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high sheriff of Devonshire in 1581. In 1585, he was one of those honourable persons who undertook to send over settlers for the better planting of Ireland, and laid the foundation of that great estate in that kingdom, enjoyed by his posterity. He first married Elizabeth, daughter of Henry Manners, Earl of Rutland, and Margaret Nevil, his wife, daughter of Ralph, Earl of Westmore. land ; secondly, Elizabeth, daughter of George Sydenham, Esq. by whom he had no issue; but by his first Lady be had,

First, William, knighted, in the year 1599, by Robert Earl of Essex, for his great services in the Irish wars, and died in the year 1605.

Second, Francis, who succeeded his father.
Third, Thomas.
Fourth, George.
Fifth, John.
Sixth, Alexander.
Seventh, Edward.

Also three daughters; first, Margaret, wife of : Sir Warwick Hele, and after his decease married to Sir John Chudleigh, Knt. She died July 17th, 1628, and is buried at Richmond, in Surry : second, Mary, wife of Sir William Wray, of Trebich, in Cornwall, Bart.; third, Gertrude, married to Sir John Fitz, of Fitzford, Knight.

Sir William Courtenay deceased upon the feast of St. John Baptist, in the year 1630, aged seventy-seven years, possessed of the manors of Powderham, Alphington, Ilton, Scotchland, Ho. niton, Moreton, Cheverston, Trigmouth-Courtenay, MiltonDamerel, Whitestone, Thurlestone, Salmeton, Northpool, Sower, Boltbury-Beauchamp, Boltbury-Allyn, Salcombe, Battiscombe, and South-Huish.

He was succeeded in these estates by his eldest surviving son, Francis COURTENAY, Esq. who married, first, Mary, daughter of Sir William Pole, of Colecomb, Knight, and widow of Nicholas Hurst, Esq. by whom he had no issue ; secondly, Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Edward Seymour, of Bury-Pomeroy, Kot. and Bart. by whom he had issue four sons.

First, William, his successor, baptized September 7th, 1628.
Second, Edward, baptized July 17th, 1631.

Third, Francis, baptized July 14th, 1633, who was commander of a ship of war, in the year 1072, and being wounded in

· Aubrey's Surry, vol. iii. p. 62.

the fight at Solebay, May 28th, died of bis wounds at Yarmouth November 20th, 1673, and is buried at Yarmouth. He married Rebecca, daughter of William Webb, Esq. by whom he had three daughters, Elizabeth, who died unmarried; Anne, the wife of William Burgoine, merchant; and Frances, of Benjamin Ivy, merchant.

Fourth, James, baptized January 18th, 1634.
He died in 1638, and was succeeded by his eldest son,

Sir William COURTENAY, who married Margaret, daughter of Sir William Waller, Knight, the famous parliament general. It is observable they were married so young, that they could not make thirty between them at the birth of their first child. As he was very young when the civil war broke out between Charles I. and bis parliament, he was not in arms; but he favoured the King's party, and a little before the restoration of King Charles II. he, with Sir Coplestone Bamfield, raised a gallant troop of horse, of one hundred and twenty gentlemen, all persons of good quality and estates, with which they secured and disarmed disaffected persons, and brought the county of Devon into due subjection.

Some time before the restoration he was created a Baronet, but not affecting that title, as much greater, he thought, of right, appertained to his family, never took out his patent, and therefore was not inserted in the list of Baronets; but he was always styled Baronet in the commissions that were sent him by the King.

In the year 1664 he was high sheriff of Devonshire, and knight of the shire in several parliaments of King Charles II. He was seized with the palsy many years before his death, op one side, wbich prevented his being further serviceable to his country, for which his great qualities peculiarly fitted him.

He had issue by his Lady,
First, William, who died young.
Second, Francis, baptized February 27th, 1650, of whom here-


Third, Edward, baptized January 19th, 1652, who was drowned in the river Thames as he was bathing.

Fourth, Richard, who married first Jane, daughter of Sir Thomas Southwell, by whom he had a son; and, secondly, Catharine, daughter of Sir William Waller, jun. by whom he had a daughter, married to John Gilbert, Esq. He was member for Honiton in the convention parliament, which settled the crown

Le Neve's Mon. Ang. vol v. p. 101.

upon King William and Queen Mary, and was captain of marines in Lord Berkeley's regiment, and, going to Italy, was wrecked on the coast, and himself and son perished.

Fifth, James, who married Elizabeth, daughter of ....... Bourdon, Esq. by whom he had issue four sons and three daughters.

Sixth, George, member for Eastloe, in Cornwall.

Seventh, William, who was captain of marines in Colonel Villiers's regiment, and riding with the said colonel through the river Piava, in the country of Friuli in Italy, they were both drowned; he was a good officer and a fine gentleman.

Also eight daughters; first, Lucy, married to Hugh Stafford, of Pines, in Devonshire, Esq.; second, Elizabeth, to John Clobery, Esq.; third, Isabella, to Sir Thomas Lear, Bart.; fourth, Anne; fifth, Jane, who died unmarried ; sixth, Margaret, married to Edmund Reynel, Esq.; seventh, Mary; eighth, Dorothy, and others, who died infants, in all nineteen children.

Their father died August 4th, 1702, aged seventy-four, and his Lady was buried January 9th, 1693.

Francis Courtenay, Esq. son and heir apparent of Sir William, was knight of the shire for Devon, to the convention parliament, and to all the parliaments, until his death, (which happened in the year 1699, in the forty-ninth year of his age, and in the lifetime of his father,) in which he served with great reputation for honour and integrity; he was buried at Chelsea. He married Mary, daughter of William Bovey, of London, merchant, and sister to John Bovey, Esq. k and had issue by her,

First, William, born March 4th, 1675..
Second, Francis, who died an infant.
Third, Francis, who also died in his infancy.

Also nine daughters; viz Anne, the wife of William Walrond, Esq.; Elizabeth, of Arthur Champernoun, Esq.; Margaret, who died an infant; Mary, Lucy, Margaret, Jane, Isabella, and Dorothy

Sir William COURTENAY, of Powderham castle, Bart. eldest son of the said Francis Courtenay, Esq. succeeded his grandfather in honour and estate, and was constituted lord lieutenant for the county of Devon by King George I. soon after his accession to

i I believe John Courtnay, Esq. for many years M. P. for Appleby, whose mother was sister to the late Earl of Bute, was of this family: perhaps descended from one of the younger sons of Sir William. He had a brother a captain in the navy, killed early in the war of 1793.

Norfolk, fol. 97, in Her Coll.

the throne. He represented the county of Devon in the first, second, tbird, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth parliaments of Great Britain. He married on July 20th, 1704, the Right Hon. Lady Aone Bertie, second daughter of James Bertie, Earl of Abingdon, by Eleanor, his first wife, daughter and coheir of Sir Henry Lee, of Ditchley, in the county of Oxford, Bart. by whom be had issue.

First, William
Second, James, who both died young.
Third, William, his successor,

Fourth, Henry-Reginald, member for Honiton in several parliaments, who died k April 30th, 1763, in the forty-uinth year of his age.' He married Catharine, daughter of Allan, first Earl Bathurst, and by her had two daughters, Catharine and Anve; also two sons; first, the Rev. William Courtenay, rector of Keane, com. Dev. who died in November, 1783 ; second, the Rev. Henry Reginald Courtenay, D.D. formerly rector of St. George, Hanover-square, and of Leigh, in Kent, and prebendary of Rochester ; promoted in 1794 to be Bishop of Bristol, and thence translated in 1797 to the BISHOPRIC Of Exeter; in which he died June 9th, 1803, having married, January 26th, 1774, Lady Elizabeth Howard, daughter of Thomas, second Earl of Effingham, by whom he left at least two sons, of whom, William, the eldest, married, November 29th, 1804, Lady Henrietta Leslie, daughter of the Countess of Rothes, by Sir Lucas Pepys, Bart.

Fifth, Peregrine, who married Lucy, daughter of Benjamin Incledon, Esq. She died October, 1778. He re-married Angusta Beaumont, widow of Sir Johu Glynne, of Flintshire, Bart.

k Coffin Plate. 1 From the brass plate on the coffin, arms at top, Courtenay quartered as usual, impaling Bathurst, crest, &c. under this inscription:

Henry Reginald Courtenay, Esq. second son of Sir William Courtenay, Bart. of Powderham, in the county of Devon,

by the Lady Anne, his wife,
daughter of James Earl of Abingdon.
He married Catharine, daughter of

Allen Lord Bathurst
by whom he had issue two sons

and two daughters; William, his
eldest son and heir, Catherine, Henry, and Anne.
He died the 30th day of April, 1763,

in the 49th year of his age.

Also seven daughters; first, Mary, who died young; second, Anna-Sophia ; third, Eleanora, married to Francis Basset, Esq. of Heanton-Court, com. Dev. and died in 1764, leaving issue ; fourth, Bridget, married to William Ilbert, Esq. of Bowringsleigh, com. Dev.; fifth, Isabella, married John Andrews, M. D. of Exeter; sixth, Mary, married John Langston, Esq. of Park, com. Dev.; and, secondly, John Davie, Esq. of Orleigh, com. Dev. and died 1757; and, seventh, Elizabeth, who died an infant.

Their father departed this life in the year 1736, and was suc. ceeded by his third son,

Sir William COURTENAY, Bart. First VISCount,who, on the decease of his father, was chosen knight of the shire for the county of Devon, which he also represented until he was raised to the peerage. In consideration of his own merit, and the great antiquity, nobility, and eminent rank and virtues of his ancestors, his present Majesty, May 6, 1762, was graciously pleased to create him a peer of Great Britain, by the name, style, and title of Viscount COURTENAY, of Powderham-castle, in the county of Devon. He survived this mark of the royal favour only ten days, and was buried amongst his ancestors at Powderham. His Lordship mar. ried, on April 2d, 1741, the Right Hon. Lady Frances Finch, fourth and youngest daughter of Heneage Finch, second Earl of Ailesford, by his wife Mary, daughter and heir of Sir Clement Fisher, Bart.; and by her Ladyship, (who departed this life December 19th, 1761, and was buried at Powderham) he had issue William, late Lord Viscount Courtenay, born November 30th, 1742, and four daughters, viz.

Mary, died 1783; Frances, born in March, 1746, married, June 7th, 1770, to Sir John Wrottesly, Bart. and died in Dec. 1768, leaving issue; Lucy, born in June 1748, married, October igtb, 1777, to John Cotes, of Woodcote, in Shropshire, Esq. who died April 22d, 1787, leaving issue by her; and Charlotte, born January 21st, 1751, married, September 12th, 1782, at ElJaston, in Derbyshire, Alexander, late Earl of Rosslyn, who had no issue by her, who survives him.

His Lordship deceased on May 16th, 1762, and was succeeded in his honours and estates by his only son,

William, second Viscount COURTENAY. His Lordship was the fifteenth inheritor of the seat of Powderbam castle, from Sir Philip Courtenay, the first of the family resident there; the sixteenth in succession from Hugh, Earl of Devonshirc, and Mar

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