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Unknown Benefactor.


you are, and what


HE following Discourse being the substance of several Sermons, Preach'd at your defore,

and incouragement, before the Monthly Sacraments, though I am ignorant who you are, part of the City or Country you live in, yet I thought it my Duty, to let the Publick know, that there is such a Man in the World, who is desirous to do good, and loves not to be known. This Treatise you have a proper Title to, not only as one, whose Hearts desire is to see the Church of England Aourish, bat as a Benefactor too; and to have Dedicated it to any other Person, had been injurious to your Character.

Tou were sensible how backward the generality are to come to the Holy Communion, how much ground the Church, and Christianity it felf, loses by this stupid negligence of its pretended Votaries, and how not a few absent themselves, for want of understanding the true nature and design of this Blessed Sacrament, and therefore justly thought,that if, by a previous Monthly Sermon, Mens Hearts were warmd into confideration of the Vse and. Necessity of this Ordinance, the Mifts,


A 3

Holy Table

which hitherto have clouded their Understandings, would be dispelled, and they become acquainted with their Duty, which was the cause of your exciting me to this Publick Service.

Tour Jadgment hath nct fáild you, for fince these Religious Exercises have been among us, abundance of Persons, wha before book'd upon their coming to the , either as indifferentom

unnecessary, or

or unseafonable, bave, through the Blefling of God, be. thought ihemselves, considered the oốligations that the mighty Work of Redemption bays upon them, and consciencioufly apply?d themselves to the frequent Use of this Universal Medicine. And all I can tell

you for your Incouragement, is this, That as we owe the Beginning, and Progress of these Montbly Sermons, to your Zeal and influence, fo you will have a Share both in the Good that's done by them, and in the Rewards of those, who are thereby brought to a serious Sense of the nonderful Love of God in Christ Jesus. It was a Publick Good you design d by your Munificence ; and that which makes the Pious Work the greater, is, shat you do not care your left hand should know what your righi hand doch.

The Almighly bash enrich'd your Heart wirb the Nobleft Charity, even with that to the Souls of Men, an Employment which God himself disdains not to travel in; and what are all the Angels of Heaven, þut Ministring Spirits, fent forth to be helpful unto those that shall be Heirs of Salvation?

Nothing is mora pleasing to God, than to be inftru. mental in Bringing many Sons unto Glory, and though you are no publick Orator, yèt you help towards Mens Conversion, and in employing others to rouze


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!! them from their Spiritual Slumber, your Self have a

hand in their Reformation, and bythat means Preach, though you be not in Orders, yet without Offence to the

Law, and at the fame time obfèrve the Canons of the Sel Church, and win Souls, without being engaged in the eal Sacred Function. Some Criticks think, that St. Paul Ehe in his Address to the Athenians, doth not find Fault

with, but commends them for erecting an Altar To ben the unknown God, and if so, I hope none will

blame me for raising this Monument, To an unknown
Good Works

are the sweetest Incense that can be laid

upon God's Afar; and though some, that have be concealed their Names, bave been discover'd by the

Charitable Deeds done by them, yet yours are so ore der'd, that, tho' for some time you have thus

generously employ'd part of your Means, to advance this publick Good, yet still you are a Stranger to me; and in that, happier than the Roman Senator, who hiding himself in the time of Profcription, his Perfumes betray’d him.

May the God, and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath already touch'd your Heart with a sense of his Glory, enrich you with all Spiritual

Blessings, aud make you to abönde more and more in Faith, in Love, and in all Goodness. May that Great Shepherd of Souls enlighten your Understanding with greater Brightness, raise your Soul above this transitory World teach you to despise the things that are

seen, and fill you with earnest Longings after those which are not seen; that after having servd your Generation here, your Immortal part may be admitted to the Enjoyment and Embraces

of the Holy Trinity, The Festivals of Seraphim, to Mount

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Şion, To the City of the Living God, to the innume. rable Company of Angels

, to the general Assembly of the First-born, which are written in Heaven, to the Spirits of Men made perfect, and to Jesus the Me. diator of the New Testament, whose Blood sepaks bet. ter things than that of Abel. So wishes,

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