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Regular verbs of the first conjugation are indicated by the numeral 1 following the present indicative. — - Roots are in small capitals.

away; tear, rend, cleave. abscondo, ere, condi and condidi,

ā, ab, prep. with abl., from, away | abscindō, ere, scidī, scissus, tear from; with passive verbs, by; of time, from, after, since. Before words beginning with a consonant, either a or ab may be used; before words beginning with a vowel or h, ab only is used.

Abās, antis, m., name of 1) an
Argive king; 2) a comrade of

abdō, dere, didi, ditus, [do, put],
put away; hide; shut up; plunge.
abdūcō, dūcere, dūxi, ductus, lead
away; draw back.

abeō, īre, ii, itūrus, go away, part, withdraw; deviate. abies, ietis, f., spruce, fir. ablātus, see aufero.

conditus, put away, conceal; lose sight of.

absēns, sentis, [absum], absent; distant.

absistō, ere, stiti, —, withdraw or

depart from; cease, desist; forbear.

abstineō, ēre, tinui, tentus, hold back; refrain.

abstrūdō, ere, ūsī, ūsus, thrust

away; hide. abstuli, see aufero. de-absum, abesse, abfui or āfui, āfutūrus, be absent or away from; be distant; be wanting. absūmō, ere, sumpsī, sumptus, take away; consume, devour; destroy.

abluō, ere, lui, lūtus, wash off;

abnegō, 1, deny, refuse.
abnuō, ere, ui, [ab + nuo, nod],

refuse (by nod); decline, reject. aboleō, ēre, ēvī, itus, efface, remove, destroy.

abripiō, ere, ui, reptus, [ab + ra

pio], snatch away; snatch, seize. abrumpō, ere, rūpī, ruptus, break off; break, rive; destroy; violate.

ac, see atque.

Acamās, antis, m., one of the
Greeks before Troy.
acanthus, ī, m., a plant, the acan-
thus or bear's-foot.
Acarnan, ānis, of Acarnania (a

country of Greece), Acarnanian. accedo, ere, cessi, cessūrus, [ad + cedo], come or go to; draw near, approach.

abruptum, i, [abrumpo], n., preci- accelerō, [ad + celerō], 1, hasten.

pice, abyss.

accendō, ere, cendi, cēnsus, [ad,

cf. candeo, shine], set on fire, | Achāicus, a, um, of Achaea, a kindle; excite, arouse; enrage; district in northern Peloponnesus; Achaean; Grecian.

inspire. accessus, ūs, [accedo], m., ap- Achātēs, ae, m., a comrade of proach. accidō, ere, cīdī, cisus, [ad + Acheron, ontis, m., a river of the

caedo], cut into, hew.


Lower World; the Lower World. Achillēs, is and i, m., the greatest of the Greek heroes before Troy. Achilleus, a, um, of Achilles.

accingō, ere, cinxi, cinctus, [ad + cingo], gird; with a reflexive, or the passive used as a middle, gird one's self; equip, make | Achīvi, ōrum, m., inhabitants of ready; resort to. accipiō, ere, cēpī, ceptus, [ad + capio], take to one's self; admit, let in, receive, accept; welcome; hear, learn; conceive. accītus, ūs, [accio, ad + cio, cf.

cieo], m., summons. accommodo, [ad + commodo], 1, fit, adjust; gird on.

accubō, āre, cubui, cubitum, lie or recline near.

accumbō, ere, cubui, cubitum, recline at.

accumulō, [ad + cumulo], 1, heap

up; heap upon, load; honor. accurrō, ere, cucurri and currī, cursum, [ad + curro], run or hasten to.

ācer, acris, acre, sharp, keen; fierce, violent, stern, severe; ardent, zealous; spirited, valiant. acerbus, a, um, [acer], sour, bitter; harsh, implacable, savage; untimely.

Achaea, Achaeans; Greeks. Achīvus, a, um, Achaean; Greek. Acīdalius, a, um, of Acidalia (a spring in Boeotia sacred to Venus), Acidalian. aciēs, ēi, [Ac, sharp], f., sharp

edge, edge; keen vision, sight, eye; battle line, battle array. acquirō, ere, quisīvi, quisītus, [ad + quaero], acquire, gain. Acragās, antis, m., Acragas or

Agrigentum, a city in Sicily. acta, ae, f., shore, beach, strand. Actius, a, um, of Actium, a prom

ontory on the coast of Epirus. acutus, a, um, [acuo, sharpen], sharpened, sharp; pointed, jagged.

ad, prep. with acc., to, towards;
near; among; at; by.
adamās, antis, [ádáμas], m., ada-
mant; a very hard metal.
Adamastus, i, m., Adamastus, the
father of Achaemenides.

acernus, a, um, of maple-wood, addicō, ere, dixi, dictus, assent to;

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adeō, adv., to that point or degree, | adveniō, ire, vēni, ventum, come to. so; in fact, actually, precisely; adventō, [advenio], 1, come or

just; even.

adeō, īre, ii, itus, go to, approach; visit; encounter, meet; aspire to.

adhibeō, ēre,ui, itus, [ad + habeo],

have present, invite.

adhuc, [ad + huc], adv., hitherto,

till now, as yet.

adigō, ere, ēgī, āctus, [ad + ago],

drive to; drive, hurl; force. adimō, ere, ēmi, emptus, [ad + emo], take to one's self, take away; pluck out. aditus, ūs, [adeo], m., a going to, approach, audience; means of access, entrance.

adjuvō, āre, jūvī, jūtus, aid, assist. admiror, 1, wonder at, be sur・prised at.

admittō, ere, mīsī, missus, admit. admoneō, ēre, ui, itus, warn, ad

monish, remind.

admoveō, ēre, mōvi, mōtus, move

or bring to, waft to; offer. adoleō, ēre, olui, ultus, magnify, worship; offer.

adoperiō, ire, operui, opertus, cover. adorior, iri, ortus, [ad + orior], attempt.

adōrō, 1, pray to; worship, adore. Adrastus, ī, m., an Argive king. adsum, adesse, adfui, adfutūrus, be at hand, be present, be near, be at; appear; assist, be propitious.

adulterium, ī, n., adultery. adultus, a, um, [adolesco], adult, full-grown.

advehō, ere, vexi, vectus, carry to;

passive used as a middle, sail to. advēlō, 1, veil, wreathe.

advena, ae, c., stranger, foreigner.

draw near, approach.

adventus, ūs, m., coming, ap

proach, arrival.

adversor, [adversus], 1, oppose, resist.

adversus, a, um, [adverto], turned

towards, fronting, facing, opposing, face to face, opposite. advertō, ere, verti, versus, turn to or towards; give heed, note. advocō, 1, call to one's self, sum


advolvō, ere, volvi, volūtus, roll to or towards.

adytum, i, [ädvrov, place not to be

entered], n., sanctuary, shrine; 、 tomb.

Aeacidēs, ae, m., descendant of Aeacus.

Aeaeus, a, um, of Aeaea, the fabled abode of Circe.

aedēs, is, [AIDH, burn], f., hearth; pl., apartments, house, dwelling. aedificō, [aedes + FAC], 1, build, construct.

Aegaeus, a, um, of the Aegean Sea, Aegean.

aeger, gra, grum, sick, sickly, diseased; weary, weak, suffering, wretched; anxious, distressed, heart-sick, pining.

aemulus, a, um, [cf. imitor], rivaling, competing; envious, jealous. Aeneadae, arum, m., comrades of Aeneas; Trojans.

Aenēās, ae, m., a Trojan, hero of the Aeneid.

aēnus, a, um, [aes], of bronze,

brazen; as noun, aēnum, i, n., kettle, cauldron.

Aeolia, ae, f., an island near Sicily, the fabled abode of Aeolus.

Aeolidēs, ae, m., son or descend- | aeternum, adv., forever, unceas

ant of Aeolus.

Aeolius, a, um, of Aeolus.
Aeolus, i, m., god of the winds.
aequaevus, a, um, [aequus + ae-
vum], of the same or equal age.
aequālis, e, [aequus], equal, like;
as noun, aequālis, is, m., com-
panion, comrade.

aequo, [aequus], 1, make equal,
adjust, equal, match, do justice
to; requite; partic., aequatus, a,
um, made even, regular, abreast.
aequor, oris, [aequus], n., a level
surface; sea, waters; wave, bil-
low; ring.

aequus, a, um, even, level; just, fair; equal; requited; kindly, | propitious; as noun, aequum, i, n., justice.

ingly, eternally.

aeternus, a, um, [=aeviternus,

from aevum, age], everlasting, eternal, undying, endless. aether, eris, [AIDH, burn], m., upper air, ether; air; vault of heaven, sky, heaven; upper world.

aetherius, a, um, [aether], of the

ether, of heaven; heavenly, celcs

tial. Aethiops, opis, m., an Ethiopian. aethra, ae, f., sky, firmament. Aetna, ae, f., a volcano in Sicily. Aetnaeus, a, um, of Aetna, dwelling on Aetna.

aevum, i, n., age, time; old age. affabilis, e, [affor], easily addressed.

āēr, āeris, m., air; breeze; mist, affātus, ūs, [affor], m., address.


aerātus, a, um, [aes], made of or

covered with bronze; brazen. aereus, a, um, [aes], made of or

plated with bronze; brazen. aeripes, edis, [aes + pes], bronzefooted, bronze-hoofed.

affectō, [afficio], 1, make for, seize. afferō, afferre, attulī, allātus, [ad+

fero], bring, bear, or carry to; with reflexive, go, come. affigō, ere, fixi, fixus, [ad + figo], fasten or attach to; passive used as a middle, cleave to.

aerius, a, um, [aer], airy, high, afflictus, a, um, [affligo, smite],

lofty, towering.

aes, aeris, n., copper, bronze; anything made from these materials, as a shield, arms, cymbals, trumpet, cauldron, chariot, or beak of a ship.

shattered, ruined; dejected, disheartened.

afflō, [ad+flo], 1, blow or breathe upon; inspire.

affluō, ere, xi, [ad + fluo], flow to; pour in.

aestās, ātis, [AIDH, burn], f., sum-affor, [ad + for], 1, speak to, ad

mer, summer air. aestuō, [aestus], 1, boil; seethe, surge. aestus, us, [AIDH, burn], m., heat, flame; tide; sea, strait; flood,


aetās, ātis, [=aevitas from aevum], f., age; old age, years; time.

dress, pray to.

affore, afforem, see adsum.
Africa, ae, f., Africa.

Africus, i, m., the southwest wind.
Agamemnonius, a, um, of or be-
longing to Agamemnon, leader
of the Greeks in the Trojan
War; son of Agamemnon.

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Agathyrsi, ōrum, m., a people of |ājō, say, assert, affirm.


Agēnor, oris, m., a king of Phoenicia and ancestor of Dido. ager, agri, m., field, land. agger, eris, [ad + gero], m., heap, mound; elevation, embankment; dike; rampart.

aggerō, [agger], 1, heap up, in


aggerō, ere, gessi, gestus, [ad + gero], bear to; heap upon. agglomerō, [ad+glomero, wind as a ball], 1, add to, join.

aggredior, 1, gressus sum, [ad + gradior, walk, go], go to; attack,

assail; address, accost; essay, attempt.

āla, ae, f., wing, pinion; beaters. alacer and alacris, cris, e, active; eager, joyful.

ālātus, a, um, [ala], winged. Alba, Alba Longa, [albus], ae, f., an ancient city of Latium. Albānus, a, um, [Alba], of Alba, Alban; as noun, Albānī, orum, m., the Albans.

albēscō, ere, [albus], grow white, dawn.

albus, a, um, white.

Alcīdēs, ae, m., descendant of Alceus; Hercules.

āles, ālitis, [ala], winged; as noun, āles, alitis, c., bird.

Alētēs, is, m., a comrade of Aeneas.

agitātor, ōris, [agito], m., driver, | aliēnus, a, um, [alius], of another,

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another's, foreign.

āliger, gera, gerum, [ala, cf. gero], winged.

aliqui and aliquis, qua, quod, [ali- qui], indef. adj. pron.,

some, any. aliquis, qua, quid, [ali-+quis], indef. pron., some one, any one. aliter, [alius], adv., otherwise. alius, a, ud, another, other, else. alius . . . alius, one other, the one

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the other. alii . . . alii, some . .. others. allābor, lābī, lāpsus, [ad + labor], glide to; sail to, reach.

alligō, [ad ligo], 1, bind or fasten to; hold, confine. alloquor, qui, locutus, [ad + loquor], speak to, address, accost; appeal to.

agricola, ae, [ager, cf. colo], m., | almus, a, um, [cf. alo], nour

farmer, peasant. Ajāx, ācis, m., name of two Greek

heroes before Troy, 1) the son of Telamon; 2) the son of Oileus.

ishing, fostering; propitious, benign, benignant, kindly, gracious; genial.

alō, ere, alui, altus or alitus, nour

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