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Daily Meditation.

Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom.

- COL. iii. 16.






“ LET the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom,”-“that is," says an author, “let it be so studied and remembered as not only to enlarge your knowledge in the wisdom that cometh from above, but to be available as occasion may require, and to be applied as circumstances may demand. The Word of God thus dwelling in the heart, will be a preservative from sin, an incentive to holiness, a guide in perplexity, and an abundant and exhaustless source of spiritual comfort and consolation.”

The idea is quaintly expressed by Princess (afterwards Queen) Elizabeth in a few lines written on a blank page of a New Testament which she used during the period of her residence at Woodstock, in the reign of her superstiticus and cruel sister Mary. She thus writes: “I walk many times into the pleasant fields of Holy Scripture, where I pluck up goodly sentences

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by pruning, eat them by reading, chew them by musing, and lay them up at length in the high seat of memory, that, having tasted their sweetness, I

may the less perceive the bitterness of this miserable life.”

Multitudes before and since have felt the benefit of thus meditating on the words of Holy Scripture, which, when laid up in the memory and treasured for daily use, become indeed, as they were intended to be, a lamp to the feet, and a light to the path.

J. C. O.

January 1.
My times are in thy hand.-Ps. xxxi. 15.
COW a year before me stands,

The future hidden in its hands,
I know not what ić may disclose ;
But One who loves me sees and knows,-

My Father knows.
Upheld by Him, I will not fear
To meet the secret of the year ;
Its changes follow His coinmand ;
I know my times are in His hand,-

My Father's hand.

January 2. The lot is cast into the lap; but the whole disposing thereof is of the Lord.-Prov. xvi. 33.

JORD, whatever lies before us,

We commit to Thee our way ;
Only choose our portion for us,

Only guide us day by day.

Perfect wisdom is arranging

All events that meet us here,
Love Divine, unchanged, unchanging,

Will go with us through the year.

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