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lights, nor services incidental to arrangements consequent upon the failure of Builders whilst carrying out work, or in cases of subsequent litigation; but all such services are charged for in addition. 8. And material alterations of plan by time.-If the Employer, after having agreed to a design and had the contract drawings prepared, should have material alterations made, whether before or after the contract is prepared, an extra charge should be made, unless such alterations are rendered necessary by an unreasonable excess in the Builder's tender beyond the Architect's approximate estimate.

9. Charge for plans and specifications only half the commission, adding one-half per cent. if tenders are obtained.—If the Architect should have drawn out the approved design complete, with plans, elevations, sections and specification, the charge is half the commission upon the estimated cost. If he should, in addition, have procured tenders in accordance with the instruction of his employer, the charge is one-half per cent.


10. Alterations to premises may be charged at higher rate.For works in the alteration of premises, a special charge may be made on account of the special difficulties and trouble generally involved.

11. The commission covers sketches, plans, details, one set of tracings, and duplicate specification, instructions, superintendence, examining accounts.-The following are the professional services included in the ordinary charge of 5 per cent. :

The requisite preliminary sketches, drawings and specifications sufficient for an estimate and con


Detailed drawings and instructions for execution. One set of tracings and duplicate specification. General superintendence of Works (exclusive of Clerk of the Works).

Examining and passing the accounts, exclusive of measuring and making out extras and omissions.

12. Also approximate estimate.-No additional remuneration is due for making an approximate estimate, such as may be obtained, for instance, by cubing out the contents. If a detailed estimate be required by the Employer, an additional percentage charge may be made.

13. The usual charge per day. The charge per day made by Architects depends upon their professional position, the minimum charge being three guineas per day.

14. All payments to Architect to be from Employer.—The above payments alluded to in this document are to be made by the Employer to the Architect, who is not to receive commission or payment of any kind from the Builder, or any tradesman, in respect of works executed under the Architect's directions. 15. Quantities.-When an Architect supplies Builders with quantities, on which to form tenders for executing his designs, he should do so with the concurrence of his Employer, and it is desirable, when practicable, that the Architect should be paid by him rather than by the Builder, the cost of such extra labour not being included in the commission of 5 per cent.

16. Ownership of drawings.—In respect of the ownership of drawings and specifications, it has hitherto been the general custom for the Architect to be paid for their use only, those documents remaining his property.

N.B.-In case of sketches for works abandoned, this custom is recognised by Her Majesty's office of Works and Public Buildings. No authoritative decision in the Courts of Law has, however, as yet been given on the subject: it is therefore desirable, for the present at least, that the Architect should have a distinct understanding with his employer on this point.

17. Estates.--The charge for taking a plan of an estate, laying it out, and arranging for building upon it, should be regulated by the time, skill and trouble involved.

18. For actually letting the several plots (in ordinary cases)

a sum not exceeding a whole year's ground rent may be charged.

19. For inspecting the buildings during their progress (so far as may be necessary to ensure the conditions being fulfilled) and finally certifying for lease, the charge should be a percentage not exceeding onehalf per cent. up to £5,000, and above that by special arrangement.

20. All the above fees to be exclusive of travelling expenses, and time occupied in travelling, as before mentioned. 21. The charge for the above does not include the commission for preparing specification, directing, superintending and certifying the proper formation of roads, fences and other works executed at the cost of the employer, nor for putting the plans on the leases.

22. Valuations.-The following definite charges are recognised for valuation of property :

The charge throughout is 1 per cent. on the first £1,coo, and half per cent. on the remainder up to £10,000. Below £1,000, and beyond £10,000, by special arrangement.

These charges do not include travelling expenses nor attendance before juries, arbitrators, &c. 23. Dilapidations.-The charge for estimating dilapidations is 5 per cent. on the estimate, and in no case less than two guineas.

NOTE. Copies of this printed schedule can be obtained at the office of the Royal Institute of British Architects, 9, Conduit Street, Hanover Square, London, W. Re-issue: 31st March, 1882. Price Sixpence.



Angles, taking 54-56, 60-62, 71-72
plotting 73-75, 80-83, 99-101
Arches shown on plan





Back sight
Band tapes



Beam compasses, use of

Base lines 4, 12, 50, 52, 53-64, 95,
107, 127, 128
216, 217
138, 172



Beazeley's curve tables
Bench mark

129, 235

Board of Agriculture
Board of Trade 266, 278, 281, 282,
285, 288, 296
Book of Reference
Boundaries 22, 27, 134, 135-137
Bridge over and under, distinc-
tion of terms
Bridge, skew measurement 323, 324
270, 320-324
Building plans, preparation 123, 236



Cartridge drawing paper 105, 106




[blocks in formation]


Colours, conventional,
various material
Common land
243, 259
Committee rooms, Houses of
Parliament, wall space 303
Computing scale
Conventional signs 114-119, 138
Corey and Barczinsky's draw-
ing apparatus...
Cornfields on plan
Cross staff, use of
Current meter
Curves, setting out
Cutler and Edge's curve tables 271


Electricity supply
Equalising areas








Datum 163, 170, 171, 245-247, 269
Deposited plans, preparation of

234, 238
Diagrams for Parliamentary
Committees ...
Distances, inaccesible...
Drawing board...








21, 25

26, 33
98, 102

98, 99-101

141-145, 147


Field book
46-52, 84, 231
Field, object of measurements
chainmen and staff-holders 3



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[blocks in formation]

Parallel ruler


178, 179, 184


tracing plans upon 106
Parish deposits...
Parliamentary surveying, 239;
outdoor work for plan,
241; general list of peti-
tions, 243, 289; notices
by advertisement, 243;
book of reference, 255-260;
scales, 263, 270; plan, 262;
section, 268; deposi s Nov.
30th, 277-282; tracings of
deposited plans and sections
278; Dec. 15th, notices, 282-
287; Dec. 17th, and Dec.
21st, bill deposits, 287; Dec.
23 and 31, estimate and
other deposits, 290-293;
Standing Order examiners,
294; deposit of money, Jan.
15th, 299, 300; committee
work 301-306; alterations
in Bill, 306, 307.
Pastures shown on plan
Patent office tracings, size of... 106
Perpendiculars, setting out 23, 24



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