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17th, 1661, and left a daughter, his heir, married to Francis Buller, of Chillingham, in Cornwall, Esq.

Charles Maynard, third son, was auditor of the Exchequer ; and, departing this life on November 12th, 1665, in the sixtyseventh


of his age, was buried at Easton ; from whom the present Viscount Maynard is descended.

I now return to William, the eldest son before-mentioned, FIRST LORD MAYNARD, who inherited the greatest part of his father's estate and his seat at Easton, wherein the noble family of the Lovains formerly dwelt, who were barons of the realm (descended from the Dukes of Brabant) the heir general of which house being married to Bourchier, it afterwards became the seat of the Bourchiers, Earls of Essex, and was purchased in the reign of Queen Elizabeth, by Sir Henry Maynard.

The said William Maynard was bred in St. John's college, in Cambridge, where he founded a logic professor, with an allowance of 501. per annum. He had the honour of knighthood' conferred on him by King James, at Whitehall, on March 7th, 1608, and was dignified with the title of Baronet in on June 29th, 1611, (9 Jac.) next with that" of Lord Maynard, of Wicklow, in Ireland, by letters patent, bearing date at Westminster, May 30th, 1620, (18 Jac. I.) and, in consideration of his father's merits, was, by letters patent, bearing date at Westminster, on March 14th, in the third of King Charles I.o advanced to the degree of a Baron of England, by the title of Lord MAYNARD, of Estaines ad Turrim, alias Little Easton, in the county of Essex; and departing this life on December 18th, 1639, was buried near his father, in the vault of the parish church of Little Easton.

He married two wives. His first lies buried at Easton parva, under a noble monument, with her effigies at full length, cut in alabaster very fair, and this inscription :

Here lyeth the Lady Margaret, wife unto Sir William Maynard, Knight and Baronet, and sole daughter of William Lord Cavendish, and of Anne his first wife. She departed this life on the 1st day of September, 1613, and in the 20th year of her age. She left behind her one daughter, named Anne, to the care of her truly grieved husband, for the unspeakable loss of so loving a wife.

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He had to his second wife Anne, (or Hannah) sole daughter and heir to Sir Anthony Everard, of Langleys, in com. Essex, Knight, by which lady, who died August 5th, 1647, and was buried at Little Easton, he left issue one surviving son,

William, who succeeded him in his honours.

And five daughters, Susan, Jane, Aune, Elizabeth, and Mary; whereof Susan, the eldest, died unmarried : Jane was wife to Ed. ward Eyre, of the county of Galway, in Ireland, Esq. whose daughter and coheir Margaret, was wife to Francis Anpesley, Esq. eldest son of John, brother to Arthur first Earl of Anglesea ; Anne became the wife of Sir Henry Wrothe, of Durance, in the parish of Enfield, in Middlesex, Knight; Elizabeth, of John Wrothe, of Loughton, in Essex, Esq.; and Mary, of Sir Ralph Bovey, of Caxton and Longstone, in the county of Cambridge, Knight. She gave 3001. to the vicarage of Warden, in the county of Bedford, which was laid out in the purchase of 101. per annum, and annexed to the vicarage of Warden, for ever.

The said William, who succeeded him in his honours, as second LORD MAYNARD, was, for some attempts in favour of the King, impeached, with others, by the house of commons, of high treason, on September 8th, 16-47, from which they were dis· charged by the lords, on June 6th, 1648, in consequence of a message from the commons that they would proceed no farther. He was one of the few peers who rejected the ordinance for the trial of the King. After the restoration, he became comptroller of the household to King Charles II. and a member of his privy. council; as also to King James II. who appointed him 9 comptroller of his household, on February 15th, 1681, and five days after custos rotulorum of the county of Essex. He married, first, Dorothy, daughter and sole heir to Sir Robert Banaster, of Passenham, in Northamptonshire, Knight; and by her, who died October 30th, 1649, aged twenty-seven, and is buried at Little Easton, had two sons.

First, Banaster, his successor.

Second, William, who married, first, Jane, daughter and coheir of Sir John Prescot, Knight, widow of Sir Thomas Fisher, Bart.; she died without issue, March 1st, 1675, and is buried at Little Easton ; secondly, Susan, sole daughter and heir of Thomas Eyans, of Bow, in Middlesex, Esq. by whom he left issue two sons, Thomas and Prescot; and one daughter, Anne; which

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Thomas was' appointed one of the commissioners of the customs, July 20, 1723.

His Lordship surviving Dorothy, his first wife, he married, secondly, the Lady Margaret Murray, daughter to James Earl of Dysert, in Scotland, and sister to the Duchess of Lauderdale; and by her, who was buried at Little Easton, 'on June 30th, 1682, he had one son,


And Elizabeth a daughter, married to Sir Thomas Brograve, of Hamels, in the county of Hertford, Bart.

His Lordship dying February 30, 1698, was buried at Little Easton, and by his will, gave 40001. to charitable uses; one half of it for the augmentation of the vicarage of Thaxted.

BANASTER, who succeeded his father, as THIRD LORD MAYNARD, took to wife the Lady Elizabeth Grey, only daughter to Henry Earl of Kent, grandfather to the late Duke of Kent, and by her (who died on September 24th, 1714, and was buried at Little Easton) bad issue eight sons and three daughters : the sons were,

First, William, who, living uomarried, died before his father, io the fiftieth year of his age, on March 8th, 1716-17, and was buried at Little Easton.

Second, Banaster, who died young.
Third, Henry, who was fourth Lord Maynard.
Fourth, Banaster.
Fifth, Anthony.

Sixth, Robert, who, with his two preceding brothers, died young.

Seventh, Grey, who in April 1710, was appointed yeoman of the standing wardrobe, and wardrobe keeper of St. James's, and was afterwards fifth Loril Maynard; and,

Eighth, Charles, sirth Lord Maynard.

Amabella, eldest daughter, was married to William Lowther, of Swillington, in the county of York, E q. afterwards created a Barcnet; she died August sih, 1734, and was buried at Swill. ington; Dorothy, second daughter, to Robert Hesilrige, Esq. son and successor of Sir Robert Hesilrige, of Noseley, in com.

s Gazette, No. 6177. • Sir Robert died 1721. His younger son Thomas took the name of Maynard, and has since succeeded his nephew, Sir Arthur Hesilriggc (who died at Bengal in 1805,) in the Baronstage.

Leicester, Bart. ; she died September 11th, 1748, and was buried at Noseley: and Elizabeth, who died unmarried, October 4th, 1720, aged forty-three, and was buried at Little Easton.

The said Banaster, third Lord Maynard, departed this life, on March 4th, 1717-18, in the seventy-sixth year of his age ; and was buried at Little Easton, being succeeded' by

Henry, bis eldest surviving son, as FOURTH LORD MAYNARD, who died unmarried December 7th, 1742, and was buried at Little Easton..

Grer, his next surviving brother and heir, became FIFTH LORD MAYNARD, but died also unmarried, at the house in Grosvenor-square, on April 27th, 1745, aged sixty-five, and was buried at Little Easton,

CHARLES, next brother to the said Grey, succeeded to the estate and titles, and was the sixth LORD MAYNARD, and was FIRST Viscount. His Lordship took his seat in the house of peers, on January 25th, 1748-9; and on February 8th, 1762, was, by his present Majesty, appointed lord lieutenant, custos rotulorum, and vice-admiral of the county of Suffolk : his Majesty was graciously pleased to raise his Lordship to the dignity and rank of a Viscount and also of a Baron of Great Britain, by letters patent, dated October 18th, 1766, and to the heirs male of his body, lawfully begotten, by the name, style, and title of BARON OF Much Easton, otherwise Easton ad Montem, in the county of Esser; and of VISCOUNT MAYNARD, of Easton-Lodge, in the said county; and, in default of such issue, to Sir William Maynard, of Waltons, in the said county of Esser, Bart, and his issue male. His Lordship died' June 30th, 1775, aged eighty-five, and was buried at Little Easton, whereupon the titles descended to

CHARLES, the present and second Viscount, descended from Charles Maynard, Esq. Auditor of the Exchequer, who was third son of Sir Henry Maynard, Knight, by his wife Susan Pierson: he married Mary, daughter of Zeger Corsellis, of London, merchant, by whom he had issue four sons,

First, Charles, who died June 5th, 1665, and was buried at St. Alban's, unmarried.

Second, Henry, who died an infant, and was buried at Wala thamstow :

Third, Sir William, of whom presently.

1 Coffin Plate.

Fourth, Henry, a Spanish merchant, who died November 27, 1686, and was buried at Walthamstow : also two daughters, Mary, who died unmarried January 20th, 1663, and was buried at St. Alban's; and Anne.

Sir William MAYNARD, the third son, was seated at Wala thamstow, in Essex, was created a Baronet by patent, February Ist, 1681, died November 7th, 1685, and was buried at Walthamstow, having had is-lie, by Mary his wife, daughter of William Baynbrig, of London, four sons, and

Three daughters : Mary, wife of William Scawen, of Cara shalton, in Surrey, Esq. and died August 30th, 1700; Jane, mar. ried to Edward Eyres, of Eyres-court, Esq.; and Elizabeth to Edward Stafford, Esq.

The sons were, first, William; and, second, Charles, who died young.

Third, Sir William, who succeeded his father, as second Baronet, but dying unmarried, December 15th, 1715, was succeeded by his only surviving brother,

Sir Henry Maynard, third Baronet, who dying November 16th, 1738, was buried at Walthamstow, leaving issue by his Lady Catharine, daughter of George Gunter, of Racton, in Sussex, Esq. (which Lady died November 6th, 1744, and was buried at Walthamstow) an only son and successor,

Sir Willam, fourth Buronet, born April 19th, 1721, who married Charlotte, second daughter of Sir Cecil Bisshopp, of Par. ham, in Sussex, Bart. : by this Lady, who died May 16th, 1762, and was buried at Little Easton, he had issue,

First, Charles, the present Viscount Maynard.

Second, William, born February 4th, 1756, vicar of Thaxted, Essex, died in May 1806.

Third, Henry, born October 30th, 1758.

And Anne, born December 6th, 1753, and died July 27th, 1775.

Sir William dying, January, 1772, the baronetage descended to his eldest son,

Sir Charles MAYNARD, fifth Baronet, second Viscount, born August 9th, 1751, who also succeeded to the English peerage on the death of Charles the late Viscount Maynard, agreeable to the before recited limitation in the patent.

His Lordship married June 12th, 1776, Mrs. Horton.

Titles. Charles Maynard, Viscount Maynard, and Baron Maynard, of Much Easton, and Baronet.


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