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Great as a historical reference. Mind you, the context is in reference to the subsequent colonization of America. Today it is evidential that "discovery" was made by Henry Sinclair almost 100 yrs. prior. Of course, I am bias due to that I am a descendent of Henry. On the other hand, I do not like the intent by which war was waged for occupation of the new world. I am sure there was blood on the hands of everyone involved, for this it is necessary to readdress the original issue of suzerainty. I am sure there could be issue with the fact that through the only route possible, since the denial of Scottish sovereignty, was cut off and this is due to divine sovereignty. So, if we can contest he War of King Phillip I am sure we would find that a far less incursion of native Americans would have been possible with a sustained introduction of immigrants. First of all, the assumption of the discovery of a new Indies trades route was simply and speculation. 

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