection.

tutor, [tueor], 1, guard, protect, defend; favor, support. tūtus, a, um, [tueor], safe, protected; sheltered; secure, trustworthy; as noun, tutum, ī, n., safety, shelter.

tuus, a, um, [tu], thy, your. tui, orum, m., your comrades. Tydeus, ei, m., one of the Seven against Thebes, and the father of Diomedes.

Tydīdēs, ae, m., son of Tydeus, i.e. Diomedes.

tunc, [tum+ce], adv., then, at Tyndaris, idis, f., daughter of

that time.

tundō, ere, tutudi, tūnsus, strike,

beat; assail, importune. turba, ae, f., mob, crowd, throng; troop, band; herd, flock. turbidus, a, um, [turba], wild, troubled, agitated; dark, murky, turbid.

turbō, [turba], 1, crowd, throng; throw into confusion, agitate, disturb; scatter; trouble, perplex; be troubled, be in a panic. turbō, inis, [turba], m., whirling motion; whirlwind; storm, tempest; wind, blast.

Tyndareüs, an appellation loosely used of Helen. Typhoeus, a, um, of Typhoeus, a giant destroyed by the thunderbolts of Jupiter.

tyrannus, i, m., king, ruler; tyrant, despot.

Tyrius, a, um, of Tyre, Tyrian; as noun, Tyrii, orum, m., the Tyrians.

Tyrrhēnus, a, um, Tyrrhenian, Tuscan.

Tyrus, i, f., Tyre, a famous city of Phoenicia.

tūreus, a, um, [tus], of frankin- über, eris, n., udder,


tūricremus, a, um, [tus + cremo],


turma, ae, f., troop of cavalry, squadron.

turpis, e, ugly; foul, filthy, loath


bosom; richness, fertility, fruitfulness.

ūber, eris, adj., rich, fertile, fruitful.

ubi, relative and interrog. adv., where, when, as soon as.

some; base, shameful, disgrace-ubique, adv., anywhere, everyful.

turris, is, f., tower, turret.

turrītus, a, um, [turris], turreted; with turreted diadem; tower-like. tūs, tūris, n., frankincense.


Ucalegōn, ontis, m., a Trojan. ūdus, a, um, wet, moist, damp. ulciscor, i, ultus, avenge. Ulixēs, ī, m., Ulysses.

üllus, a, um, [unus], any, any one.
ulmus, i, f., elm-tree.
ulterior, us, [cf. ultra], the fur- unctus, a, um; see unguo.

mus], of one mind, having the
same feelings; sympathizing.


ultimus, a, um, [cf. ultra], furthest, most distant, remotest; last, final; extreme, most exacting; as noun, ultima, orum, n., the end, the goal.

uncus, a, um, crooked, hooked. unda, ae, f., wave, billow; waters,

sea, stream.

unde, rel. and interrog. adv., whence, from whom or which, from which or what source.

ultor, ōris, [cf. ulciscor], m., undique, adv., from all sides, on

[blocks in formation]

`umbō, ōnis, m., boss of a shield; urgeō, ēre, ursi, push, press, urge


umbra, ae, f., shade, shadow, dark

ness, gloom; ghost, phantom.

on; press hard, pursue; press down upon; punish, torment. urna, ae, f., jar, urn.

umbrifer, era, erum, [umbra +ūrō, ere, ussi, ūstus, burn; de

fero], shade-giving, shady.

umbrō, [umbra], 1, cover with

shade, shade.

stroy; worry, vex; pass., sumed, burn with love. ursa, ae, f., she-bear.

ūmectō, [umeo, be wet], 1, wet, usquam, adv., anywhere.


ūmēns, entis, [umeo, be wet],

damp, moist, dewy. umerus, i, m., shoulder. umidus, a, um, [cf. umens], moist,

damp, dewy; watery, liquid. umquam, adv., at any time, ever. ūnā, [unus], adv., together, at the same time, together with.

ūnanimus, a, um, [unus + ani

be con

ūsque, adv., as far as; ever, constantly, continually.

ūsus, ūs, [utor], m., use; purpose. ut or uti, adv. and conj.: 1) Interrog. adv., how? 2) Rel. adv., as, just as; where; 3) Conj.,^ when, as; that, in order that; so that. ut primum, as soon as. utcumque, in whatever way, how


uterque, utraque, utrumque, [uter +-que], each; both; either. uterus, i., m., belly.

utinam, [uti + nam], adv., oh that, would that.

ūtor, i, ūsus, use, employ, make

use of; enjoy.

changeable, inconstant, fluctuating.

vāstō, [vastus], 1, lay waste, ravage, pillage.

vāstus, a, um, waste, wild, desolate; vast, huge, immense, enormous, mighty.

utroque, [uterque], adv., to each vātēs, is, c., seer, prophet, proph

side, from side to side.

etess; poet, bard.

uxōrius, a, um, [uxor, wife], de- -ve, enclitic conj., or.

voted to one's wife.

vacca, ae, f., cow, heifer.

vacō, 1, be empty, be free from; impers., there is time, there is leisure.

vacuus, a, um, [cf. vaco], empty, vacant, unoccupied, deserted; clear.

vectō, [veho], 1, carry, convey.
veho, ere, vexī, vectus, bear,
carry, convey; bring, usher in ;
passive as middle, sail.
vel, [volo], conj., originally, if you
wish; or; vel . . . vel, either

... or.

vēlāmen, inis, [velo], n., covering; veil; garment, clothing.

vādō, ere, go, walk, proceed, ad- Velinus, a, um, of Velia, a town vance; make haste, rush. vadum, i, n., shoal, shallow place, shallow; bottom, depths; waters,


vāgīna, ae, f., sheath, scabbard. vāgītus, ūs, m., crying, wailing. vagor, [vagus, strolling], 1, stroll, rove, wander about, roam; spread abroad; ride to and fro. valeō, ēre, ui, itūrus, [cf. validus], be strong, be powerful; be able, can. vale, farewell.

validus, a, um, strong, stout, stanch, sturdy; powerful, vig


on the coast of Lucania. velivolus, a, um, [velum, cf. volo], sail-winged, studded with sails.

vellō, ere, volsi, volsus, pluck,

pull up, tear up.

vellus, eris, n., fleece; wool; fillet. vēlō, [velum], 1, cover, veil, wrap;

equip with sails; bind, wreathe, adorn.

vēlōx, ōcis, swift, fleet, quick. vēlum, ī, n., sail; awning, canvas.

vela dare, set sail.

velut or veluti, [vel + uti], just

as, even as.

vallēs or vallis, is, f., valley, vēna, ae, f., vein. vale.

vānus, a, um, empty, idle; ground

less, fruitless; false, cheating, deceiving.

vapor, ōris, m., steam; heat, fire. varius, a, um, various, manifold; different, chequered, varied, varying; variegated, diversified;

vēnābulum, ī, [venor], n., hunting-spear.

vēnātrīx, icis, [venor], f., hunt


vēndō, ere, didī, ditus, [venum, sale, do], sell, barter. venēnum, i, [Venus], n., lovecharm, philter; poison, venom.

venerabilis, e, [veneror], worthy of veneration, revered, venerable.

veneror, 1, pray to, beseech; wor

ship, adore.

venia, ae, f., favor, indulgence. veniō, īre, vēnī, ventum, come. vēnor, 1, hunt.

venter, tris, m., belly; hunger. ventōsus, a, um, [ventus], windy; stormy, tempestuous.

ventus, i, m., wind, breeze; blast;

Venus, eris, f., the goddess of

(verber), eris, n., lash, blow.
verberō, [verber], 1, beat, lash;

verbum, i, n., word; utterance.
vērē, [verus], adv., truly.
vereor, ērī, itus, respect; fear.
vērō, [verus], adv., in truth, in
fact, indeed, really.
verrō, ere, verri, versus, sweep,
sweep over; skim over, skim.
versō, [verto], 1, turn about,
whirl; roll, toss; ply, execute;
turn, direct; turn over, ponder,

genuine; as noun, verum, i, n., the truth.

vescor, i, feed upon, eat, devour; breathe.

Vesper, eris and eri, m., eveningstar; west.

Vesta, ae, ['Eoría], f., the goddess of the hearth.

vester, tra, trum, [vos], your,


vēstibulum, i, n., entrance, portal.

vēstīgium, i, [cf. vestigo], n.,

foot-print, foot-step, track; trace, token.

vēstīgō, 1, track; search, seek. vestiō, īre, īvi or ii, vestītus, [vestis], clothe, cover.

vestis, is, f., covering; clothing, dress; robe, garment; tapestry, drapery.

vetō, āre, vetui, vetitus, forbid, prohibit; oppose.

vetus, eris, old, aged, ancient;

vetustās, atis, [vetus], f., length
of time, lapse of time.
vetustus, a, um, [vetus], old,

versus, ūs, [verto], m., turning; vexō, [veho], 1, shake; harass.

row, tier.

vertex, icis, [cf. verto], m., highest
point, top, peak, summit;
zenith; crown (of the head),
head. a vertice, from above.
vertō, ere, verti, versus, turn
about, turn, change, alter; twist,
ply; overturn, destroy; invert;
drive away; passive as middle,
revolve, march on.
veru, ūs, n., spit.

vērum, [verus], conj., but, but yet,

but in truth.

via, ae, f., way, road, street; course, path; journey, passage;


viātor, ōris, [via], m., wayfarer, traveller.

vibrō, 1, shake, brandish; dart, vibrate.

vīcīnus, a, um, near, near by,

neighboring, adjoining. vicis, gen., no nom. being found, f., change, interchange; chance, fortune, fate; peril; part, rôle. vicissim, [vicis], adv., in turn.

vērus, a, um, true, sincere, real, victor, ōris, [vinco], m., victor,

winner, conqueror; as adj., vic- | violō, [cf. vis], 1, injure, wrong, torious, triumphant. profane, violate. victōria, ae, [victor], f., victory. | vipereus, a, um, of vipers, snaky. victrix, icis, victorious, trium- | vir, viri, m., man; hero; husband. virectum, i, [vireo], n., green


victus, ūs, [vivo], m., living, sus

tenance; food.

videō, ēre, vīdī, visus, see, behold,

place, grassy spot, greensward, glade.

vireō, ēre, be green.

perceive, observe, witness; un- | virga, ae, [cf. vireo], f., twig, shoot;

[blocks in formation]

villus, i, m., shaggy hair; nap virtus, ūtis, [vir], f., manliness;

(of cloth).

vīmen, inis, n., twig; shoot.

vinciō, īre, vinxi, vinctus, bind; fetter, pinion. vinclum, see vinculum.

vincō, ere, vīcī, victus, conquer, be victorious, prevail; overcome, overpower; defeat, subdue, vanquish; prevail over, beat; dispel, banish; win, achieve. vinculum or vinclum, i, [vincio],

n., fastening; chain, fetter; tie, bond, thong; rope, cord, cable; imprisonment, confinement.

bravery, courage, valor, heroism; prowess, heroic deed; merit. vīs, vis, f., strength, might, power, potency; force, violence; pack; pl., strength, power.

viscera, um, n., vital organs, vitals; flesh.

viscum, i, n., mistletoe.

vīsō, ere, visi, vīsus, [video], go

to see; see, behold.

vīsum, i, [video], n., sight, vision, apparition.

visus, ūs, [video], m., seeing; sight; vision.

vindicō, [vindex, claimant], 1, vīta, ae, [cf. vivo], f., life; spirit.

claim; rescue, deliver.

vīnum, i, n., wine.

vitālis, e, [vita], vital, life-giving. vitō, 1, shun, avoid.

violabilis, e, [violo], that may be vitta, ae, f., fillet; chaplet.

profaned, violable.

vitulus, i, m., bullock.

violentus, a, um, [cf. violo], vio- vividus, a, um, [vivus], lively, vig

lent, boisterous.

orous; ardent.

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